Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trivial Update - Houston Has No Problem

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 54 is coming up right after this PSA: Les Miles is the smartest man under his own cap.

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 54 "Sack'd Out" It's the weekly Twitter Twivia Show that both brings the pressure and lays the wood. Deal. With. That. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. Who is the SECs returning sack leader and how many did he have last season?

One of the intriguing things I hope to learn early in the upcoming season is how this new defense will free up playmakers on that side of the ball. What was so frustrating under the previous management was that we always thought we had guys that could make the plays, but they rarely seemed to do it. Reshad Jones should have left Athens with hours of highlights in my mind,

And that's why I liked this piece by Weiszer on the role of Justin Houston this season as compared to Demarcus Ware in Dallas. Maybe he's just one of many players that stands to gain from the new sheriff in town. A Dawg can hope right?

As for the trivia, it was like an order at Waffle House, scattered in different directions and covered in hopes and dreams. Here's how it played out:

    Ben Vaughan
  1. Kerri Loudisugakerri 
    @BernieDawg @benwilderv I was about to say, Norwood must be an 8th year senior by now...
  2. Ben Vaughanbenwilderv  
    @BernieDawg and failed even worse by saying Houston's TFL count instead of sacks. Final answer is Justin Houston and 7. #IfThatsWrongIQuit
  3. benwilderv  
    @BernieDawg I didn't know the answer so I tried to be funny by #TweetsFrom2009 but I failed miserably.
    @BernieDawg J houston with 7.5
  5. Blake McCraryBlakeMcCrary 
    @BernieDawg: Justin Houston with 10
  6. Ben Vaughanbenwilderv  
    @BernieDawg wait did no one answer the question yet? Justin Houston with 15?
  7. Ben Vaughanbenwilderv  
    DAMN! meant to say @BernieDawg instead of RTing myself. I suck. RT @benwilderv: @benwilderv meant to include the tag #TweetsFrom2009
  8. Ben Vaughanbenwilderv  
    @BernieDawg Eric Norwood. 7 sacks.

So, by my count TNRLM was the first with the complete correct answer. Therefore he gets Stephen Garcia's first bloody mouthpiece delivered Monday September 13th by FedEx Ground. Blake is a big time Dawg, but also a former Gladiator under the legendary Coach Henderson. So he gets a free dinner with Damien Waffle House. No one could scatter on a punt return like #18! While Ben...he gets an A for his effort(s) and a new bottle opener for all the beer he drinks.

Tune in next week when TrT gets diced and chunked!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Casual Friday - Flip'd over Flops

Stained shirt. Flip problem. Just don't emulate this guy around the office water cooler.

  • Listened to a guy go on a 3 minute rant about flip-flops yesterday. It actually may have been longer, but I walked away once his face got a little too red.
  • I mean there are articles of clothing I refuse to wear...jorts come to mind. Also, I'm not a big fan of sweaters. Mainly because I rarely get cold and have never worn a sweater that didn't make me want to pass out after sweating it through.
  • But I've never felt the need to let everyone within a 2.5 mile radius know exactly why I HATE orange sweaters and jean shorts. Ok, there was that once...but I hope you get my point.
  • In other news, Greg McGarity has become quite popular in Athens. 48 others applied for the ADship as well, although one name is noticeably missing from Tucker's.

Me...I know exactly where Butts-Mehre is and I don't drink martinis.

  • Logan is also gaining some constituents. Maybe August will be enough.
  • Dontavious Jackson (not the one you're thinking of) was arrested in the toe typer's robbery case. If you don't live in GA or the ATL...Amy Windom had her hands bound to her bed by a thief and yet was able to open her laptop which was left behind and type out an IM to her boyfriend to get help.
  • Skepticism ensued. I'm not sure why. After all I once ordered a Gumby's pizza from a 1992 cellular phone using just my butt cheeks. Unfortunately it didn't get me any notoriety...and it came without mushrooms.
  • The nerds start practice today....(chirp!....chirp!...)
  • On a related note, I was watching a Flash Back Classic with that Rathbun fella last night. It was the 1991 installment of Clean Old Fashioned Hate. Here's a quote from Bobby Ross: "We like to think the ACC is just as good as the SEC." I'll wait for you to stop laughing...
  • Keep in mind this is the same year DiddyFreeShoes hitched his wagon to that mighty Athletic Coast. So we can possibly understand Ross' misconception. But it's also a few months before the SEC added South Crackalacky's prestigious bowl record. So either way I come out with a score of 18-15!!! Thank you Kanon Parkman.
How's that for a blast from the past? Well, enjoy your weekend of open toed shoe wear. Flip flops may not be practical in all seasons or situations, but they can save you from precarious positions. Just ask Ms. Windom. She's awfully glad she didn't have her kicks laced up and tied when Mr. Jackson left her neighborhood.

The Richard Samuel Situation

I thought this would be a nice post to follow up yesterday's on Logan Gray. Then Dexter Morant goes and makes it even more compelling. Thanks dude. Ugh.

If Gray's switch is the most talked about, Richard Samuel's position change may end up paying the bigger dividends. When I reread my post on Gray late yesterday, it made me feel a little uncomfortable. I hope it doesn't come across as being negative. That certainly wasn't my intention. I just think the kid has a tough row to hoe, despite the depth issues. Which only makes me pull even harder for him.

In fact I think Gray and Samuel both are in very similar situations in that they are both gifted athletes who are very deserving of the scholarship they've been awarded. They just had good (if not great) competition at their respective positions that either warranted or necessitated a change.

Could Georgia coaches have diagnosed Samuel as a LB earlier? Probably. But with his combination of speed and size it's hard not to want him to succeed running the football. I hope Samuel makes his coaches kick themselves as hard as they did after redshirting Knowshon.

But what will it take for Samuel to see the field? He probably avoided a redshirt when Martinez's 4-3 left town. It seems very unlikely the Cass HS product won't be used this fall.

Currently, Samuel is behind Christian Robinson and Marcus Dowtin at the "Mo" position. However, with Akeem Dent missing all of August there will be plenty of reps for Samuel to progress. And even if he's still 3rd in line by September 4th, it's not like he's playing running back anymore. He'll see the field.

Take it from Coach Richt himself, who spoke of Samuel's impression so far on the defensive coaches:
They see potential. They don't think he's a polished guy yet. They know he's fast, he can move laterally, he'll strike you. He has no fear to hit someone.
Has no fear to hit someone. From what I've read, sounds like Grantham's type of player.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Morant leaves the team

Weiszer has confirmed that freshman OLB Dexter Morant has left the team.

Georgia confirms freshman OLB Dexter Morant has left the team. No reason given. Richt will address it after practice. #UGA #Dawgs

Not good news. More details should come later when Coach Richt addresses the media.

UPDATE: Weiszer's blog is updated with quotes from Morant's HS coach.


The Logan Gray Situation

There are a lot of story lines as the team sets up camp. Certainly Aaron Murray starting at a razor thin QB position and a squeaky clean 3-4 Grantham led defense are two biggies. But the Logan Gray Situation is perhaps the biggest. A lack of depth at WR this season is one BIG reason why he's still a Dawg. It's a transition he can make with his natural skillset.

But will we see him catch more passes than he throws?

Logan right now is at the bottom of a shallow tank. He'll never be as good as the two starters we have right in place. AJ and Tavarres have skills he won't develop. Wooten, Durham, Brown and Troupe, those he might be able catch...but it will take time. Probably more than August has.

And realistically, what's worse is it might take an injury or two. Wooten has shown me enough that I don't expect Gray to outflank him. Durham as well, but he's coming back from a difficult surgery. Troupe has had some highlights, but he's never broken out. Brown has some God given gifts, but we'll see how much he's developed in the off season.

