Saturday, March 20, 2010

Douchebag of the Day

One low blow can (possibly) be passed off as getting caught up in the moment. 

Two...and...well, that makes you a douchebag. Unquestionably.

There's not enough splinters in that pine. What an a-hole....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tailgate'N for a New Breed of Dawg

If you missed the big announcement yesterday, PWD can catch you up and The Senator mixes in some reason to come up with a perfect storm of sorts. I'll only add the super secret 5 year plan that I conveniently hold in my hands. Please understand, I offer this as a top secret post despite the fact that it could incriminate me. If caught, please remember...Bernie was no where near Prez Adams' office last night. He was at home, smoking chickens and using Heftys by the dozen for his empty PBRs.

With that covered, I present to you... 

Five Year UGA Tailgating 
Experience Reduction

2010 - no more fun on North Campus for idiots who can't wipe their own ass and new parking restrictions for alumni who enjoy smoked meats

2011 - no more cornhole or beverages brewed with yeast

2012 - no more sunglasses or music classified as Southern Rock

2013 - no more mingling in groups or beverages that require an ID to purchase

2014 - valet parking for 92,000; gates open 15 minutes before kickoff. Enjoy the game!

Trivial Update - Diaz Domination

Coach Manny Diaz is in rarefied air now with 500 career wins. He was gracious enough to be the subject of this week's trivia. Here's the recap.

ThursdaysRTrivial ep. 37 coming up after this PSA: @BPMackie is a dingleberry. That is all.

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep 37 "Coach Diaz's 500 Club" It's time for the Twitter Twivia Show that's mad twelve months out of the year. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. Finish the following quote from Coach Magill: His (Diaz) main weakness as a freshman was ____________. He tried too hard and was so uptight that he had frequent ___________, and we always had to have a roll of toilet paper courtside.

After clicking Post I put on some rubber HazMat gloves in preparation for the mess. Trust me, I was glad I did. Mike replied first with mental and diarrhea. Ugh. Really? Pass the ammonia.

Next was TrT champ Ally who evidently either has Coach Magill on speed dial or his book Match Pointers on her bedside table. She came in with nervousness and nosebleeds just ahead of Tracey. For their participation, Mike takes home a can and a half of Lysol air freshener, Tracey gets a coupon to squeeze the Charmin and Ally a blood stained Penn 3...add that to the ThursdaysRTrivial trophy case.

By the way, picture in today's update is courtesy of John Isner's website. The former Georgia star is pictured with Coach Diaz and Assoc. Head Coach Will Glenn. Isner happens to be my favorite ambassador for UGA Athletics. You should check out his website often. And while you're at it check out Coach Diaz's twitter. Doesn't quite have the dry wit that Coach Fox applies to the twitterverse, but at least he doesn't have an aide update it twice a year...ahem!...Coach Richt....

So that wraps up another episode Reader. Until next week, what is Coach Diaz a fan of every time he makes it to NYC?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Awakenings Under Center

Quarterback controversies are sometimes viewed like the plague in football. Avoid them at all coasts. They can bring a team to its knees. Render it rudderless in a tumultuous sea.

On the other hand they can be welcomed with open arms. Competition can breed success. Let the players push each other to new and higher plateaus. And let the best man win the snaps.

By August's two-a-days some (maybe all) of this will certainly be behind us, but right now...there are three QBs in Athens who are all at a crossroads. (I omit newcomer Hutson Mason because 1. he's not in Athens yet and 2. the impact of the recent south GA arrest has yet to register in his zip code) The performances on the practice field, weight room, film room, class room, downtown, on their mopeds, in the dining hall, at the movie theater, on the phone with their get the point. Their actions 24/7 for the next couple weeks especially could shape their career as Dawgs like no other.

Logan Gray
Often the forgotten man in the backfield, most fans (including myself at times) have relegated him to eternal backup duty and/or a position change. While you have to admire the kid's stickttoittiveness, when the head coach sticks you out on the field to wave your hand to the point that it becomes a bad joke before a bad dream...well, it's not a good sign.

