Saturday, June 12, 2010

Slive's Monkey Wrench

I've gone on record before, but feel like now that it's inevitable I should reiterate. I don't want the SEC to get bigger. I don't want it now, I don't want it in 2011. Things are copacetic right now. Life is good. Peaches. Why scramble the eggs when you're used to eating omelettes? 

But there's at least a 50-50 chance that by this time next week we'll all be talking about the SECs new landscape. So stick these in your pipe.
  • Keep in mind that this all started because there's one conference made up of 12 teams that couldn't function together. The SEC decision will come out of ONE place, the SEC office. In the midwest on the other hand you have schools working against each other, different vantage points, different levels of satisfaction with their current situation. Perhaps most importantly, you have athletic departments in vastly different areas of wealth/debt.
  • Fact - Texas has the biggest draw AND THEY AIN'T COMIN'. Slive should just back away from the table and let the little boys try and win this insignificant pot. TAMU, OU, Missouri and Baylor are small stacks. Live to play another day.
  • Once the Pac-1X and Big Televen 2.0 finish expanding, isn't there a chance they end up contracting? Sure, the money may add up initially. But how much is the Nebraska AD gonna like cutting checks to cover the womens' softball team to travel all the way to Columbus OH as opposed to...Lubbock? And how about the Okie State AD in the same situation with his golf teams heading out for Eugene OR as opposed to Lincoln NE?
  • Many argue that Slive needs to focus not on the here and now, but on ten years from now. Expansion is the future they say. Well, what evidence is there that these supermegasupreme conferences will work? Is a Pac-1X with Texas and Oklahoma better than the SEC? Is the Big Televen 2.0 with Nebraska and Louisville better than the SEC? If you answered yes, Nurse Ratched will be around with your lithium shortly.
  • Others argue in favor of expansion simply because it leads to the next inevitable step, a playoff. I'm against that as well, but would rather not turn this into a bash the BCS post. Just because the BCS is bad for college football doesn't mean the bowls are. I'll be the first to admit I'm a traditionalist, and if everyone would just take a step back we'd all realize that somewhere along the way we lost the fact that this isn't the NFL and it's actually okay that over a hundred teams aren't the champion. (And really...would a playoff take away the gray area? Would it create the undisputed champion everyone craves?)
  • Come on Dawgs. Do you really want ACC teams in our backyards? Or hand me down Big XII teams? Does it help the conference to have coaches like Beamer, Fisher and Mike Sherman racking up frequent flyer miles going to the fertile HS campuses more than they are now? And don't even get me started on the nerds. They sell out their stadium once every other year and you want them in the Southeastern Conference? Take your head and slam it against the North Avenue ticket office window until you get a clue.
  • In the end this all just smells like the SEC copping a squat just because Jim freakin' Delaney pulled his pants down. The SEC ain't broke. Leave the tinkerin' to the little boys who still can't recruit a kid who can outrun his momma. Leave the fixin' to the conferences sick of hearing about their teams operating in the red. We're operating from a position of strength. We're hitting on all cylinders.
In short, put the wrench down Commish. After all, those others making headlines are the ones trying to catch up to the bar we've already set. College Station is a road I used to live off of. It's not an away conference game venue.

That's my three cents. What's yours?

Some other readings I'd recommend as we wait this weekend out:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Trivial Update – An 89 Yard Toss Sweep

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 47 coming up right after this PSA: Beware of trojan horses named Reggie.

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 47 "Who I Be?" It's time for the (semi) weekly Twitter Twivia show that's as expanded as it's 36 waist will allow. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. I was a Parade All-American from Lumberton NC and was a first team All-American in 1988 when I rushed for 1216 yards and 20 TDs. And eventually I was the 7th pick in the NFL draft. Who am I?

Big h/t to Bubba 'n Earl for the Thursday inspiration. While there have been plenty of much heralded tailbacks that didn't quite pan out, Tim Worley turned a what might've been into a stellar career. After sitting out nearly two full seasons with injuries, his last season 'tween the hedges was one of the best ever. If you haven't read Streit's writeup, click here.

I chose this as the question to provide this week's contestants a bit of a challenge and to see how well read they were. Cuz this one came down to whether you recognized it was Worley or had spent part of the day sittin' on the 50. And here's how it played out:


@BernieDawg Tim Worley


@BernieDawg Tim Worley! (I feel old now)#ThursdaysRTrivial


@BernieDawg Tim Worley #ThursdaysRTrivial

Matt has suddenly become a real TrT contender and enters the fray for the second consecutive episode. For that distinction he takes home a copy of Blue Velvet starring the late Dennis Hopper, a film that was set in Lumberton but filmed in nearby Wilmington.

Angie gets a commemorative #38 jersey. Hopefully when she wears it, she won't feel so old.

And I hear Alan is in need of a vacation, so he gets the grand prize - four leftover Fast Passes to Thunder Mountain at Disney World we weren't able to use due to a sudden thunderstorm. Now he can take the twins and move to the front of the line on his next visit.

And for you Reader, Worley was the highest selection in the NFL draft at #7 overall by the Steelers until who and what year?

LeMay Facing Serious Discipline...???

Damn. What does a kid have to do to get a possible 30 day suspension? Nevermind. Don't wanna know.
LeMay is accused of breaking a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' code of conduct rule, which could bring an out-of-school suspension that could last up to 30 days, sources said. He has a hearing Monday at the CMS East Learning Center. (Read more:
Guess we'll find out Monday.

h/t Dawgcast

Casual Friday on the Expansion Roller Coaster

To think that we all went to bed Tuesday night and the NCAA Football landscape was organized chaos. Just 48 hours later we take a careful and calculated peek at the headlines each morning half expecting our team to be the latest rumored in dealings with a conference across the continent.

