Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things I can't quite understand

Beer without calories...caring about NBA basketball...the allure of shopping malls...

Could floriDuh go "all Dawg"?
Yesterday I added two more things to the list: Gus Malzahn turning down $3 million to win 5-7 games for Vanderbilt each season...and Kirby Smart contemplating a lateral move to floriDuh.

First, Malzahn. I know, I know..it's Vandy. Five wins in a season is a tremendous success. And unless the Auburn OC went there and made them bowl eligible within the first two seasons he'd be considered a flash in the pan. But three MILLION! A few years ago this guy was helping line a high school field on Thursday nights and trying to get meals comp'd at the local pig shack. He has to be tremendously confident that either a) something better is coming soon or b) Auburn's offense is going to be just as glamorous next season.

I mean, did I miss something? Is sCam coming back?

Next...and this one cuts deep...Kirby "twisted dagger" Smart. Nearly a year ago he was choosing not to make a (lucrative) lateral move to come home to Athens. I completely understood when he decided not to. Momma Bama ponied up and Uncle Nicky provides stability beyond measure.

And yes, Will Muschamp may prove to be a great hire. I'd be surprised if two years from now the college football world isn't looking back at that as a good move by Foley. Of course, to please the vertical clappers (h/t Kit) he'll need to be well north of great after this run they've had recently.

But back to present day, this is a reach hire. Muschamp's never been a head coach. And now Smart is thinking about taking a step off of the Queen Mary onto a pontoon that may or may not spring a leak...and has scripted GAYTORS lettering...??


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UPDATE: looks like he may stay...maybe...


Unknown said...

I wish they would go all bulldog and take Bobo with them.

Anonymous said...

To heck with kirby smart, he was a sissy when he played at UGA and I hope we don't ever hire him to coach at UGA. He was the most embarrassing tackler in the history of GA. Not sure he will be much of a coach once he is out of Saban's shadow.