Saturday, March 27, 2010

DoucheNerd of the Day

I'll be honest. At the beginning I hear something about Frances and that is the only...the only word I actually understand. Granted I only made it through a little over a minute of this before I just had to click away.

But if nothing else this makes you realize that there exists a world in which actual people are more upset about some video game than they are the fact that college football has an off season.

Buncha tools...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Diamond Dawgs in Stark'dville

Perno puts the Diamond Dawgs in the way back Time Machine and takes them on their first SEC road series. When they get there, they'll wake up in the land the 1960s left behind. And hopefully that wakes the team as a whole up as well.
"We've just got to stay confident and keep working," pitcher Justin Grimm said. "People have got to step up when they get opportunities. I'm a veteran and coach Perno expects that out of me. He wants me to come out with a good mentality. If I can do that, then it will help the team get fired up and get something going."
If nothing else, the Diamond Dawgs are facing a team that was also swept last weekend, by Florida. But unlike Georgia, the Missy St Bulldogs rebounded with a mid-week win over Memphis.

A couple wins in Starkville would be a nice way to go into an off week before next weekend's trip to Baton Rouge. After all, it's more than the season's SEC record that's on the line. The series' overall record is firmly in the balance with Georgia leading all time 36-35.

Go Dawgs!

Trivial Update - Dancing in the NoopsZone

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep 38...right after this PSA: Jeremy Fowler has been to the same number of GA Tech volleyball games as Corch

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 38 "Know your Dawg Blogs" It's once again time for the Twitter Twivia Show that is taking the Twitterverse by storm, albeit a brief rain shower. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. He's been seen around Butts-Mehre and Woodruff with a camera quite often as of late working hard for Hale. But he gained notoriety originally for blogging. What is the name of Brandon Spoon's blog?

As I watched the Georgia QBs go through some reps yesterday it dawned on me that a once great thing had just gotten better. No, Bobo wasn't showing the youngsters how to throw last second hail-marys to Corey Allen, recreating the Miracle on the Plains. I'm talking about Hale's blog. 

Sure, there's a lot of people who give Hale grief about all of the Lost links and references. But just about everyone would agree that his blog and overall Dawg coverage is a great thing. And now we get video interviews and moving pictures from practice. Awesome! 

Like vanilla ice-cream with chocolate syrup. Like a pile of wings with an ice cold beer. Or like a weekend that ends on a Monday

Bulldogs Blog just kicked it up a notch!

Yep, it's even better since Spoon started providing videos on a regular basis. If I remember correctly it started around the time of Nat'l Signing Day. So that meant it was past due to be the subject of a trivia show.

And this was a close one, but in the end Alan pulled in with the correct answer just ahead of All-Star Ally. They both knew that Spoon, aka Noops Dawg posts some great stuff at Dancing in the Endzone. For finishing first this week, Alan both restores our faith in my male Dawg tweeps who continuously get beat by a girl and takes home a very dented Sony handheld digital video camera (probably the one Hale dropped outside of Butts-Mehre, hence the acquisition of Spoon). Ally gets one of the footballs those receivers were dropping yesterday during drills. Ugh! My eyes...they burn!

Get in on the action Reader, give me a follow. And until next week...according to DITE, what is one of the things Georgia basketball accomplished this season?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kinder, Gentler Slurban...??

You're a bad guy, man. You're a bad guy.

I remember last week Coach Richt catching some grief from mostly local media when he corrected a writer on the issue of Logan Gray fielding punts. And truth be told, I was a little put off that Bill King got all the credit there. We should all know by now that it's my blawg CMR reads.

Back on point, I wonder how much flack Slurban will catch for going apebananas on Jeremy Fowler.

Angered over a quote attributed to wide receiver Deonte Thompson that Meyer felt was taken out of context in an Orlando Sentinel blog, Meyer called out Sentinel UF football beat writer Jeremy Fowler in a heated exchange after practice.
"You'll be out of practice. ... you understand that? ... if you do that again," Meyer said as he pointed at Fowler. "I told you (the media) five years ago: Don't mess with our players. Don't do it. You did it.
"You do it one more time and the Orlando Sentinel's not welcome here ever again. Is that clear? It's yes or no."
The rest is pure comedic gold. Yup, that sabbatical did ol Corch a world of good.


a 1 in 13,460,000 Bracket

My bracket was flushed by Saturday dinner time. This kid's....should be framed in the Smithsonian.

