Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trivial Update - A Dooley Swan Song

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 48 coming up after this PSA: Approaching a green over water, use an extra club and a half.

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep 48 Who scored the last touchdown of the Vince Dooley era?

After Thursday's post, it just seemed appropriate pose this question. And a few tweeps either already knew it, had recently watched ghostoferkrussell's video or had a husband that knew it. Whatever the reason, here's how it played out:

@BernieDawg Rodney Hampton

@BernieDawg Rodney Hampton

@BernieDawg Rodney Hampton! (Hubby helped)

Clint and Tracey have graced the TrT gameshow floor before. But Robert's a newcomer. And it's his birthday, so he takes the cake and gets a white towel from Hampton's beltline as well. Maybe he can use it to wipe away the tears at getting another year older. Meanwhile Clint and Tracey will surely enjoy a copy of James Brown's original hit Dooley's Junkyard Dawgs. (Tracey's husband also gets the day off, as any father should. Enjoy a cold beverage on BDB.)

As for you Reader, here's the full video. 

GATA Pollack

First and foremost...Happy Birthday #47! We will always treasure the way you swallowed quarterbacks in eager mouthfuls and cast inescapable shadows on diminutive running backs.

This is a special one for me. David Pollack is one of my all time favorites, like most Dawg fans. But it's also special because I was at this game in a sea of urranjah...sitting next to my dad. If you're not aware, my dad is a long time IPTAYer. If you don't know what IPTAY is, I won't try to explain. That's why Pollack invented Google.

And if you don't believe our career sacks leader invented Google, then you obviously don't realize that he can do anything. And that's exactly what he did back in 2003 just across the field from Howard's rock. In a three play sequence he sacked Whitehurst, made a tackle for a loss and then intercepted a pass and nearly ran it back for six.

Yes indeed. He saved our whatchamacallit. From there, the Dawgs never relented and finished the kitties off 30-0 (although Dad sometimes says they closed it to 30-3...). After a post tailgate with some more IPTAYers we were walking back to our car and happened behind a young Tiger cub who was fresh from a shower and relating to his dad how he actually blocked Pollack...once.

I think the kid was a freshman. My God. GATA.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Casual Friday - Willard Gets Schatty

Willard flew out to Bristol last week to sit down with ESPNs biggest schadenfraude, Joe. Unfortunately news quickly began to break that Texas had Dan Beebe’s danglies in a vice and Mr. Schad had to postpone while he tweeted worthless drivel and updated his profile at Match dot com. Meanwhile Willard, ever the resourceful journalist, settled into a Motel 6 with the BDB American Express. Four suitcases of Natty Light later, he met Schad by the motel’s pool, pushed the correct button on the digital recorder and let his brilliance belch at a time.


WillardJoseph Schat! I can count the number of Texas regents who have you on speed (URRRRRPP!!) dial on less than one finger. That local Longhorn reporter fella made you his lil feathered beeatch didn’t he?

Schad – I stand by my sources.

Willard – Yeh. People magazine called…they’d like em back. BWAHAHAHA!! You see what I did there Schat?

Schad – It’s SchaDuh. I’d appreciate some respect. My cubicle’s on the same floor as Herbstreit’s.

Willard – Sure thing kid. Tell Herbie Mitch Davis said Boo! (awkward pause in between gulps…) Nevermind Schat. That was before you were born. I read where you (BBBUUUURRRRRPP!!) …where you began your journalism career in high school.

Schad – Yes, I was the Sword of Truth’s chief editor my sophomore and junior year.

Willard – Why not your senior year? Get caught trading ink with the Op-Ed hottie? I hear she wore Jerusalem cruisers and didn’t shave her pits.

Schad – No. Alex Weinstein outscooped me on the cafeteria’s switch from chicken nuggets to tenders.

Willard – (spewing hops amid furious laughter) Wha?....Heh…Ho! So you’re just biding time up here in Sportsnerdville until they give you the lifetime achievement award.  Does Kuselias like his coffee with sugar?

Schad – Only on Mondays.

Willard –One last question for our readers Schat. Will Joe Cox start this Saturday?

Schad – This interview’s so over.

Willard – BWAHAHAHA! Can I quote you on that Schat? BWAHAHAHA!! (watches Bristol’s baby storm off…) Tell Kiper he’s a douche!


Another Willard interview cut short, another epic win. Tune in next time when we fly BDBs own Mike Wallace out to sunny Cali to reunite with his good buddy KiffyBaby. Until then, look out for empty cans.

