Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tank Carradine Spurns the Sweater Vests

Cornelius "Tank" Carradine announces his next stop in his playing career today. He's an Ohio product and is now moving on from Butler Community College as one of the nation's top JUCOs. A couple years ago he seemed to be in Coach Tressel's back pocket and many thought he'd be easy to lure back home after a stellar junior college career. However, it's believed he's an FSU lean, with the Dawgs still in it for this behemoth...and Buckeye fans are none too pleased about this recent turn of events.
Cornelius "Tank" Carradine will be committing to Florida State on Wednesday, and he will not be missed by the Ohio State staff after the stunt he pulled this weekend.
Carradine, a Junior College recruit, was scheduled to officially visit Ohio State this weekend but did not make it to Columbus. Carradine took the flight as planned, but instead of traveling to Columbus for his official visit, he used the opportunity to go home to Cincinnati to see his mother. He essentially used Ohio State's interest in him to bum a free plane trip home.
There's no question this guy will play early wherever he decides to go. Unfortunately, we may have gotten in a little too late on this one. But it does sound like we have made serious strides towards getting another JUCO d-lineman's signature...more on John Jenkins later.

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