View more news videos at:

Great bracket. Even better story.

Suddenly I'm a big Boilermaker fan.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dawg News: Bean, Polee and a Daddy's Girl

Lots of news to get to. Let’s recap:

“Justin is injured right now for the spring so we won’t see what he can do out at practice but he can start learning the terminology,” said Richt. “If we lose some tackles, he’ll be back, but right now we’re going to put him on defense. We think he can do well there because he’s quick and strong, he’s an explosive athlete.”

Mettenberger likely to miss a single game unless more info comes outta Remerton.

Fletcher Page spent some time listening in on Coach Belin during yesterday's practice and got some great quotes. Here's a taste:
"Where did you guys learn to tackle the last five years?"

Weiszer tells us that Coach Richt and his Strength/Conditioning staff spent last Thursday and Friday in Blacksburg taking notes of VA Tech's S&C program.

Coach (…and I use the term loosely…) Paul Hewitt met with St. Johns officials last night. He’s the front runner.

Hours after Georgia Tech granted permission for coach Paul Hewitt to speak with St. John's, the Yellow Jackets coach did so Tuesday night in Atlanta, multiple sources told's Andy Katz. Hewitt has emerged as the front runner, and if Hewitt feels comfortable with the situation he would be likely to accept the job.
It’s pretty clear that most techhies would love for this North Avenue Hardwood Bailout to happen. At least most that I’ve heard from. PWD outlines what this means for red and black hoop fans. I simply plead for more.

Staying on the hardwood, Page also gave out some free recruiting nuggets as Coach Fox tries to close in on a player of national well as others.

With both of these kids being from overseas, the prestige of other programs isn’t as glaring as it could be, keeping Georgia in this race. Remember, O.J. Mayo, Patrick Patterson and Bill Walker all went to Huntington, so the program knows how to produce.

And lastly...a special shout-out to my favorite little Dawg fan on her 6th birthday. Here's last year's post if you wanna catch up on why she's my favorite little Dawg.

They grow up so fast.....I'm sure by next Wednesday she'll already be 6 and a HALF!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hewitt...we're just getting started....

I hope this doesn't happen. But it sure looks bad right now. Coach Hewitt is job security for so many mid-level ACC coaches and beyond. I'm assuming President Obama would need to sign off on any deal that could affect such a large market of college basketball programs.

And it's awesome watching him crap a load against Georgia.

In better news...King just ran for another first down on the flats and Ealey's about to punch it in.

339...King/Ealey Connector!!!

Suck it nerds!

A Mound of Problems at the Plate

The Plainsmen had 43 (FORTY-three) runners cross homeplate over the weekend at Foley Field. That's nearly two runs an inning over the span of a 27 inning SEC opener. In stark contrast, the Dawgs only managed 9 runs.

In the pre-season, no one really expected Perno's lineup to blaze any trails. The overwhelming feeling was that Perno would have to manufacture runs and the pitching staff would need to hold their own, at least until the offense found their bats.

In short, it hasn't happened.

Taking a look at the schedule, there's even less reason to be optimistic. The remaining opponents read like a laundry list of perennial powerhouses. Here's Brian Foley's Sunday Thoughts:
What has happened with the Georgia Bulldogs? They were absolutely blitzed by the Auburn Tigers over this weekend by a combined score of 43-9 over the three games. The Bulldogs pitching staff now has a team ERA of 8.22. Their three weekend starters in Matt Grimm (1-2, 5.16 ERA), Michael Palazzone (3-2, 9.15 ERA) and Jeff Walters (0-2, 9.58 ERA) have all struggled mightily during the early portion of the schedule. If the Bulldogs do not get the pitching together, they will not be in the postseason at all.
Now Perno's own words:
We're not a good baseball team on any front...we don't defend, we don't pitch and we can't hit.
 But perhaps Quinton put it best:
To reinforce the point, Auburn is #29 in this week's Collegiate Baseball poll. They aren't in nor are they receiving votes in any of the other polls. We just got destroyed by them. Left on the schedule: #4 LSU in Baton Rouge, #6 Clemson, #8 Florida in Gainesville, #17 Ole Miss, #18 South Carolina, #20 Arkansas in Fayetteville, and #23 Vanderbilt in Nashville. Plus #5 Tech a couple more times. If Auburn got 43 in Athens, what could a really good team do?
We're young and we're hurt, but I doubt the team would make it to Hoover with everybody healthy. Take your lumps, learn from it, recruit, and evaluate the assistants at the end of the year. This season is done, folks.
Ouch. Yet very, very true. At this rate Perno's team is steering well south of .500 and heading right towards some tough decisions.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Bizzaro Bracket Reform

