Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random Hoop Thoughts: Bees and McThree

Reading Exile's Hate Week - Basketball Edition and subsequently Hoop Dawgs' recap of the win over UAB, got me a little anxious about the upcoming matchup with the bees Tuesday night. I hope we win...BIG.

Was talking to a Tech buddy last night, and he' hearing Paul Hewitt is safely entrenched on their bench at least until their new arena opens up in 2012. I find this as good news as Mark Fox can coach circles around Hewitt. But a big beatdown might just slow down some of the jacket coach's recruiting in the state.

I haven't seen every game this season, but from what I have seen we look to be a dangerous team. I work with a guy who knows the Robinson family pretty well, and he'd been warning me about Gerald Jr. I haven't been disappointed at all. He could have the type of season on the hardwood that we just witnessed 'tween the hedges with Aaron Murray. And with a deeper bench, Leslie's weekly Sportscenter countdown donations, and Thompkins and Price...good things are ahead.

Hopefully Tuesday night is another miserable night to be a helluva engiNerd. I just wish we had Ricky McPhee back to break opponents out of their zone...

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