Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - This is the Sound a Fan Makes When He Vomits

On the 8th day, God created Cammy Cam... - Cecil Newton, Holy Zion Center of Revulsion

And it was a little too sweet. - Tracy Wolfson

When it's not my team out there I always at least attempt to view the events on the field through my what if it was my team that sold its soul for this championship glasses. Maybe you have a pair as well. And luckily Saturday night we had a little shin-dig that kept me otherwise occupied for most of the SECCG. But as the game wore on and the adoration for all things Cameron reached St. Tebow proportions, I tried to put myself in the shoes of the CBS producer who had to teeter between a game that was eternally boring and the circus that was the Abuurn sideline.

I paid that kid how much for this?
I love college football, but thank goodness for remote controls and satellite signals. I mean, I thought having to choose a side between the cheatin' barners and the lousy lamecocks was going to be the hard part to stomach. But Wolfson swallowing Cam's concoction while he jumped up and down and made out with Trooper was the icing on the crapcake.

I just hope Slive got everything he bargained for.

Today's Ingredients
  • The Senator thinks Wolfson missed an opportunity to audition for a cameo role on CSI: Plainsmen.
  • Of course, it's official now...we're Liberty Bowl bound! Memphis, Beale Street...George O'Leary's typerwriter.
  • Big Muddy is ready to turn Memphis into a football town. If you want to join him, here's the official bowl website and here's the UGA ticket home page.
  • If you're having trouble getting excited about Memphis, or Central Florida...Lugnut runs down the matchup and the bowl with an early preview.
  • And Coach Magill remembers the previous visits to the Liberty Bowl.
  • Chris Low has the SEC Bowl schedule
  • Meanwhile some of the bowl names have Dawgola Tesla a little sick to his stomach.
  • Congrats to Abuurn! They are not only heading to the BCS Wonderland, they also catapulted the nearly idle Ducks in the poll. 
  • In related news, The Anti-Orange Page has a Holy Zion Center of Deliverance update (link corrected).
  • And Lucid Idiocy is just confused by more War Tiglesmen antics.
  • But if nothing else, Awwbarn's greatest contribution to college football this season will always be allowing us to see the Visor opt for a field goal attempt when down by 35. Awesome!
  • Colorado's new coach is John Embree, Redskins' TE coach.
  • There's a reason tailgaters aren't starting quarterbacks. Leave it to a bunch of Pac-Ten puppies to bring a pigskin to a knife fight.
  • DaugMan has an update on former Dawg hoopster Troy Brewer.
  • And a big shout-out to my 6 year old, who got up Saturday and adorned herself in red and black then found me to ask: Daddy...what time does Georgia play today?
Normally, my heart would've sunk to a new low. But this season was so exasperating, I could only look at her and thankfully tell her that it would be a few weeks. 

While some of the surprise has faded from the Joe Tereshinki appointment, Rex weighs in on the decision with a first hand endorsement. I'll admit to being more than a little shocked to hear of the S & C change. But I'm certainly not fretting over it like many others are. From reading Coach T's comments to the media I think we're going to get accountability and responsibility in the weight room.
“The whole culture that we’re going with is we’re going to prepare this team for the fourth quarter. Georgia used to be known that in the fourth quarter they won. That’s what’s going to be the culture. We’re going to press and challenge these kids every day to overcome.”
And that's been the greatest eyesore from my seat this season. So many games were lost in the final 15 minutes when we couldn't seem to muster the energy to play half of it. I'm sure we'll hear lots of positives of about the changes in the off-season. We always do. But we'll know in the Dome against Boise if the change is gonna provide results.

I expect it to. Just as I expect this Monday to cower in my supremacy's shadow. Here's your fork Reader. You have a good one too.


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