Saturday, July 10, 2010

The "Peacemaker" Gets Turbulent

It's been a few we go again.

Dontavious Jackson and Tavarres King arrested. Ironically, the Red and Black broke the story on the "Peacemaker".
Dontavius Deshawn Jackson, a redshirt sophomore tailback, was arrested and charged with a host of charges early Saturday, including DUI, leaving the scene of an accident and underage possession of alcohol. Split end Tavarres King was arrested with Jackson, charged with underage possession of alcohol.
Clearly, King getting in trouble hurts the team more being at a position where experience is lacking. But the bigger issue is this: after the Jordan Love absurdity, UGA police were finally being seen (by more people than just us) as too ambitious in their enforcement of law around campus. This kind of crap hurts that public opinion.

And more importantly can hurt innocent people. Doesn't anyone use taxis anymore?

Correlation, Smorrelation

When the AJCs most click-whorish (it's a word I just made up...sue me) columnist understands that Damon Evans' panties misdeeds don't hurt Coach Richt's status with the Georgia Athletic department...what the hell is wrong with everybody else?

I mean, does anyone actually believe the Dawgs lose 6 games this season?
Maybe Richt should consult his old SEC East coaching rival, Phillip Fulmer. In 2008, Fulmer embarked on his 17th season as Tennessee's coach. At the time, he was the longest tenured coach in the SEC — just like Richt. He had six years remaining on his contract.
All of which added up to zilch, zip, nada after the Vols slipped to 3-6 with a Nov. 1 loss at South Carolina. Two days later, Fulmer was fired — hefty buyout, national championship ring and all.
Not to mention Richt would need to gorge on nothing but Sonic and 7-11 Slurpees from now through Labor Day to catch up with PhatPhil.

If you think Richt's safe, click to your left. If you don't, click your stupidity. If you're in the middle, I hear your sheepish prattle. Keep it in check.

More to come.

Do You Live the Dad Life?

Yes...? Well then. This is how you roll...

h/t Molly

Y'all have a good weekend rocking the Weber!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Trivial Update in the Deep South

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 50 is coming up right after this PSA: LeBron takes a dump w/ his pants around his ankles just like everyone else.

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep. 50 (FIFTY!!) "Just a Buncha Plain Men" It's the Twitter Twivia show that's nearly as old as the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry...give or take a century or more. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. Abuurn holds the edge in the series with Georgia, 53-52-8. But the Dawgs have the best streak in the series, 11-1 over a 12 season span. What years did it cover?

Fifty! It was nice of King Ego to try and break my mojo...but to no avail. The ESPN fiasco for the NBA douchebag couldn't keep up the Dawg Trivia show that keeps on going...and going....and going.

I read this piece yesterday by cocknfire and got a little fired up for the annual November showdown with the WarTigers. I see a lot of parallels between the two teams this season: Great, deep offensive lines, QBs that have talent but are as yet unproven, defenses that could dominate...or have series of stops and starts.

But when the Dawgs meet the Plain Men in November, one thing's for'll be yet another installment into the South's oldest and best rivalry. And therein lies the question. Here's how it played out:

@BernieDawg 1920-1931 #thursdaysrtrivial#lebronsucks

@BernieDawg 1923-1931 wooo!

@BernieDawg 1920-1931 #ThursdaysRTrivial

During LeBron fiasco I was looking up UGA-AU fball scores. Thank you @BernieDawg for #ThursdaysRTrivial and reminding me what truly matters!

I'll forgive Kerri the typo since she's surviving (and barking...a lot) amidst a buncha New Yorkers. All in all it was an impressive display of some tweeps' Dawg archives...or maybe just Google...or their Wiki app.

For tweeting in first, Scott gets the actual football Greene threw to was it Watson or Gibson?...Michael Johnson up high. Try not to spike it too hard. Kerri gets a movie night with Munson and Matt takes home a victory cigar. Make sure and blow some smoke in LeBron's face when you get a chance. Cuz there's been plenty of people blowing rainbows up his a$$.

Well done kids. One of our best episodes. Thanks to all for keeping their egos in check.