With that admittedly raw analysis of the WR position it's fair to say Gray may break into some kind of rotation. But I'd be surprised if it happens before Tennessee. I didn't even get into the fact that Orson Charles could certainly play out wide or in the slot. That would leave Michael Bennett as the potential only person with a steeper climb than Gray.

But one thing is for certain, Dawg fans will be crossing their fingers and squeezing rabbits' feet that by the time Gray breaks into a rotation at receiver he's not needed under center. One of the greatest highlights this upcoming season could be a TD pass from Murray to Gray.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some Updates and Links

Just some relatively minor housekeeping issues. Trying to straighten up before things really kick off in a month.

First off, I've added some additional information in the top left including the 2010 schedule and some information about the ads you may see here on the blog. And if you're really bored one day you can read about me and about the blog itself. Some of you may be fairly familiar with how things are run around here. For the rest of you it may help explain some things. Another addition are the AddThis buttons at the bottom of each post to make it easier to share certain posts through whatever means you find easiest.

Secondly, a follow up to last week's GATA Amp post. Patrick Garbin has added to his copious video collection one of the scoring drive in that 1978 classic. What's more is he adds a nice post around it as well to give those unfamiliar with the game and Amp's career a nice backdrop. As usual, a great read from Garbin.

As we all know I'm sure, fall camp commenced yesterday. The coaches and players were open to the media before and at the beginning of practice. Lots of great stuff to pore over this morning as a result. But don't omit Bulldawg Illustrated's Day One of Fall Camp. Tons of great audio, including a soundbyte from Ealey as to why he actually came to Georgia.

One of the big stories during fall camp will be Trinton Sturdivant's return, again. Weiszer updates us on how he's being phased in and has some great quotes from his coaches. I would really love to see this kid on the All-SEC lists at the end of the season.

Also...Fletcher's Day One Tidbits. The "New Guy's" update. Via the UGA at CU 2010 blog....FORE!!! Bradley went to the first practice and got trashed. And Exile has a riddle for you this morning.

Lastly, KanuDawg has exclusive footage of Bobby Johnson's last few moments at Vandy. I know we only knew Johnson four weeks and three days, but it seemed like nine weeks and five days. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Frats Gone Wild!

The consequences of the trashy conduct on North Campus last fall has reached new depths of ugliness. I mean, it's one thing to have to suffer through new parking and tailgating legislation together with your brothers, but to try and take a benjamin from his wallet when he reaches into the cooler for a beer is just douchetastic.

If you don't know what I'm typing about, lemme catch you up. UGA fraternity AEPi sends memo to alumni informing them that the current brothers were going to use new tailgating and parking restrictions as a money making venture. Twenty bucks a pop or $105 for the full season.

The response got a little uncomfortable. Icksnay on the asturbationmay.
Have you ever done something you knew in your heart was wrong, like masturbate at your grandma's house? Well, I hate to say this, but what you and your active brothers are doing right now with charging $105 for a parking pass is equivalent to forcing your grandma to watch you jerk off and then charging her money for the show you just put on.

Would you explain what gives you the right to charge the alumni money to park at the frat house that was ours before it was yours? Are you trying to blatantly (DIRTYWORD!!)  us over? Or do you sincerely think we are stupid enough say, "Hey! That's a swell deal you got there!
How (DIRTYWORD!!dare you kids. ... I'm not going to pay, EVER. "Limited Time Offer, Bend Over and Let a college kid con you out of your money!"

So your telling me that I'm not going to be able to tailgate at my own house. This isn't a synagogue kid, that's not how it works. You don't charge members for the high holy dawgs home games. 
So the ripples in the water from the trash on North Campus reaches even further. Paying for someone else's misdeeds is tough enough. Paying to park at a frat house where you were doing shots of J├Ąger before the kid at the end of the driveway with the cash dripping from his pockets was even old enough to spell, it's no way to hold steady to the righteous path.

