Saturday, April 10, 2010

G-Day: Questions and Answers

A couple of questions I'm pondering as I head up 316 today as well as a few answers that may or may not emerge from the scrimmage.

Why am I going to G-Day?

  • Like many I'm curious to see the new defense and how it's progressing. I don't watch a lot of pro football, but I've seen enough to know this scheme brings a lot of possibilities to Sanford. If I see a few sacks and a pick or two I might storm the field at the end. Who's with me?
  • Although Joe Cox did little to WOW! the fanbase, his replacement is much discussed in and around campus so I'm looking forward to seeing all three candidates. I feel like I have a fairly good idea of what Murray brings to the huddle after last April's G-Day, but I'm anxious to see Mett's progress firsthand. He's evidently been Bobo's pet project and there is reason to believe the kid could be ready to play. And if Gray keeps his nose in the hunt with some solid numbers...well, it's gonna be an interesting few months ahead.
  • It's in Athens. Duh! I rarely need an excuse to go back home, but when there's a football game (albeit a scrimmage) it's an even easier call.
  • O-Line finished the drill strong last season and I'm anxious to see them pick up where they left off.
What would make this G-Day a success?
  • No (more) injuries. That's a no-brainer of course. We have some positions that can ill afford any more green jerseys or attrition, notably OLB, WR and even QB...although if we have an injury under center today something freaky probably happened.
  • Agressive play in the secondary. Like you, I've read about the impact of Lakatos in the secondary. So I'm not only expecting to see DBs actually turn and find the ball when it's in the air, but also force the WRs off their routes and even pick a pass or two.
  • Confidence from the QBs. I doubt we have a clear starter come Sunday morning, but I would love to see all three act like they'd been there before.
  • An opportunity to tip my cap to Faloughi when he records his first tackle as a full scholarship player. GATA Reuben!! 
  • A Marlin Brown to merge form his grandmother's shadow.
  • If you're going as well, remember to bring some cans.
  • I was gonna live blog, but I wouldn't feel right stealing Hale's thunder...
  • Also remember to catch some baseball afterwards at Foley. Chance Veazey will throw out the first pitch.
  • If it's your first G-Day, there are some notable differences between what you'll see today and what you're used to seeing...which Hale casually points out.
  • Letterman's game precedes actual scrimmage, so get there early.
  • And if you're watching at home, look for me. I'll be the guy storming the field to bear hug Coach Grantham afterwards. Just hope the wife bails me out before September.
And one last thing that deserves it's own paragraph as opposed to a bullet. If you are there today, how about we give Dontavious Jackson a well deserved round of applause for being the peacemaker two weekends ago in that infamous taxi ride. It's only fair that these kids get some props when they're in order after getting smeared unjustly.

Other G-Day Previews:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thornton Update - Inching...Closer...??

.'re Mr. Georgia Basketball. You  have opened up your recruitment. Would you rather be a part of an up and coming program...or join Hewitt?
“It’s really early because we haven’t had the chance to talk to either of them personally. Georgia Tech is here in the ACC, and they always seem to have a lot of talent there. Georgia is an up-and-coming program. They seem to have some (player) needs.” - Billy Thornton, Marcus' father

NATS...they always seem to have a lot of talent. Georgia...has some needs.

On one hand you have a program with out-dated facilities, but once snuck their way into a Final Four. On the other you have a program ready to kick ass...and happened to kick the former's earlier this January.

The Spring signing period starts next week. We can expect some other suitors to knock on the Thornton's door. Probably plenty of them.

But to me...honestly...the choice seems simple. Marcus and black would look good on you!

Trivial Update - Home By The Sea

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep 40 coming up right after this PSA: when falling asleep on the beach, drain beer and reapply sunscreen...liberally.

Welcome to #ThursdaysRTrivial episode 40, "Matazanas Aint in Kansas". It's the Twitter game show that always uses SPF 50 cuz it mixes best with beer. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. What was the address of frequent BDB reader Olllddude's grandfather's home?

As a blogger I appreciate any and most all comments. I didn't go all in on this to just hear how awesome my posts are. Come to think of it, that's a good thing.

No, I originally started posting thoughts on the intertubes to hear what others had to say, agree or disagree. But then there are times when people post comments that really hit home. Olllddude did that on Monday. I remember spending many an afternoon on my grandmother's property in Barnwell SC. Her acreage was big enough that I could imagine playing the Masters with just my 7 and 9 iron...and a slightly experienced Pinnacle 4.

Sadly, now that home and property is a mere shadow of what it used to be. Time can destroy wood and even hardened brick. But it can't touch the memories.

So when Olllddude was kind enough to give the address of his grandfather's home on St. Augustine, it struck a chord within me. And after a brief detour and a quick click! of the camera-phone, I must say that Olllddude had it pretty good at 404 Old Quarry Rd. Although that breeze through the palms might require a full 7 iron.  
: )

Just as I was relishing the fact that the wife took over the driving duties, she ran into the tail end of a traffic jam. I posted the TrT question just as we were trying to maneuver around it. Stuff_of_Legend couldn't provide the right path to get from HWY 42 south of McDonough to I-675, but he had the right tweet. And for that Scott takes home an authentic cannon ball from the Castillo de San Marcos and a ticket to board the seat of your choice on R.G. Snyder's red train Sight-Seeing tour.

You'll thank me later!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ol' Ball Coach Calls an Ol' Audible

To call the plays or not to call the plays...??