Bonus feature: if you want a mid-summer history lesson on what the hell a plainsman actually is, here ya go...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

GATA Hines Ward

In my mind there's only one thing better than being a great player for the University of Georgia...being a great steward. Hines Ward happens to be both.

In fact, Hines was Mr. Everything and was one of the players who helped bridge the transition from Goff to Donnan. To begin, ghostoferkrussell give us some rushing highlights from Hines' freshman year and the 70-6 drubbing of NE Louisiana.

Nice shot of Robert Edwards playing a lil defense there. Meanwhile, Hines was off to a great start as a running back at Tail Back U. But he would go on to return kicks, punts, play QB, WR and more TB. But he's always been known best for his physicality on the gridiron. Case in point, this collection by RnFall of NFL blocks...

Here's some highlights from the 1997 win over the nerds. In case you can't read Hines' lips after the first TD when he speaks with the Tech fan, he said Hope you brought your Ti-85 son. Cuz you're gonna need it to keep up with my numbers. h/t captkool1447

But perhaps this video by dizale shows Ward's versatility best as it spans his days from Forest Park to Athens and to Super Bowl MVP.

Hines Ward, DamnGoodDawg!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LeMay Gets 30 Days, Plans Appeal

Chip Towers is reporting that UGA recruit Christian LeMay received a 30 day suspension for a violation of school rules at the end of the school year. The kid's father Stacy LeMay says they plan to appeal the ruling and insists the eventual outcome will not impact his son's ability to enroll at UGA and play for the Bulldogs.

If the suspension is upheld, it appears LeMay would enroll in a private school rather than spend the first 30 days of the school year (and subsequently miss the start of the football season) in a Charlotte-Mecklenburg alternative school.

Butler HS is preparing to defend their state title and must do so without their all-star QB as he is not allowed to practice with the team. I won't pretend to know all of the details or be privy to the ins and outs of CMS disciplinary policy. But the facts are that LeMay received the maximum possible discipline for his infraction and he has never (ever) been in trouble before.

Like a plot twist taken straight from a Friday Night Lights' script...the pressure on the disciplinary committee will be (and likely has been) intense to show leniency on a star that is burning bright for the community. Or else, lose him to another school.

Wednesday Headers - Ralphie's Revenge

Piping hot...cream or sugar?
  • I'll be glued to the television Thursday at 9pm to see if LeBron "Chess Pawn" James chooses Coach Fox's cap. I hear he has four years of eligibility!!
  • Seriously, if you actually watch the you feel like a bigger douche than the guys whose jerseys you wear?
  • Matt Hinton updates us on Seantrel Henderson, including a goofy pic of Coach Orgeron.
  • Couple that with the fact that Malik Jackson is transferring from sunny California to Rocky Flop (and Mitch Mustain...??) KiffyBaby's house of cards finally started to wobble?
  • Color me shocked (SHOCKED! I tell ya...) that the charges against Jordan Love might be dropped.
  • Remember when the nerds had a field day over the UGA SEC championship ring debacle several years ago? Well...this is gonna piss Ralphie off. (h/t AJCsportseditor)
  • Year2 looks at three things we do and don't know about Abuurn. Is it me, or does it look similar to what the Dawgs' would be?
  • Rex weighs in on Damon's downfall.
  • And Jimmy Cracked CornDawg welcomes Frank Crumley and also provides an endorsement for good measure.
  • Pennington takes a long route, but he arrives at a pretty accurate conclusion to the SEC hotseat talk, I think.
  • Simmons' tells us a top corner ($$) will be making a visit (and a decision) soon.
  • Lastly, there's a reason he's a Senator. This hit the nail dead center.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cornerback Arrested

Jordan Love was arrested on obstruction charges last night after celebrating the Fourth a day late.

After a toe injury last season, the redshirt freshman from Virginia was listed as third string on the post-spring depth chart.

AD Search: What Will We Learn From Adams Today?

Today at 2pm, Prez Adams will address the future of the athletic department at a media briefing that had been scheduled prior to Evans' misbehavior. It's unlikely we'll learn much about Georgia's new AD. And in that we will learn everything. Adams isn't interested in turning over the keys to Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall. He's interested in turning over the copies he made at Wal-Mart last night.