Today's Ingredients
  • Good news for Macon Dawgs...Coach Fox is taking his hardwood hero tour outside of Athens and to the Heart of Georgia.
  • Exile had a dream I think we all could live with.
  • Year2 over at TeamSpeedKills obviously doesn't read or listen to Finebaum or Bianchi enough. He reads like he's too impressed by Coach Richt's longevity, as if it's due to actual prosperity and not just because he's a nice guy.
  • Meanwhile cocknfire still isn't sold on Georgia, and for all the reasons I would expect. However, Randy roar'd and makes a compelling case for why the Dawgs will win the East.
  • On a related note, I plan to get into some predicting next week and for what it's worth (which isn't much in early August) I think cocknfire's dead on with his manner of evaluation. If Murray stays healthy, the ceiling is pretty high. (contrary statement redacted because it made author shiver).
  • Which is why stories like Aaron Murray's conditioning mishap make headlines...and make fans shift uneasily in their seats.
  • So we're prepared for the opening of camp and Weiszer has five storylines. And at Bulldawg Illustrated, Andrew Miller says there is no alternate plan 
  • Those ads for NATS tickets, hotdogs and cokes may soon be replaced with ones for actual football players: if you can do something with the football, we'll get it to you. Unless you're a punter...or a chop blocker.
  • Looks like Jeremiah Masoli and Houston Nutt are done making out and ready to make this thing legit. My favorite part? I felt like he needed us a whole lot more than we needed him. Coach Giggety, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Knowshon Moreno hurdled into camp, but limped out on Day 1.
  • While I was wondering who Georgia's greatest living legend was, the guys at 3rdSiB were doing their best to decide on the best coach in the history of the SEC? 
  • Great story on South Carolina's new OL coach that also sheds some light on our own OL coach's heroic nature.(h/t Dawgtoons)
  • Ndamukong Suh hasn't forgotten the team he left behind. (h/t the Wiz)
  • Lastly, sign #586 that the economy is still a drag: thieves are way too involved in corporate quality control. Maybe he shoulda just Biggie-sized his order.
  • UPDATE: one additional programming ingredient. I can't begin to describe my disappointment that no one was able to answer the question as to why Amp had to drive to a home game back in '75. Especially all you Jaguar grads that read my drivel. For shame!

Time is drawing near ain't it? While Grantham is looking on to see how much his charges have absorbed, the rest of us anxiously await that trip to Athens September 4th. To prime the pump a little further, Bill King wants to know which home game you're most looking forward to. On the surface that may seem a difficult question. However, perhaps the true answer is as easy to see as the thousands of car flags that will wave gracefully down 316 in four and a half weeks.

Indeed, the game I'm most looking forward to is the one closest on the calendar. Ironically, it's a game that's not likely to satiate the hunger that's been growing this off season. Sure, Louisiana-Lafayette isn't gonna get the blood boiling like Tennessee. A nooner with the Ragin' Cajuns may not be as sexy as Petrino's Piggies...well, that analogy was more than a little awkward. But you get my point.

I can tell you I can't wait to see how many nerds come to Athens after Thanksgiving to try and hold us to just 338 yards rushing. But the truth is that game is a decade away. Just get me to Athens, let me high five the barkers around me, let's all get off the chain when the team (and Russ!) run out...then we'll be ready. Football will finally be here, giving us that warm embrace that only September sunshine in Sanford can.

Can you tell I've been loading up on Munson's Greatest Calls DVDs?

Well, don't just sit there Dawg fans. Tailgater's need training just as much as the gridiron giants. Mike has the right idea, and Exile's already two steps ahead. Here's a cooler, two bags of ice and a suitcase of Natterdays. Hustle! If just one cube melts we're gonna do it all over again!!

Have a good Monday Reader. And by all means, don't go bilking your own brothers. There's enough meatloaf for all of us.