Thursday, December 2, 2010

Richt's Dawggy-Do List

If my wife can give me a honey-do without the possibility of reciprocation, I figure I can do the same for our head tackle football coach.

I've tried numerous ways to address this post. I think I've written it 3 different times plus 4 more times in my head. There's just a lot rattling around in my blogger's brain, built up and huddled in the corner from a long season. I think the best and most prudent way to proceed is as such:

The following is a list of things I think Coach Richt must address this bowl and subsequent off-season. I'll address each separately in subsequent posts. 
You, flock of seagulls, you know why we're here? That's lift some mother effin' weights.
  1. Recruit both AJ Green and Justin Houston as if Uga's bark depended on it. Both are certain longshots impossibilities to stay another season. But they are true difference makers that don't come around often. So make a pitch and make it hard. I agree with helping them through the process, seeing both sides. But make sure the last point you make is barked loud enough.
  2. Address the Georgia Bulldogs' lagging strength and conditioning program. No one's going to get fired this off-season. It remains to be seen if anyone steps away. But Coach Van's program has proven insufficient in August as much as November, in the first half as much as the fourth quarter. We were manhandled Saturday night in the trenches. The new director of S&C needs to own Jules Winnfield's wallet. Not a replica. The actual one that says...well, you know what it says. (Maybe Samuel L. visiting Saturday was a sign...a prophecy of some sort.) UPDATE: looks like CVH is indeed leaving.
  3. Sign Isaiah Crowell. He's a difference maker and he cannot cross the border.
  4. Find the dude that eats space on the defensive front as if they were biscuits on the breakfast table. He's out there somewhere. I don't care if he's in a high school cafeteria or a second rate diner outside of some junior college in Podunk USA. Get both of em and ask them what number they want to wear 'tween the hedges. It's worth saying again...we were manhandled Saturday night in the trenches.
  5. Answer this inexcusably hard question: the offensive line underperformed this season because ______. These guys were the lone luxury item on a team of restocked shelves back in August. By and large they stayed healthy...and that's the lone positive really. Again, we were manhandled Saturday night in the trenches!! Is it personnel? Is it strength, conditioning? Is it Searels?
  6. Answer this inexcusably hard question: the RBs underperformed this season because ______. King/Ealey were also supposed to help prop this offense up while we waited on Murray to blossom. They were supposed to keep the engine running while we waited on AJ to get back from JerseyGate. Washaun and Caleb should be a great tandem at tailback, but never hit their stride. Was it arrests and suspensions? Was it bad rotations? Is it McLendon?
  7. Transfuse some Belin blood into his defensive counterparts. The development of the defense has been slow negligible. We improved statistically, but failed to stop some teams that others were able to shut down (read: Florida, Tech). But Belin has done wonders in a short amount of time. Robinson, Dent, Gamble, Dowtin and of course Houston all had good to great seasons, were alert to passing lanes and tackled with controlled abandon. Perhaps Belin's mojo can be a contagion in Grantham's meeting room. (Correction: Grantham gets some props here for the OLBs. My depression has affected my ability to give accolades. h/t Senator
  8. Convince Bobo he's old enough to ride without training wheels. As sexy as some stats were this season, he calls plays at times with compassion...instead of a determination to batter defenses into oblivion. Again, I'll post more on this later. But as much as we want to blame Bobo for inconsistent play calling, it's back in our face when our strengths offensively become weaknesses. So he can't shoulder the blame entirely. Still, I feel he sometimes acts as if he's the new kid in school when the playground can be his own personal battlefield.
  9. This one's easy. As soon as the last ticks drain from the Liberty Bowl's clock and the off-season begins officially, hand the keys, the whistle and the responsibility over to Aaron Murray. He'll be starting his third season in the program and he's earned it. The team needs a leader. Dude has got the goods.
  10. This one may be the hardest: Howz Richt get his Groove back? He used to be a proactive coach, now he just reacts; he coaches not to lose in a league where you have to coach to win. I'm sick of the Evil Richt talk, and I'm tired of hearing about the coach who's too Christian to win. Both discussions are a load of bullsh*t. I'm also tired of Finish the Drill and arena talk. The team needs its swagger, that comes from the top. Climb up there coach and get after it.
That stands to be an incomplete list, and it certainly is not entirely up to Coach Mark Richt. I want him to be our coach for a long time, I truly do. But more than anything...I want a coach on our side with a taste for blood. These things would be a start to getting thirsty again.


    Anonymous said...

    check out the boys on Only in America for some good insight on UGA football.

    BulldogBry said...

    mostest. awesome. list. evah.

    JenniferfromLaJolla said...

    Very good list Bernie. I wonder if Grady Jackson has a younger brother? Would love to see someone with his size and intensity at nose tackle.

    Senator Blutarsky said...

    Belin's been great, no doubt. But he only coaches the ILBs. Grantham gets the credit for Houston and Gamble.

    Bernie said...

    @Bry thanks. It just oozed out...

    @La Jolla Does ol' Grady have any eligibility? You know, his barber shop is not too far from me. Maybe I'll drop in and ask.

    @Senator Very true. Correction noted and made. Fact checker fired.

    5thYearSoph said...

    Good post. It's scary what this offense could do if Bobo's unit could click on all cylinders.

    Anonymous said...

    check out this florida video:

    what a bunch of dorks

    AthensHomerDawg said...

    Good stuff... we need us a hoss RB!

    Sports Dawg said...

    Great points Bernie. If your wife is as thorough with her "Honey-Do-Lists" as you were with this one, you've got to be one tired soul!