Since we've inched even closer to officially becoming a socialist society...the money I've invested so far in March Madness is a bottomline we ALL share, right?

I guess I pretty much scraped my way back to even in hoop$, but my bracket only made it until Saturday's Happy Hour. Which, to be fair is about 27 hours longer than it lasted last year. So be fairwarned dear Reader, by 2018 I should actually have an unbeatable bracket.

But for this tournament the Northern Iowa Panthers are the darlings. No sooner had they stuck a dagger in the dreams of my prognosticated 2010 winner than they were capturing the hearts of sports fans across America. Sure I shimmied and shook when Kansas went down, like that time Mary Hart's voice kept sending Kramer into convulsions. But it's always so gratifying to see underdogs celebrate on a grand stage.

I don't know how many times Kansas has been on TV this season, but I bet it's a number roughly 20 higher than the times Northern Iowa has. So I drank up every moment possible as they performed the impossible. What a great tribute to collegiate athletics those young men are. David didn't just slay the giant...

...Ali Babaganoush ripped his bracket up and let it drift down to the hardwood floor.

Today's Ingredients
  • Despite my 2010 busted bracket, it looks like in the future my bracket may last just a little longer thanks in part to Greg Shaheen and talks between CBS and Turner Sports.
  • Battle Hymn Notes has a warning for us March Madness lubbers.
  • Hale outlines many advantages to having mobility in the huddle this fall. Meanwhile, Weiszer reports that Coach Richt wants his new QB to be of sure hand.
  • AJ wants to do what? Oh...uh...I....just don't know...
  • Like The Senator I'd be interested to see the stats on injuries returning punts. But the bottomline for me is our (lack of) depth at WR. Besides, can't we get one guy back there who's a balance of the Big D's....dangerous and dependable...??
  • Chris Terry, II spent Saturday in Athens. Chad Simmons gives us the run down. ($$)
  • Daugman warns us that the SEC East isn't gonna be any easier next year for Fox's Hounds.
  • Exhile catches us up on the Lady Dawgs that advanced to tonight's second round and the Swimmers and Divers who finished 5th in the NCAAs. 
  • Groo credits the seniors in his recap of the Lady Dawgs' win over Tulane.
  • And the news from the diamond was bleak indeed as Perno's Dawgs performed like pups in getting swept by AwwBarn. Although the pitching was good Saturday, the Dawgs were outscored over the weekend 43-9.
  • Perhaps in even sadder news, Sandra keeps texting me...asking me if I'd like a turkey club. Poor kid. Dennis will have to stand in line.
  • I've been a fan of Ryandom for a while. But I'll admit I used his dad's post of this Georgia beauty to find out that Alton Brown is UGAs commencement speaker this spring. I dig Alton...almost as much as swimsuit models..
  • Nama...wasn't our commencement speaker Joe Frank Harris? Whoever, it was a snoozefest in the literal and the figurative sense.

Call me crazy, but every now and then I enjoy tracking referrals to my little blawg. Recently I found out that a chinese reader (and later a Finn) were loooking for something called a BernieDawg No. 55 Silent Cap when they happened across my little space here.

What is a BernieDawg No. 55 Silent Cap?

Glad you asked. No, it's not a red and black lid from my hat stand. BernieDawg is a dude who makes parts for camp stoves. At first I scoffed, but he's evidently held in very high regard among other burners. Much higher than I am among bloggers. Not that that's saying much...

So I've done the only thing I could think of...ordered enough parts from this Bizzaro BernieDawg to sustain my next seven March Madness brackets. 

Join me's good for health care bills, wedding pre-nups as well as warming up your leftovers. Here's your napkin. Now go have your Monday.