Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Champion Inception

Okay...bear with me here. Together, let's take a leap of faith. I've found a way to reconnect Georgia football with prosperity once again...


I just watched it for the second time the other night and it came to me, like a dream. For those who haven't seen this incredible movie, I promise not to spoil it for you. Here's a trailer that can bring you up to speed for the moment. Then go and watch it as soon as possible.

Before we break for lunch, let's play with a couple quotes, alter them and use that to our advantage:
  • If we're going to perform Inception at the GA Dome in December then we need imagination to beat floriDuh.
  • A single idea from the human mind can build cities championship football programs.
  • You create the world of the dream. You bring the subject into that dream...and they fill it with their secrets championship trophies.

Today's Ingredients
  • Tons of coaching news over the weekend, the biggest of which may be Piggy Petrino's buyout. Whoa Nellie!!
  • But most of the ink has been spilled on floriDuh's new corch. Like Pl0we, I never thought I'd see the day either. But the older I get, the less there is that surprises me.
  • CFN has five viewpoints on the Muschamp hire. I can't agree with all of Mitchell's points, but it's the speed at which a decision was made that is the most curious. Like he says, it's not like the Texas DC was going anywhere.
  • It's still a little unclear if Malzahn has taken the Vandy job (I think the W-Post just eff'd up the headline), or is still mulling it over. UPDATE: he decides to stay on the plains.
  • But Kevin at College Football Zealots thinks it would be a smart move for the Auburn OC. At least $3 million times over I would say. And regardless of how it plays out, the Senator $ee$ a $eriou$ precedent being $et.
  • The era of the Golden Hurricanes begins in Coral Gables. *yawn*
  • Big Muddy draws on another movie's parallel to come to peace with the Muschomp hire.
  • And Northern Illinois is set to name their new head coach today...*chirp, chirp*...okay then, onto some recruiting news...
  • Justin Scott-Wesley had wavered a bit in his commitment to CMR. But sounds like he was reassured this weekend that the coaching staff he committed to will be Athens a while.
  • Meanwhile over at DawgPostFletcher writes ($$) that Jay Rome may have left Athens even closer to a decision and Simmons says Damian Swann is ever closer to his big announcement ($$).
  • AJ Green is close to a decision on the NFL, but doesn't see the potential lockout as much of a factor.
  • Still some room around the Festivus pole if you want to enter in my bowl pool (password = GloryGlory). Remember, all proceeds go to The Human Fund.
  • And Drew at Saturday Down South contrasts the last two Heisman acceptance speeches. I'll just say that I'm truly sorry the elder Newton couldn't be in NYC for the ceremony. It woulda saved Chizik some postage expense with the next payment.

So back to the task at hand, the possibilities are endless as long as the top stops spinning. I say we start with these:

  • Coach Richt - Two-a-days are God's way of toughening the football soul...then...Jacksonville is a comfortable place for a fall Saturday.
  • Coach Bobo - Aaron Murray is the key to your future. Muschamp can't stop him. Only you can.
Then we can move on to some recruits:
  • Isaiah Crowell - You need Athens as much as Athens needs you.
  • Gabe Wright - Orange is a bad color for someone your size.
  • John Jenkins - Stillwater is a cesspool. Silver Britches can make you famous.
If this goes well I think we should then consider moving on to our true enemies. I just wish I had thought of this in time to plant an idea or two in Jeremy Foley's mind - Chan Gailey is the ol' ball coach of the modern era. Leave some suggestions below if you have any. Otherwise, here's your fork. Go have a Monday! 



SlawDawg said...

That was a cool article dude! I freekin' love that movie. I wish we could get Isaiah Crowell.

Bernie said...

Thanks! I don't go out to movies much at all anymore. But the wife and I saw that in the theater and I would've turned around and paid for it again had we not needed to get home and pay the sitter.

As far as Crowell, I like our chances. But NSD is a long way away...