Still the Mettenberger arrest leaves Coach Bobo with one less signal caller for at least one game. Gray is needed in that huddle. He is wanted in that huddle. If he is ever to prove he's ready mentally and physically to take the reins...that time is now.

Aaron Murray
Nice piece today from Hale on Murray's boring spring break. It's been widely believed, even before Mett's arrest that the starting QB job at the University of Georgia was Murray's to lose. Personally, I've been looking forward to this kid under center 'tween the hedges ever since he came back from a devastating leg injury to lead his team to a state championship.

I won't try and speak for you, but as I've read the recent stories from Butts-Mehre I can't help but think that Murray is now being interviewed for the starting job through the media. Richt and Bobo know what he can do on the field. They've known that for some time. And sure, the kid's had a microphone in front of his nose before. But now there is at least the appearance that he's the guy. (I mean, we're already talking about the dude's glove.) He can put the team on his back with his helmet on, can he keep the team balanced and in order while being quoted for tomorrow's print? 

Murray's a winner. And I know for a fact he wants the job. And we're all pretty sure he has the skills to win in the SEC. The only thing to keep him from proving it, might just be a feeling of complacency after his supposed main competition was forced to hand over his unfactual IDs in Remerton.

Zach Mettenberger
The man of the hour...Athens' own McLovin...the personality under the red and black microscope. I had no sooner read that the redshirt freshman from Watkinsville was closer to the starting job than people believed, than I was also reading he had a brain fart in south Georgia.

Mett's crossroads off the field couldn't have any clearer road signs: stay sober (and/or out from under the streetlights). On the field though, not as clear. Sure, he can use the experience to channel his inner David Greene and prove to be a redshirt wonder. But even if he wrestles away the all important August snaps from Gray and Murray, he has at least one game to watch from the sideline.

Can you imagine the feeling of winning the porsche, handing over the keys to your buddy just for a joy ride around the block...only to never hold the keys again? That scenario might not play out with Mett sitting during the home opener against UL-L. But if he earns the position as starter and the suspension goes to two games only to see a backup QB grab a dramatic win in Columbia...well, then we have ourselves a full bore QB controversy. 

And regardless, it's always better to have one of those in the spring than the fall.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pro Dawg Day - the Results

Long Jump
Rod Battle
 8' 9.5"
Rennie Curran
 9' 4.5"
Darius Dewberry
 9' 7"
Bryan Evans
 10' 1.5"
Reshad Jones
Prince Miller
 9' 8"
Mike Moore
 10' 2"
Jeff Owens
 9' 2"
Vince Vance
 9' 1"
Kade Weston
 8' 1"

* all results courtesy of Hale's blog

Handful of Thoughts:
  • Jeff Owens wasn't going to best his combine mark in bench and would've had to break the 36.5 mark in the vertical to crack the top ten for d-linemen. So Jeff just did enough to help his stock. Initially Owens doesn't project to be an every down lineman, so it's going to take something else to push him into the first round. He gave scouts something to think about in Indy and in Athens. (To put his 44 bench reps into perspective, the nearest d-lineman to that mark had 39 - Joseph Linval of East Carolina. Impressive.)
  • Here's a link to #95s combine video. Watch and tell me that Dawg ain't GATA.
  • Not a surprise at all to see Bryan Evans log the fastest 40. He and Prince Miller should at least get some attention for their times. Unfortunately, their regression/lack of improvement (however you wanna look at it) under Martinez could prove insurmountable.
  • Reshad Jones on the other hand showed he's hearing numbers that are making him comfortable where he is. And he likely wasn't gonna improve on the numbers he put up in Indy (24 - bench, 39.5 - vertical). So he didn't do anything to harm himself. That or Parcells bought him too big of a steak Monday night. Either play.
  • I desperately want to see Mike Moore picked up. While Owens and Curran get a lot of positive publicity regarding their leadership and intangibles, Moore is equally deserving. He really helped himself yesterday with a strong performance.
  • Darius Dewberry did real well...and impressed some scouts according to Hale's twitter feed.
  • Lastly, many comparisons have been (and will be made) between this year and last year (with Stafford holding court). But I find this year much more intriguing. And it's been especially beneficial following guys like Owens and Moore on Twitter as they've trained. You can sense the excitement they feel preparing for this step, the anticipation for the moment they've played and trained for their whole lives.
I'm very proud they're Dawgs. And eager to see what develops.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Luckily, green isn't a color of one of our rivals (unless you count the nerds who seem to have adopted that envious shade permanently).

