Friday, July 2, 2010

Thank You Sir, May I Have Another? - Evans Scandal, part II

I've read as much as I have time to. And although I was wrong yesterday with my guess that he would resign, I haven't given up on trying to discern how this Evans Scandal plays out. I just care too much...and the stakes could not be any higher.

What we don't know - The two key figures right now are Prez Adams and the media. We may know a lot about how Adams wheels and deals, but Evans is his guy. Hand picked just after Dooley was kicked in the rear, Georgia's AD has been Adams' glamour boy. That relationship should be given serious thought. Because although Adams might find some cleaner, shinier resumes I doubt he'd find a better director for UGAs athletics than the one who's been groomed.

As far as the media, we certainly know that they will drop the gloves (if there's any that are still on). But we don't yet know what's in the report or the videotape. And while both will definitely be harmful for Evans, the question may be...will it live up to the AllJackCrap's expectations?

What we do know - Damon Evans only missed one lesson from Dooley's tutelage - always use a driver. And it doesn't appear he's missed anything Adams' has taught him. He's savvy (when sober) and knows how to play the game. Drinking like a HillBilly punter and carousing like an Alabama spring coach (read: Mike Price in Auburn strip club) doesn't take away all of your dignity when you can face the cameras and digital voice recorders 18 hours later and play the only hand you've got.

I'll be man enough to admit I'm completely torn. When the news interrupted a round of golf yesterday I was quick to judgment. How can we have a guy who's behaved this way lead our own student-athletes? And although I've softened that sentiment at times, I still don't see how it plays out any other way.

But perhaps that's a rushed judgment steeped in embarrassment. Raise your hand if you woke up this morning and discovered that lump in your gut when you remembered yesterday's big headline? Or recalled the now infamous mugshot? Couple that with all the calls/texts I'm sure we've all had from friends in lower places and the embarrassment easily triples.

And that's no way to make a decision. Right now I don't really want a DUI offender in charge of 600 student athletes in Athens. I don't want a possible (...probable...) adulterer making hires within Butts-Mehre. But who's to say that after Ed Tolley does some work and the videotape runs its course that I can't be talked away from the ledge? I mean, do I really want Prez Adams hand choosing another AD when we've already dodged that bullet and came away smelling like English Privet? 

Yesterday I was mostly focused on prayers for Damon's wife and kids. Today I'll simply add that the powers that be make the best decision for Georgia.

Sidebar - For a superior read on the decision on Adams' desk, click over to Dean Legge's article. It's dead on.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Evans' Career Circling a Turd

I'm not really in a position (read: cell phone, limited WiFi) to go into a lot of detail. But this story is just too bizarre and ridiculous to not weigh in.
  • Why does our current AD not have a driver? For what I gather and remember, Dooley always did.
  • Then again, maybe Evans prefers his driver not be privy to his extra-curriculars.
  • My guess is that Evans resigns. If he doesn't I'm guessing we're giving him another chance since he's going to be at the presser in an hour.
  • I think Evans is a great AD that was on the verge of superstardom. I hate to lose him. I just don't see how the UGA Athletic office can be so hypocritical to keep its head man.
  • And if they do, the ridiculousness will be tenfold when the next UGA student-athlete is suspended (or worse) do to an alcohol related offense.
Most importantly, I'm a big family first person. So while everyone focuses on Damon Evans' career at the press conference, I'll be more worried about his wife and kids. It's one thing to wake up in a jail cell fresh from a night of douchebaggery and lose your job. It's a lot more to lose your family.

DouchePyro of the Day

Don't try this one at home kids...

Now if it had spelled Disco Inferno...or ...Hello. My name is Bill and I'm a pyromaniac...well, that would've earned some cool points. But no, you're just a douche with a four beer buzz and an empty gas can.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Legend of Isner Grows

A couple videos of John Isner enjoying the fruits of his 11 hour labor. First an appearance on Good Morning America and then the former Georgia star giving the Top Ten list for David Letterman, most of which are pretty funny. Mainly, it looks like the kid is having fun.

Monday, June 28, 2010

GATA Dawg Nation

Sorry, no meatloaf or margarita today. But I do have another video full of some great pics and a good tune. So put your feet up for a few and crank the speakers UP!

Dawgs are in a six, hunker down you guys!