The Visor can't seem to make up his mind. And thinks going back to way things worked at floriDuh will bring Danny Wuerfell to Chickumbia.
"But, no, I told the guys the other day that I'm going to go back to doing it the way I did it at Florida. I'm going to call the plays, or else they're going to all come through me."
Either way Steve, your still stuck with an asshat at QB.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marcus Thornton, weighing options

This could be big.

Mr. Georgia Basketball, Westlake’s Marcus Thornton, considers requesting release after Clemson’s coaching change | Prep Zone: High School Sports

I have been away from the interwebs the last couple of days, so I'm way behind on my reading. So far behind I wasn't even aware Purnell had changed zip codes (and I've got plenty of IPTAYers on Christmas card lists).

If things do open up again for Thornton I think it'll be interesting to see Fox go up against Hewitt for the signature. Even more interesting than seeing Mr. Georgia Basketball go up above the rim.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CheeseburgerDouche of the Day

First and foremost, this is definitely not safe for work. But the truth of the matter is you can get the same effect from the video with it muted....

This guy's a douche...who shoulda tied his drawstring...

Wow! All of that just for a slice of processed, artificial cheese on his formerly frozen hamburger patty.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday's Margarita - Live from St. Augustine!!

Actually, not quite to the United States' oldest port yet...HEY!!! PICK A LANE DUMBASS!!! Cover your ears girls, sorry...

But we're getting there. You might think I'd be worried about going to a place the Ol' Ball Coach and St. Timmy call home. But so do Cris Carpenter and Ray Charles, so I believe I'll be alright.

But since there's much packing, pit stops and potholes to get too, let's get right to the ingredients. Just remember the breath mints before you go back to that report. Hate for the the boss to catch you with tequila breath.

Mix em up! Salt or no salt?
  • Admit it. Saturday night when Coach Huggins leaned over Da'Sean Butler after the too thought he had mis-understood the extent of the injury and was gonna give the kid mouth to mouth. As I screamed NO!!! It's his kneeeee... NO!!!! I still could not look away.
  • In all seriousness, that was a great moment in what has been a great tournament. Go Dogs (not Dawgs)
  • Pete Thamel has a great story about Butler's coach Brad Stevens, who like me believes you can never go wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • With the recent news (and non-news) of players in trouble, Dean Legge outlines why such news is even less appealing to the media.
  • From the hardcourt to the gridiron, Chris Low visits the Chizik and finds AwwBarn all abuzz.
  • I took a peek out in Boulder over the weekend and found them drooling over this Lobato kid, but not sure where he'll line up. If he does line up at receiver, we'll need a strong DB on him, he's 6'5".
  • Also looks like the QB battle there will linger into the fall.
  • Speaking of QB battles, Saturday's scrimmage produced some even numbers between Murray, Mett and Gray
  • John Shearer of the Chattanoogan remembers Easter Sunday 30 years ago when Herschel finally flipped that quarter (h/t Daugman.).
  • When he was announced as the new LBs coach, Coach Warren Belin seemed a solid hire with a great track record for not just producing results but getting his players to clear their own bar so to speak. Now as we head to the finish line of spring drills, he seems a homerun. UGA Nation emphatically agrees.
  • A lot is being made of the team's absorption of the 3-4 defense and even Hale is trying to get his brain power around the one-gap technique. But after reading this, it's safe to say Dawg fans are at the top end of the learning curve compared to the nerds. I mean what self-respecting Bulldog born and Bulldog bred football fan doesn't know what a Sam and a Will is?
  • Lastly, on Saturday I explored the idea that the family of networks and Erin Andrews herself needed to at least reassess their role in the recent stalkings and pesky death threats. Turns out the sideline dancer is up for a new contract

That should about do it for today Reader. I apologize if it's short. But if nothing else it should get you used to what promises to be a light week. Between the vacay, G-Day and a trip to Augusta National...there could be fewer words to read around here.

And when you stop jumping for joy, please pour me another round. Thanks!


Calling Montez a Taxi

First of all, we should learn more today about the football team's involvement in the infamous taxi cab ride. My money's on a complete exoneration.

Secondly, not many people get as many cracks at greatness that Montez Robinson got in Athens. But in the end, the University of Georgia was just a stop and not a destination for the sophomore from Avon, Indiana.

Coach Richt was evidently so disgusted he didn't even wait for the kid's bond hearing to happen, he gave the news of Robinson's dismissal from the team while he was still behind bars. Can't say that I blame him. CMR continually is blamed for off-field problems to the point that every motor scooter on campus is under his charge, whether it's emerging from an alley or resting comfortably outside of Woodruff.  

As for Montez, the journey ahead has many twists and turns. And while the road behind him has had even more, a man makes better decisions than the ones he's made in Athens. So while we all applaud CMR for the decision to let Robinson loose, this blawgger hopes to one day be able to applaud again for the player who has yet to embrace manhood.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Blair Walsh lead the SEC in touchbacks last year. And that was with Fabris tying his shoelaces together before each free kick.

Enter Coach Belin. Now Walsh is kicking it...deep.

“It’s a lot more use of my talent I would say. I was fine doing what they wanted me to do. I’m a team player, and I can go along with it. But it’s a lot more use of my talent, and I’m happy about it. I don’t feel like there’s a restraint on me anymore. Without giving too much away, it’s different.”

Color me affirmed. Straight from the kicker's mouth, he was under utilized. He was restrained by his own coach and now he's free to do something we all knew was the very definition of sanity - kick the damn ball. No more pussyfooting. No more chewing glass for no reason.

This past December under the watchful, controlling eye of Fabris, Walsh was a Groza finalist. Now that he's being let off the chain, Walsh may just be a Heisman contender.

Ok, But you get my point.