So give a leprechaun a pinch, follow him to the end of the rainbow and have a pint on me.

H a p p y   S t.  P a t r i c k' s  D a y!

Monday's Meatloaf, Tilted Kilt style (h/t Cord)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pro Dawg Day in Athens

Today is a big day for some former Dawgs as they entertain NFL scouts and execs hoping to secure some positive reviews on their clipboards. Unable to get over to Athens, I'm eager to hear later today how things went. Here's a brief overview:
  • Jeff Owens - His bench press performance at the combine is quickly becoming legendary and Big Jeff may have the most to gain today as he tries to parlay a strong combine performance with a solid Pro Day. The end result could potentially be a late first round phone call.
  • Rennie Curran - Curran didn't fare as well in Indy. It's not that he did poorly so much as a bad hamstring forced the former Brookwood Bronco to fall short of some of his own lofty expectations. Of particular interest will be whether Curran can improve upon his 40 time which he was especially disappointed in. And of course, there's always the issue of his size in contrast to his unrivaled production.
  • Reshad Jones - I still feel like Jones will be a first day pick. He spent last night with the Dolphins. Many Dawg fans were left disappointed in his progress while in Athens, but there's no disputing the fact that he has the prototypical size and speed that NFL scouts will drool over.
  • Mike Moore - He didn't get an invite to Indy, but from Mike's twitter feeds there's no doubt he's been working hard, very hard for this day. With a good day today he could solidify a late round selection.
  • Prince Miller - Like Jones, Miller fell short of many fans' hopes and dreams. But he's athletic and has some big plays on his Georgia resume'. A good day today could garner some much needed attention.
  • Geno Atkins - This big guy really improved his draftability during his senior season. Like Curran, Atkins' biggest drawback among scouts is his size. Probably his biggest advantage is his superior instincts.
  • Kade Weston - Kade on the other hand has his tremendous size as an advantage. He needs to show today he has the quickness and athleticism to be a Sunday player. He's going all in today in hopes of turning some heads and gaining some momentum before the draft next month.
They've all worked hard towards this one day. Here's hoping they all impress and improve their standing.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - I'll Take Dawgcrushes for Five Hundred Alex

Back in September I survived a monsoon and saw AJ Green strap the football team on his back in order to defeat the Sun Devils of Arizona State. The next day I made a comment somewhere along the lines of I heart AJ.

Mrs. Bernie giggled.

Well, if you haven't figured it out by now I also heart Ricky McPhee. McThree epitomizes everything that is right with college athletics. Grew up a short dribble from Athens, but his only scholarship offer was from Gardner-Webb. Transferred to UGA after two years at the small NC school to pursue a dream.

And at Georgia he found a home for his arching, long range bombs. Although he was used little to start the 08-09 season, he earned more minutes that January once his jumpshot became more reliable than Dennis Felton's resume'. So reliable in fact, he ran into Stegeman this season on scholarship again. He responded by helping smooth the transition from Felton to Fox for the program. He played more minutes than both Thompkins and Leslie. He hustled. He made clutch shots. He consistently found the right spot to be in at the right time.

My adoration grew with each seemingly impossible rebound.

Sure there are players in Georgia Hoops' future with more God-given skill, but we'll miss these seniors nonetheless. Albert Jackson once boxed out a tornado before cutting down the SEC Championship nets on the North Avenue hardwood. Tyler Whatley made one career start at Georgia, but has given the program his heart and soul for four years. McPhee never met a loose ball he didn't desperately want to dive for.

And I heart that.

Today's Ingredients 
    • In evaluating the hoops season, wins vs losses may not be the best quantifiable measure. But improving on the average margin of defeat could be the most telling. In 2008-09...15 points per game. 2009-10...7.6. That, ladies and grunts is a number heading in the right direction.
    • Hale recaps the season and the SEC Tourney after falling short to Vandy Friday night. 
    • Sure there are reasons for hope in regards to the future of Georgia hoops, but like the rest of us... Daugman is disappointed
    • Having trouble impersonating a bracketologist already? Jimmy Cracked CornDawg has ya covered on the dance floor. And I'd trust him over this guy...
    • Back on the gridiron, Georgia's Pro Day is tomorrow. It may not have the hype and plethora of telephoto lenses that last year did, but it's intriguing nonetheless.
    • Another ManDawgcrush....Rennie Curran agreed to do a diary of the NFL Combine for the Gwinnett Daily Post. Here's his first installment...and here's the second. And like any good dad, he ends it with a big hug from his daughter.
    • Also, here's an interview with Jeff Owens and here's one with Geno Atkins
    • Reshad Jones will be wined and dined tonight ($$) by the Dolphins. Miami's tackle football team is very interested in the former Dawg. It's believed that they'll address WR with their early pick at #12. But they also have the 43rd and the 73rd pick. Just hope Parcells doesn't keep him out too late.
    • After a trade yesterday Knowshon may have a different QB next season.
    • As the Pirate Turns.....Rex had a little bit different take on the Pirate Leach videos than I did. In related news, I've had my lawyers contact the Georgia legend and let him know that I'll see him in court!
    • Meanwhile, the Senator keeps us up to date on the depositions.
    • Lil' Derek Dooley is about two TEs short of his best laid plan.
    • Joey...have you ever been in...a Turkish prison? RIP Peter Graves.
    • Pulling a page from the And now for something completely different file - Raise your mouse if you too are sick of the five dollar footlong song. Jeez Loueez! The only thing worse than the jingle is the actual sandwiches.
    • Exile has a sprint up on Torrin Lawrence who continues to blaze trails, one track at a time.
    • And lastly some congratulations are in order....Coach Diaz picked up win number 500 yesterday as the mens' tennis team beat Vanderbilt 4-3 at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex.

    Have you ever tried to explain the concept and practice of time change to a 8 year old? I felt like a HillBilly  yelling at his tv during Double Jeopardy. Raccoon IS raccoon gizzards Alex. 

    (insert Canadian condescending, know-it-all tone) Oh, I'm sorry....the 19th President of the US was Rutherford B. Hayes.

    Every answer I offered her sounded completely unfounded and ludicrous before it even escaped my lips. And this girl unfortunately inherited has been blessed with her momma's inquisitive nature. Each answer to any question is thoroughly analyzed like a singular piece to a jigsaw puzzle. Microscopes are used along with 200 watt bulbs. If any incongruence is found the piece given right back to you.

    I even tried the old distraction technique that worked like a charm until around her 3rd birthday. I desperately offered to discuss anything, regardless of the subject. What's your favorite song again honey? I offered. Exactly 6 seconds later - So Taylor Swift changes her clocks too? Why? Why do we all change our clocks and lose an hour?

    So if you're dragging around this morning Reader, complaining about the fracking clock and wondering where that hour went...I'll tell you the same thing I offered Conner: Herschel Walker never complained or asked questions about time. He just ran over it like a freight train. So crank up the Montgomery Gentry and place that tenderly in between two slices of bread with a melted a piece of provolone for good measure. Call it lunch. Call it dinner. Just don't ask it any questions.

    Cuz just like a '59's gone!