The truth of the matter is that Adams has handled Damongate as well as could be expected. But today is the first day of the interim. Evans' office is clean for the first time since Wednesday night. Adams is rolling up his sleeves...and that can be a dangerous proposition for Dawg fans.

This is a plum job. We should have candidates lining up just to hand in their resume. And we likely will. But Adams wants someone to fill the position that will endorse his own decisions. In his mind, he's the president of the university, ergo what is best for him is also what is best for UGA.

That may give perceived candidates Frank Crumley, Arthur Johnson and Carla Williams a leg up on others like Greg McGarity (Florida's Senior Exec. Athletic Director) and Dave Hart (Alabama's Exec. Director of Athletics). McGarity interviewed for the job back in '03, as did Mark Lewis who Paschall points out has been very successful since his days 'tween the hedges. (h/t GeorgiaBlogPWD)
Also interviewing the last time around was Lewis, who was a snapper for the Bulldogs in the late '80s and is the son of former Georgia Tech football coach Bill Lewis. The vice president for Olympic sponsorships with General Electric in '03, Lewis has since overseen a leading provider of Olympic Games hospitality packages and event tickets to corporate clients and the general public.
Lewis is intriguing simply based on his experience in sports business. Jet Set Sports reportedly earned $70 million from the Olympics in Beijing. A visit to his Facebook page suggests he'd be more than honored to interview.

Will Lewis be what's best for Adams? Will McGarity or Hart be perfunctory considerations? Only one man knows...we can only hope he self-aggrandizes himself into the best decision for UGA Athletics.


The other day my daughter asked me if we had found a new Uga yet. I've raised both girls to love dogs as much as Dawgs. In fact, before we left for vacation the younger daughter had a hand written message to our chocolate lab and taped it to the back door, facing out: I Love You Munson. 


Back to Uga VIII...I just explained to her that it takes time and that he's actually the Seilers' pet. They want the right one. Besides, Russ has shown he can hold down a bag of ice or two.

But it all got me thinking about our great mascot and some signature moments. Perhaps my favorite of all time is this...

If Robert Baker has any children today, they can thank Charles' tight grip on that leash.

And here's some video from Uga VIIs ceremonial Passing of the Bone a couple years ago. Notice the worried startle at about the 1:40 mark when the Redcoats join in. Makes you appreciate the transition these dogs go through from family puppy to full fledged mascot. It's not a job for just any dawg.

So glad we have the best damn mascot in the history of sport. Best of luck to the Seilers in the selection process. We'll pass that bone, when it's time. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday's Independent and Prophetic Meatloaf

Let us all remember the wise words of George Costanza:  A meatloaf divided against itself, cannot stand.

I was thinking yesterday and nearly sprained something. I would like to share this prophecy with you, Reader. Imagine for a moment that I, Bernie...were to land my very own dream job. For hours each day I would drink beer on Sanford bridge, gulping in each malted hop just as fast as the ambiance around me.

And maybe one day after that I would be recognized for how well I was doing and be given a perch to sit in; I picture it like a red lifeguard stand, except taller. I would look down upon my passersby as they milled about toward the Journalism Building, or perhaps Tate Center for a game of pool. On gamedays, as the band played whenever our Dawgs scored the crowd would also look to me to perform some seemingly mundane ritual, like crushing an empty against my head. I would treasure this job like no other, put 12 ounces of energy into its frothiness and would shudder at the thought of doing anything to put it in jeopardy.

But then one day my ego gets too big for my authentic Georgia helmet autographed by the legendary Scott Woerner - To my great BullDawg Bud Bernie! You're the best! (Hey! It's my damn prophecy, stop laughing!). I lose a bet in Jacksonville and wear a pair of jorts to the next game. My risk/reward checks and balance fails me. I somehow think my awesomeness can survive such a travesty.

I'm wrong.

Mark Bradley is the first to call for me to step down. He writes that I've devalued my own two diplomas. Prez Adams is still blitzed from all the free promotional PBR I've been slipping him right after he publicly chastises the very stand on which I sit. What's worse, the Dawg Nation is embarrassed, hurt and pissed the hell off. My own brethren, tailgate buddies...even Stacy Searels won't return my phone calls.