DoucheDrummer of the Day

Dude...there's a reason you're wearing a gold coat and play weddings twice a year. And I would bet a snare drum licked in flames that this is video from your hair dresser's reception.

Michael Bolton called...he needs a drummer.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

GATA Dooley

Let's begin this series with the man who put UGA athletics on the map and helped bring GATA 'tween the hedges. If you grew up during his era you probably spent some time watching his weekly show. ghostoferkrussell dug this one up for a trip down memory lane.

Growing up I always thought Dooley was extremely graceful in front of a camera like we see him here. Almost as graceful as he was using all sorts of body-english on the sideline. But when I finally had the chance to meet him in person I realized that his grace wasn't just on-air savvy. It was genuine. The man is a true southern gentleman and we may never see anyone touch his career 201 victories.

This video was towards the end of an era, but it was one full of GATA.

** And click here for a replay of Dooley's last victory, the 1989 Gator Bowl. Pure, I mean silver.**

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday's Getaway Day Headers

Skipping town for awhile 'til things cool off, if you catch my drift. I've got plenty of things in the hopper to keep you company Reader. Darren the intern will post them as the days tick off. We're even expecting an interview with Joe Schad that Willard will probably handle, of course.

But for now, here's some headlines making the rounds to take in.
  • The biggest news is the impending transfer of Jarvis Jones from USC, once the financial aid paperwork is signed. This is big because of Jones' talent. The gravy is that the Carver Curse may be over.
  • In case you haven't heard, Jones will have four years to play three and is immediately eligible. But, he will redshirt the 2010 season to get in football shape.
  • Here's Simmons' piece on Jones ($$). The bottomline is that this is exciting, PWD leads the barking.
  • TAMU AD Bill Byrne is nice enough to return phone calls from angry fans. I just hope he doesn't kiss his grandkids with that mouth.
  • Meanwhile Dan Beebe had a kinder, gentler method to get his point across.
  • cocknfire declares the Big Ten (the old one, obviously) the undisputed winner in the realignment sweepstakes, while ecdawg hears a black chopper hovering.
  • Ironically, it's always nice to get reacquainted with a guy name Meat Cleaver.
  • Stuff of Legend is evidently my polar opposite, pulling in from vacay just as I'm leaving. He catches us up here.
  • Lastly, the Grit Tree remembers when Grizzard tackled the economy in their weekly series Lewis Grizzard Wednesday. For the record, even after all these years I'm still on board for #3.
Well, there's work to finish up and a car to pack before I begin counting potholes along I-85. If you're one of my fellow travelers this afternoon, please remember that slower traffic stays to the right.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

T. Boone Waxes unPoetic

Ever wanted to see a filthy rich old man talk about this new fangled realignment thing? Here ya go. (h/t @espn4d)

T. Boone Pickens ladies and gents, coming to a College Algebra classroom near you this fall. Someone get that old man a twitter account. It might be better than $hitMyDadSays.

Shaking the Expansion Tree - Who Fell?

Since Texas is back to behaving in the Big Ten (the new one), it's time to look at the winners and losers of the expansion saga. You can check out Mr. SECs winner/loser analysis HERE. I agree with it for the most part, but would add a few qualifiers.

Pennington pegs the SEC as a loser and many would agree. Maybe because it's hard to put them in the winner column. Sure, the Big Ten (the old one) may be generating more TV money. And had Slive not taken a trip to College Station, at least a little face would've been saved. But I still don't see the SEC as a loser here. After all, these realignment players were just trying to clear a bar that the SEC had already set and cleared, many times over.

I think the bottom line will be winning. Until the SEC teams start losing head to head match ups (not to mention BCS championships) the conference is still king.

The Traditionalists
Yes, guys like me averted disaster. But there's still a whiff of change in the air. As Kyle points out, this is a bridge we eventually cross. The dragon has retreated back to it's cave. The village sustained some damage. But the fire will breath down on the college football landscape again.

And as The Senator pointed out, us traditionalists won't get the Oklahoma-Nebraska game anymore. That will take a while to get used to.

The Irish
On the surface there's no question Notre Dame comes out of this smelling like a rose. They never blinked (publicly) in this Big Ten (again...the old one) and Fightin' Irish game of chicken. But as Adam Kramer points out at Kegs 'n Eggs, the public pressure will remain on the Irish until they have a 9 win season and a big bowl win. The more years that pass with Notre Dame outside of the national pictures (unrelated to the peacock), the harder it's going to be to remain independent.

