Saturday, June 5, 2010

And a Witchett Makes 10...

As I'm sure you've heard, Zack Witchett of Washington High in Atlanta became Coach Richt's 10th commitment for the '11 class yesterday. Coach Ball is certainly making the most of the shortage at his position. Witchett makes the third WR commit for the upcoming class, joining Conley and Scott-Wesley.

My best guess is we take as many as five WRs in this class. I would say four, but both Scott-Wesley and Witchett can play in the secondary as well. An addition of Charone Peake would be stellar, and give future Dawg QBs a plethora of talent to target. And speaking of defensive backs, Damian Swann is quite friendly with Washington HS's #6.

Here's some of Zack's highlights. Not sure why the video runs over 9 minutes, it's actually only 6:30 long, fyi.

A couple other links - Chad Simmons' inside scoop ($$) on Witchett's decision and his analysis on Witchett ($$).

And some quotes from Witchett:

  • “A while back when I went to visit Georgia, Coach Richt and I were just joking around and made the comment that I could jam A.J. Green and wouldn’t let him off the line. Coach Richt just kind of laughed. He said, ‘if you can come down here and learn receiver and show me you can keep A.J. Green on the line, then I’ll let you start both ways."
  • “Damian is one of my best friends. We’ve been friends for a long time but we’ve never had a chance to play on the same team. So we’ve talked about playing on the same college team. I’m trying to get the inside scoop on who leads for him, but he says he’s going to keep it quiet until later on. But I’m going to try to get him to come with me.”
  • “I have been wanting to go to Georgia since Champ Bailey played there and I can’t wait to get there. I am 100 percent committed to Georgia and I am all Dawg now.”

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Update on the Stray Buffalo

A week or so ago we looked from afar at a buffalo that was wandering away from the herd. Now Markques Simas has been suspended, again.

No real surprise I guess at the suspension. But Coach Hawkins has left the door cracked for Simas to return in the fall, but without his scholarship.
The disappointing offseason for Simas comes on the heels of his best season in the pro- gram. He began last fall on suspension for the first two games but was one the Buffs’ best weapons during the second half of the year.
Simas' departure leaves the Buffs desperately shy at WR; essentially full of untapped talent and/or walk-ons. In other words, with little to no experience Logan Gray would likely be a starter in Hawkins' offense. Maybe even that guy in the cubicle next to you.

Just sayin'. 

In other news, Colorado announced that the Oct. 2nd game in Boulder would be a 2:30pm start, local time. And Hale has tweeted that South Carolina and Arkansas would be noon kicks on ESPN or ESPN2.

Thursday's Headers - never perfect, not even close

In the words of Marvin...What's going on?
  • Everyone's blaming that ump for blowing that call at first last night in Detroit; the one that cost Galarraga a perfect game. Well if that center fielder hadn't made that ridiculously awesome catch for the first out, the point would be moot. So I blame him.
  • On the other hand, I didn't realize Marc Curles also botched baseball...
  • Hale has some fun with numbers along the offensive front.
  • Along with the senior departures of Ricky McPhee, Albert Jackson and Tyler Whatley, plus the somewhat expected early departures of Drazen Zlovaric and Demario Mayfield...this one is a lot more puzzling. Still, I wish Anyaorah the best.
  • After humorously opining on Coach Richt's fictitious hotseat (I guess that's a case of a pot trying to find a kettle...), Prez Adams decides to weigh in on expansion. I hate it when he says something I agree with. Where's my toothbrush?
  • Count me among the hoards of fans who'd like to see Russ get a full season. But while Russ has served UGA well since November, the Seiler Family has served UGA well since the dawn of the Dawg Nation. I'll stand by their decision in the end.
  • And some props for my Pops, he's retiring today after 40 something years. It's also his birthday. So I think there's a beer or two in his immediate (and distant) future.
Back to baseball, many are calling for Bud Selig to step in and make things right. in the guy who once decided an All-Star game would end in a tie. For him to actually do something right for the good of the game would go against his every principal. Am I right? Plus, he just doesn't have the stones. 

I think that's the most I've typed about MLB baseball, ever. Which means it's time to stop. You have a good day sir!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2010: A Special Kinda Year...??

I had the pleasure of eating lunch yesterday at Steverino's in Duluth. My search for this place began over a year ago, you may remember. I just happened to be driving by and saw the sign and immediately began craving everything that was on that old menu just a hop, skip and a jump from Butts-Mehre as you walked towards Hodgson's.

Anyway, menu's about the same from what I can recollect. And the ambiance is about as close as downtown Duluth can come to recreating the original. And while I enjoyed a couple slices and a cold beverage, I read this post by Corbindawg over at The Grit Tree.

If you haven't read it yet, he uses some quotes and some rushing realism to advise us to take comfort in Coach Richt's words this spring on the Bulldog Tour. And as usual, I'm always eager to join in any enthusiastic homerism. Afterall, I'm a Coach Richt guy as well. 

Yet, it's hard to imagine this team will hit the ground running on all cylinders. And again, if you haven't read it...that's not what Corbindawg is implying either. Reading his words just got me thinking...

If this team does put together a special 
season, what will be the key?

The defense has a new DC and three new coaches. They're replacing some heavy hitters in Curran, Jones and a slew of DTs. They're adjusting to a new scheme which will certainly require a few growing pains.

The offense has a wealth of returning talent, but a brand new signal caller. As well as some serious depth issues at both QB and WR. An injury to AJ Green would be devastating. And despite Murray's green horns, an injury to him would be cataclysmic.

So if things get squirmy again in Chickumbia (and let's be honest...when don't they?)...and Mallett brings more than a half loaded six-shooter to Athens, we may have to rely on our best two feet. Surely most agree, the key word is special

Let's remind ourselves, shall we:

Drew Butler

Blair Walsh


Of course, my first thought is – we only averaged four punts a game last season? Then…oh yeh, turnovers to beat the band. Ugh! But forty-eight yards per boot is flat out kick'n it. The sooner the next Butler comes to campus with his best foot forward the better. No pressure Drew...

Gordon Ely-Kelso’s best year was 2005, when he averaged nearly 43 yards a punt. How well does that put what Butler did during his Ray Guyesque season in perspective? Holy crap!

And while it'd be nice to get Butler's punts per game number closer to 2, it's also comforting to know he can flip the field more often than not. For that matter, if Murray's offense sputters it's nicer to know that Butler can account for 200+ yards when needed.

And Walsh should be even more confident this season without the kickoff distractions and two years under his belt. I've liked the way CMR has called his number without hesitation with a lot of real estate to cover. It's probably made his numbers dip some, but a shaky psyche leads to a shaky leg and CMR has shown he's not shy in calling #57's number.

Throw in the fact that there's new blood blowing the special whistles and this definitely could be the facet of the game that proves to be the glue early...and the key to the whole season.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Washaun Ealey!

Was a really busy day with work. But I'd kick my own Dawg ass if I let this one slip by. One half of the King/Ealey Connector had a special day today.

And what better way to celebrate than to relive some yards, TDs and pancakes on Historic Mark Richt Field.

Happy Birthday Washaun!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday's Memorial Day Meatloaf

It's Memorial Day. And there's nothing I could type that would say more than this picture.

(h/t MacSemper Fi) That's Christian Golcynski accepting a folded US flag in remembrance of his father, Staff Sargeant Marcus Golcynski who was killed in Iraq by enemy fire in March. Whatever your plans include for today, I hope at least a few moments are taken to remember those who've paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

God Bless our troops. 

Today's Ingredients
  • Great day at the Fourth Annual Save Our Skin 5k Fun Run/Walk Saturday. I thought I was going in high tech with an app that tracked my time/distance/speed...etc. But Nama came with shoes that talked to him. WTF?!?
  • All in all, some money was raised for a great cause and a good time was had by all. Hope to see you out there next year. Thanks Marilyn!
  • In related news, Exile pays tribute to a Hollywood legend and doesn't get caught watching the paint dry.
  • Shout out to Anonymous for knowing that Shannon Scott was the hardcourt stud left off of Friday's Trivial Update. I can't think of anyone who posts more comments than this guy and appreciate him taking the time to stop by. *snark*
  • Missed this last week, but Rex is wondering who the teh awesomest kicker in Dawg history is at Kicker U. Fabris doesn't make his list, so I'll go with Bennett since he should have won a Heisman.
  • A strong weekend for Lady Dawgs begins on the diamond where the softball team earned their second consecutive trip to the WCWS in Oklahoma City by blasting the California Bears.
  • Georgia sophomore Chelsey Gullickson will try to become the third NCAA singles champion in school history today. The NCAA finals begin at noon with the doubles and the singles are slated for 2pm.
  • Coach Fox's Dawgs will tip off with the nerds against the backdrop of student angst and painted faces.
  • The topic du jour recently seems to be how much the HillBillys are gonna suck and for how long. The Senator thinks it takes a village while playing off this Dave Hooker piece that looks at the past, present and future. Call it a retrospective and prospective look at the overtaxed suspender.
  • Streit has started Bubba 'n Earl's countdown off with a bang. Yesterday was a real blast from the past. Consequently video.
  • John Clay wonders how many times Crapalari can say I didn't know (h/t Mr. SEC). My guess is as long as Mitch Barnhart has ink in his pen.And if there's one term the KenYucky coach is familiar with, it's vacated.
  • And the larger point of Clay's article I hope isn't lost on readers is this one: if Duke is recruiting a talented kid like Bledsoe and doesn't offer...that should be a pretty big red flag.
  • While on the subject of the wrong side of the law, USC (the real one) should find out Friday what the official findings are. My guess is an empty bottle of awesomeness with a prescription label that reads Peter Carroll, take two daily with a full glass of chutzpah.
  • The Big 12 commish wants to reward loyalty by penalizing those in search of greener pastures.
  • At $85,000 a week, how long before Jayhawk AD Perkins is not in Kansas anymore? I certainly think our own AD Evans is worth his weight in gold...but nearly $4.5 million is a lot of clams for an athletic dircetor?
  • Lastly, when you've been overserved it's quite easy to mistake a restaurant kitchen for a urinal cake. (h/t Circpro)

Been a busy weekend already, so I'll have to keep this shorter than usual. Have a great day Reader. Hope you enjoy your day at least half as much as I will.

Here's your napkin.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

No More Slim-Fast Falls

Picked up this nugget from Weiszer's blog pertaining to a new era of nutrition. Rex Bradberry has been promoted from a simple GA on CMRs staff to the role of Sports Nutritionist.
“I think we’ve done a tremendous job of getting our guys prepared for the season, but I think in season we’ve maybe had some guys that have lost some weight...What we’ve learned is the biggest part is the nutritional aspect of it. We’ve got to make sure that we’re feeding these guys right.”   - Coach Richt
At least some of this new attitude seems to stem from the staff's recent visit to Blacksburg. Maybe this means we can expect less of the late season fashion gimmicks in Jax and more of a team that is fit and ready to play football.

Bradberry is a former walk-on under Jim Donnan who has worked as a part of the strength and conditioning staff and even was David Pollack's personal trainer in Cincinnati before his injury. He has a bachelor's degree in Health Education and Exercise Science,  a master's in Sports Studies and a PhD in Kinesiology.