Here's some collected thoughts left over from my day at Disney and the roller coaster we've all been on since.
  • I think of the real life Disney version of Pocahontas as the University of Texas. Everybody wants their picture with her, especially the 25-40 year old male demographic. Even if she comes with that stodgy, old traditional chief as part of the package.
  • Funny how Space Mountain lets you off right into a NASA themed gift shop and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride lets you off into a Pirate themed gift shop. Walt really had an eye for business.
  • When you're wearing a UGA cap in an uber popular theme park, also carry around a mirror. That way when you get those inevitable contemptuous looks from HillBillys and Gayturds you can quickly provide them a reminder of their reality.
  • Speaking of reality, the higher ups in South Bend must feel like it's Bowl Season all over again and they're left out in the cold.
  • Someone please explain to me how Pete Carroll and Tim Floyd come out of this disaster at USC smelling like roses? Cheap, dusty, plastic ones...but still.
  • I can see and perfectly understand the contempt cast towards Reggie Bush. Believe me I do. But if he was the only one getting his hands greased I'll never look at Kim KardASSian's fanny again. 
  • As I found myself in the middle of a long queue for the Tea Cups, surrounded by sweaty people who's mouths were at the south end of a corn dog stick...I almost made a pledge to never (EVER!!) pass gas in public again. Holy Mother of God!
  • Fast Pass is the greatest thing ever invented for amusement parks. Even better than air-conditioned boat rides. And much better than the $6.50 Coca-Cola that's mostly ice.
  • Until noon Monday I had never paid $5 for a PB&J. Buyer beware - keep that one off your Bucket List Reader. After all, the one I purchased was only half eaten.
Unlike the Big XII, which is looking like it's a weekend away from being devoured. My dream case scenario you ask...two words - Status Quo. How do we know these super conferences will actually work? Although I can see the idea of wanting to add a Texas just based on what they would bring (and the fact that they wouldn't be stretching the moniker Southeastern Conference geographically). What's the real point in adding 4 teams to the pie just to keep up with the wannabes? Would FSU really help the SEC that much? Would Clempson?

And don't get me started on the nerds...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busted Trojans Cause BIG Mess

From sunny California to rainy Seattle, Pete Sunny Nostradamus Carroll gave himself a lifetime ban from NCAA bowl season back in January. It's almost as if he knew...

USC has been hit with a two-year post-season ban in addition to the loss of scholarships, among other penalties from the NCAA.

Meanwhile, in Casa de Busted Trojan...the admins have left the building:
USC sources said they were surprised at the severity and length of penalties. USC’s president is on the East Coast, the Provost is in Europe and the SID is headed on vacation. (The response) will be a written statement tomorrow. USC will have 15 days to give the NCAA notice that they are appealing the decision
With Carroll in Seattle, Tim Floyd in El Paso, Reggie Bush in an E! reality show...Let's see...that leaves the village idiot, our dearest KiffyBaby to answer to some serious charges. Allegedly:
  • 2 year post-season ban
  • 20 scholarship reduction
  • and all football players on the three deep required to use Pale Rider prophylactics
I guess you can still hum ol' rocky flop when it rains in LA.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Some recruiting news and links to make you smile this Wednesday morning.
  • The biggest recruiting news this morning is the commitment of Nick Marshall of course. The Wilcox Co. star is the state's best athlete and was a soft verbal for NATS. Signing Lonnie Outlaw was more than a play for the best name in the future of college football.
  • The Senator explains exactly why Marshall's commitment is such a celebration in Athens, and a slap in the face to Coach Pajammies.
  • Speaking of ol' PJ, he's losing another recruit. Jake Skole made official what has been suspected when he was drafted early by the Texas Rangers.
  • The MLB draft is also having an effect on Coach Perno's current and future staff.
  • I think the best read on recruiting is Fletcher Page's take on the 7 on 7 camp last week in Athens. We've been hearing all this talk about the Dream Team coming to Athens and now it's even taking shape. Page gives us a look at the energy and enthusiasm that is fueling the frenzy. 
  • And looking at the state's top prospects...the renewed vigor within the borders is paying off in spades.
  • Wanna know if you need to worry when Corey Moore visits Clempson this weekend? Wanna know which gator recruit is now listening intently to Coach Richt's staff? Chad Simmons' drops some knowledge. ($$)
  • Lastly, Dean Legge tells us why Hard Hats are Required around Butts-Mehre as of late.
One of the underlying themes to this next class will certainly be how much ground Coach Richt and his staff make up in state. Sure they're off to a good start, but there's a ton of talent left on the board. And there's always the task of holding onto commitments. The 2011 class at Carver-Columbus may be a microcosm of this theme. The more names this Dream Team gathers, the easier it may be to hold onto commitments. And the more Carver continues to take notice.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday's Margarita - no strawberries needed

Darren here. Bernie's off being Dad of the Year. And he may win, despite the fact he lied and told his kids they were going to a strawberry farm...

Today's Ingredients

Y'all have a great Monday. Here's a mess a napkins Bernie left. And if you know of a strawberry farm in the Lake Buena Vista area, leave it in the comments. I think they're still looking.

Darren, the intern