The Media
They always win right? And that's where Pennington has them. But was it just me or did ESPN really frack up their coverage? More specifically, who the hell is Joe Schad sleeping with in Bristol?

Monday, June 14, 2010

LeMay Doin' the Limbo

Per Weiszer's blog, Christian LeMay will find out his fate in 7-10 days. According to his dad Stacy, the hearing "went well."

LeMay is the big name in CMRs 2011 class so far. Ans he has spent a lot of time helping the Georgia coaches recruit the "Dream Team." It seems like LeMay will still be a part of it. I guess we'll know more in about a week.

Perno Fires Wiederhold

Perno has let pitching coach Brady Wiederhold go, per Clarkson.

So the baseball team is a nearly perfect mirror of the football team: disappointing seasons, head coach fires a friend(s), fans hope for quick results.

Beebe's Last Call - UPDATED

UPDATE: Texas has answered the call. Bevo don't do surfboards dude. But in reality, these realignment waves shift more than a sinner on Sunday's front pew. Case in point - ESPN's Joe Schad says Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State's departure to the Pac-1X is imminent
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

There's absolutely no way to predict what will happen out west. But Orangebloods has been as accurate as any, maybe more so. And according to Chip Brown, there's a last ditch effort to save the Big XII that might actually work. 

And it came at the height of Beebe's desperation.
The stakes for Beebe to somehow rescue the Big 12-Lite seemed to get a lot higher on Sunday as Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott and chief operating officer Kevin Weiberg conducted a tour of Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Texas before flying up to Kansas City (possibly to talk to KU officials). reported Saturday that Texas A&M has the votes on its nine-member Board of Regents to join the Southeastern Conference and could be ready to make that move as early as this week.
How could the Big X hold on? Money...television...and other fringe benefits.
  • he thinks he may be able to match the SECs TV money
  • schools could pursue their own network, which has been a Longhorn goal for awhile
  • conference would proceed with 10 teams, a nine game conference schedule and no championship game
Those are the highlights. And as Brown points out, it doesn't hurt that one of the departures was an underachiever in Colorado. Ralphie was such a drain on the midwestern economy.

Bevo on the other hand...

Monday's Meatloaf - Realigning Greener Pastures

Despite my worst efforts, it still appears Texas A&M could be the next team to never make it to the SECCG. That should make Ole Miss grateful for the company. Of course, there's a lot of dealings to be done out the back door between now and the end of this chapter in Jim Delaney's memoirs.

But if Commish Slive hitchhiked all the way out to College Station, that means he's serious about gig'n em. So we better get used to it, and whoever else might come along too. Whenever it happens.

And as I wondered what the conversation must've been like between Slive and Aggie A&M AD Bill Byrne, I kept thinking of when Sean Connery was indoctrinating Kevin Costner into the Chicago way. After all, the SEC isn't the play-safe jungle gym with the rubberized wood chips that the Big XII is...once...(whatevs) was.

Slive - You wanna get to Atlanta? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. Saban sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. THAT'S the Southeastern way.
Byrnes - I have sworn to switch conferences with all the legal powers at my disposal and I will do so.
Slive - Well...the Lord hates a coward. (shakes his new ADs hand) Do you know what a blood oath is Byrnes?
Byrnes - Yes.
Slive - Good. Cuz you just took one.

Let's hope there's a lot of self-examination going on in College Station (and wherever else). Because you can't just be a lot of talk and a badge when you tee it up with the big boys.

Today's Ingredients

And when it all comes to pass, it will be the bottom line that helps the movers and shakers make the decisions. If the SEC stands pat, I'll be pleased. Should Slive bust a move, then I'll come to accept it as fact, eventually. Meanwhile, the new SEC fans will be like kids in a candy store. More money...and better looking alumni and coeds sitting across the field.

For a better understanding, just listen to this old Dire Straits song from the vantage point of those gig em fans dreaming of a day when they too are SEC fans...and substitute SEC anytime your hear MTV.

Yeh, in the SEC our coeds wear sundresses and strap baggies of bourbon to their thighs. And the dudes have drumsticks and guitars that glow neon. So it's not just your football team that needs to pick up the slack if a trip to Atlanta or even an at-large BCS bid is to be earned.

So while you wait on something to happen or not to happen, enjoy your meatloaf Reader. And remember to keep an ear out for news on LeMay. This could get interesting as well.

Here's your napkin.