Ashamed and forlorn, I step down after a heartfelt yet still amazingly empty apology. The end. Game over. They give my throne to some young upstart like Nama, or maybe even an outsider like Cord with little to no ties to UGA. By Hate Week I'm a forgotten beltloop on the Dawg Nation's silver britches. I take some menial job as a blogger and live out my days reminding people in grocery stores that I was once the guy who used my forehead to crush cans from Sanford Bridge.

Sad...beyond measure. Yet there's a lesson of course. And the one to take from this Reader...drink PBR, not martinis. At least you won't end up handing over a pair of red panties to a trooper and crying like a man about to be castrated by his own wife.

Today's Ingredients
  • First and foremost, if you haven't met Garrett Karp, you'd have a better chance from way down town. Courageous kid, great story. Cancer sucks.
  • So now Damon Evans can focus on his family, the true innocent victims in all of this. Unfortunately, he's now three days behind after that ridiculous press conference Thursday. 
  • His professional life will survive. Heck, he may even end up at Southern Miss with Larry Eustachy. And we know that guy drinks Pabst.
  • Of course there's lots of responses to Evans' firing. But the big issue now is what the settlement is. We should find out later today just how much UGA was willing to pay to end this sad chapter. UPDATE: three months pay and 100K longevity bonus.
  • The Senator thinks Bradley's panties are over-wadded. I detect an addition to the Lexicon evolving....
  • Even before Ms. Fuhrmann was putting on her red unmentionables early Wednesday evening and some Buckhead bartender was mixing up the first of three vodka martinis, Quinton was wondering if Damon was being graded on a curve.
  • Sidenote - now that the AJC has typed red panties more than the nerds have spilled their Yoo-Hoos over them...can we really call them unmentionables?
  • Meanwhile the search is officially on today for a new AD. Bill King and Kyle's vote is for former Dawg and Foley underling Greg McGarity.
  • Streit had a special edition to his countdown for July 4th.
  • Meanwhile Noops celebrated in sweet style.
  • LSU AD Joe Alleva says this is a big year coming up for Les and the football program. I just hope Coach Miles got some extra timeouts for Father's Day.
  • Lastly, what's America come to when a former hotdog champ can't grab another 15 minutes of fame without getting cuffed and stuffed?

Sorry for the shorter list of ingredients today. Been a busy weekend coming off vacay and celebrating 234 years of superior dental care. 

But the real good news is that today is a new day. Sure, we'll have moments when Relationship Dawg Nation meets Independent Dawg next Monday when the media covers Damon's courtdate. We'll be reminded of what once was. And more importantly what might have been.

But in the end Relationship Dawg Nation can't hurt Independent Dawg Nation any further. That's the Dawg Nation we know and love. Sugar Bowl Dawg Nation, Comin' Down the Track Dawg Nation. Yes, in the end we are still standing, maybe even better than ever.

It may be a Monday Reader, but wipe that mopey mug off your face and give the world a big Dawg smile. I mean, it could be could be a chicken rancher celebrating your first EVER national title...or a middle aged blogger still dreaming of his dream job. Either way, here's your fork. As always, try not to overtax it.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Have a Safe and Happy Fourth!

Many thanks today to those who have helped make this nation become what it is, especially our troops and those who have served before them.

As for you Reader, don't let Damon ruin your Holiday. Drink responsibly, grill abundantly and follow these safety tips:

And don't forget the history behind the celebration.

h/t Mac, Semper Fi.

H A P P Y F O U R T H of J U L Y ! ! !

Should He Stay or Should He Go?, Evans Scandal, part III

UPDATE: Evans has resigned. Official announcement to come Monday. Poll removed (fwiw, one vote in favor of him leaving).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What can I say? I find The Clash prophetic at times like these.

You've barfed over the headlines, seen the mugshot, read the police report...should Damon Evans be fired? From my informal poll based on message boards and the Twitter, I would say most want our AD gone...NOW!! But there are some who sit on the other sideline.

So what about you? Are you ready to turn the page and discuss who the next AD will be? Are you willing to give the guy another chance? Maybe you'd rather reserve judgment until the court date. Or are you just a nerd still giggling over the mention of red panties?

Vote now and feel free to explain why in the comments. If you change your mind, come back and recast your ballot. Believe me, I understand.

And if you need more reading on the topic: