Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Front Line of Perplexity

Gamble's ready to be cut loose. The safeties are as thick as thieves. The turnovers have nowhere to go but up. Of course, there are still plenty of questions with our brand new 3-4. The biggest of which is the 3.

Dobbs Miracle in Lexington. He's the
leader of the pack.
Fletcher Page says the defensive line is a quandary. At the center of the quandary is the nose. Coach Garner surprised us somewhat earlier this week by putting Bean ahead of Kwame. I say somewhat because every snap is up for grabs under Coach Grantham; the days of seniority trumping talent are a freight train.

I would hazard a guess that most of us are less concerned about who starts than the level of separation between starter and backups. But Page gives a great rundown of the personnel in the mix as well as separating what we know and what we're still waiting to find out.
Demarcus Dobbs is the leader of this segment. For some reason, and I’m guilty of this too, Dobbs gets lost in the shuffle at times. But talking to coaches on the record, and also to sources behind the scenes, Dobbs has had a solid fall camp. 

DeAngelo Tyson is probably the most talented player of the segment. At a minimum, Tyson is the most versatile of the group. I’ve heard the argument that he is not big enough to play the nose, and not fast enough to play the end. I don’t buy it. Tyson is going to play all three spots on this line, and should enjoy a great season.
With any luck we'll have some more answers as we drive home from Columbia. Regardless of Garner's intention behind publicizing the potential starting three, I hope it has the desired effect. Because those 3 up front are being counted on to to anchor the 4 behind them.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Homeless Cocks Distracted...Disrupted

On Thursday, South Crackalacky had a few more players, including two or three starters according to DC Ellis Johnson, move out of the Whitney hotel.

The Visor is taking things in stride considering his players' recent homelessness:
But all of our guys are going to pay their bill and hopefully go live somewhere else. That's what we hope happens — that they pay their bills up and go live somewhere else. That's about all I can say about it.
But Johnson seemed perturbed:
Distractions, disruptions, distractions, disruptions. You know, girlfriends are distractions. Classes are distractions. Everything's a distraction. We've got to learn how to grow up and get past that, and focus when it's time to focus.
Sounds like Johnson and I had the same Biology 101 class...twice.

In other Chickumbia news, Spurrier also said that he expects potentially pro TE Weslye Saunders (a central figure in WhitneyGate) to play in the opener September 2nd as the investigation and possible rulings should be done by then. And he also said freshman Connor Shaw will play in the opener as he has outplayed junior Stephen Garcia. Shaw started Thursday's scrimmage with the first team offense.

No word on if Garcia's just been packing boxes...or parked cars...or girlfriends.

Trivial Update - Fraternal Dawgs

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 56  coming up right after this PSA: You can't spell DNA without a D...a N....and an're welcome!

#ThursdaysRTrivial episode 56 " DNA, Dawg!" Welcome everyone to the Twitter Twivia show that's just an apple that didn't fall far from the tree...but in a good way. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. Fill in the blank to finish this Coach Richt quote related to the Ogletree twins: "Alec is obvious. But Zander is a good football player in his own right and a ________ guy."

Joe Waterloo used to tell me I was the glue when referencing our group of friends. He did that even though I never took my high school football team to the state semifinals. But Zander's no Bernie...thank God.

Really enjoyed this piece by Clarkson and getting to know the Ogletree twins a little more. And the quote above summarizes the recruitment pretty well. Of course it's early. And many will see CMRs glowing analysis of Zander as just trying to justify the scholarship offer, but I think it's just a matter of time before Zander justifies the offer with his play on the field.

And this one stumped some people. Paige tried...and Alan tried. Then Paige tried again. Neil commented. But in the end it was TrT pro Ally who came up with the answer. She gets a Newnan County pompom and the rest get some leftover cake from the wedding last weekend.

You can eat it too.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Murray: Who's Got His Back?

New poll is up. So get your vote on.

Mackie posted something like this about a month ago.. Now that it's closer to time (16 days!!), who do you think will take the garbage snaps against the Ragin' Cajuns? Here are the contenders:
  • Aaron "Bionic Man" Murray - leave him out there, potential injuries be damned! Save Mason's redshirt for a time of desperation.
  • Hutson Mason - he's gotten plenty of praise. It's probably time to see what he can do. Leave Gray with the receivers and let the true freshman hand the clipboard to a walk-on.
  • Logan Gray - sure he's done well preparing at WR, but he's the only player with actual game snaps. This game was made for him.
  • Walk-Ons - it's not often we're this shallow at QB. Give these guys a chance to play.
Personally, I think it's highly doubtful Mason survives the 2010 season without his redshirt getting a grass stain or two. If the reviews of Gray catching passes were less than positive I might feel differently. But this seems like a no-brainer to me: let Mason play whenever needed, keep Gray in the game late...but on the receiving end of passes rather than under center. 

Finebaum...Go shove a thermometer up your own ass!

After an undergraduate degree and two advanced degrees I've spent a LOT of time discussing and writing about statistics. The main question is usually whether a study is significant or not. I always figured if I was being required to study it and write or present on it, then it must be significant in some way.

For nearly a month I ran the CMR Hotseat Poll to the left there. Before it closed yesterday it collected 605 votes. I call that a significant sample. And of those 605 ballots cast, FIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWENTY SIX (h/t Cojones) were a definitive No. I call that an overwhelming majority. And since it appeared on this distinguished URL...I consider it statistically significant.

So for those media mental midgets who spent all off-season discussing the temperature of Coach Richt's rear end...kiss my poll!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AJ Green: part Beast, ALL man

I'm a sucker for a good story. That's why I posted on Deangelo earlier this morning. And if you've been following AJ Green since he was a lanky, 16yo, Summerville HS Coach Richt commitment, you're familiar with the story of his relationship with the late Capt. Louis Mulkey of the Charleston SC Fire Department. Pat Forde reminds us, and it's pure gold.

It's a great blend of the story of Mulkey's passion for helping kids...

He bought dinner for kids who were hungry. He bought shoes for kids who had none. He pounded home discipline for kids who lacked it.
"They were the children he never had," said Mulkey's mom, Ann.
If a player blew off homework, Mulkey was the enforcer. Sometimes he'd pull a desk out onto the field and sit a player at it, making him finish his work before he could practice.
After spending two unfocused years in college, Mulkey was forced into the working world. He didn't want his players to make the same educational mistakes he made. 
 ...and one Adriel Jeremiah Green...

Green committed to Georgia in July 2006 between his sophomore and junior seasons. His acclaim grew, but his work ethic kept pace until octogenarian coach McKissick was moved to retire Green's jersey -- the only time he has done so in 58 years at the school.
"He always hustled," McKissick said. "He practiced just like it was a game. If the quarterback threw it too long or over his head, he'd lay out for it every time. Good player, good character, good citizenship. I can't say enough good about him."
There was so much to like about Green that rival schools kept coming after him, even after that commitment to Georgia. Green held tight to his word and signed with the Bulldogs in February 2008.
And that's the way any story on AJ should be - intertwined with the anecdotes and quotes of the parents, coaches and caring adults in his life.  As AJ prepares to lead his team with his 2010 actions and highlights...somewhere up above, Capt. Mulkey is smiling.

More than a Team to Tyson

For Deangelo Tyson, wearing the Georgia G carries with it a little more weight. As much as having 169 little brothers and sisters back home in Statesboro.
I still struggle. I still have to do the right things. I can’t dwell on things that happened back then. I am a growing boy, and I am going to get older. I have to overlook the past to get to my future.
For the rest of us, Coach Garner provides the proper perspective.
A lot of things these kids take for granted, he’s never had. You know, having your own bedroom, having a big Christmas and Thanksgiving; things like that. I’ve got a lot of respect myself for (Tyson) for the type of attitude and the type of outlook that he has on life given the circumstances that he’s come from. I often wonder if it was reversed, would I be that good of a person? So I’ve got a lot of respect for him for what he’s endured.
The honest answer to Garner's question for most of us is certainly no. Do yourself a favor and read the entire piece by Page. It's a solid reminder that many of these kids we bark at have experiences beyond our comprehension. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

LeMay to Sit Out Senior Season

Faced with about a half-season suspension or playing for a private school, Christian LeMay has decided to sit out his entire senior season.
After briefly considering a transfer to other schools to play his senior season, he and his family decided he would not play this fall. According to his father, Stacy LeMay, he will transfer to a private school to finish his academic work in time to enroll early at Georgia in January. He will be eligible to participate in spring practice and compete for playing time.
"Given the unwillingness of (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools) to apply a more reasonable consequence for such a youthful infraction, as disheartening as it is, we must make the decision to move on and focus Christian's attention to preparing for enrollment at the University of Georgia in January," the family made in a statement toSporting News. "Although rumors suggest that Christian would likely transfer … Christian could not imagine playing his senior season at any place other than with his brother Uriah and his teammates at Butler High School."
LeMay threw for over 3000 yards and 44 TDs last season as he led Butler to its first state title. He's the prized commitment of Coach Richt's 2011 class.

However, it still remains unclear as to how LeMay's suspension from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will affect his future enrollment even though Mr. LeMay has reiterated that Coach Richt is standing behind his scholarship offer. 

The AJCs Chip Towers has the full LeMay Family statement, which concludes:
Christian will now prepare himself for the next season of his life as he takes this time to become stronger spiritually, academically and physically. With the help of fitness trainer Andy Hendel of CrossFit Charlotte and quarterback coach Steve Calhoun of Armed and Dangerous, Christian will certainly be prepared to arrive in Georgia this spring ready to compete. We are fully confident that his best days are still yet to come. GO BULLDOGS!!!

AJ's Just Green, Andrew's Last Name is Luck

Pardon my franch...but how in the hell does AJ not make Maisel's top frickin' twenty list of Heisman favorites? Can I safely assume Mr. Crazy Ivan, that AJ is your #21?

It's a crime against college football sanity to not have AJ Green in your top 5. If it's an oversight, Lasik is ready when you are Maisel. Don't worry, I'll drive.

But then again Maisel goes on to list Andrew Luck, that Stanford stalwart signal caller at lucky number 13. So maybe this is a hoax. A tongue in cheek playful piece designed for a real good belly chuckle. I mean Stanford doesn't even play on they? Whatevs...

LISTEN Ivan...I'm not laughing!!

I don't have the time to invest into reading all 200+ comments, but I hope many of them took after Turk3419's lead and asked What about AJ Green???? The only thing I might add to this gentleman's comment is another 20 question marks.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Applying a Silver Lining

The following is not a paid endorsement

Back in January of 2009 I started what can only be referred to as the first 680 the Fan Facebook Page. I invited those guys to join. Some of them did. But soon the second 680 the Fan Facebook Page was born and it can only be referred to as the official one. After all, it has close to 2000 more members.

I'm not upset. Kinda glad they followed my lead. Took the pressure off of posting crap on BookFace Facebook. 

Fast forward a year when I was flustered that there were times when I couldn't hear the 680 the Fan broadcast because I was out of range. That 790 station had an app for my phone that allowed me to listen to them, why couldn't 680?

So I emailed those guys. I went several months just assuming no one bothered reading it. I didn't get a response, not even from that Chuck fella. But now, suddenly it's here. Complete with podcasts and blogs. It blows 790's app away. And I'm sure it was all due to my inspirational, long winded email. So if you're an iPhone user, go download it. If you have a crackberry or that new fangled Droid thing, maybe you should write on the official 680 wall.

Today's Ingredients
  • Bubba Watson couldn' quite bring home his first major. But he will be on the 2010 Ryder Cup team.
  • Yes. Exactly. Better athletes doesn't make the NFL superior to the college game. (h/t the Senator)
  • Dantzler has some good words on the McGarity hire, including an A list of who attended presser. Like Jeff said, Friday the 13th of August 2010, a great day for Georgia!!!
  • Quinton also welcomes McGarity home, but with a to do list.
  • No, I'm not worried (yet) about the o-line injuries. As things stand right now, no one's missing a game and the backups are getting more 1st team reps.
  • Paschall has a nice piece on Demarcus Dobbs and his adjustment from the 5 technique to the 3.
  • I'm about ready to eat my words regarding Logan Gray's development
  • Christian LeMay has been spotted a couple times at practices. Thinking we should hear something this week about his status for his senior season.
  • Damian Swann has a top two and one's ok with him playing baseball ($$) too.
  • Not gonna lie, wouldn't mind not seeing the lamecocks' all-star TE in Chickumbia next month. cocknfire sounds pessimistic that Weslye Saunders' eligibility will survive the latest in AgentGate.
  • And in picturegate, Chip Towers tries to bring closure after Crumley self-reported the violation.
  • Sounds like things are progressing in Oxford about as planned.
  • RichRod took another step toward sealing his fate in Ann Arbor.
  • Lastly, I saw an ESPN feature on JoePa and thought he looked very frail. Not surprising at his age. But at the end the talking heads felt he looked good, ready for football. Not everyone agrees.

It's never pleasant when bad (crap) happens to good people. Like say for instance...when the Dawg Nation's beloved Athletic Director tries to part-time it as a Girls Gone Wild! consultant.

But it's nice that we can close the book on that dreary day in June when all the nerds on north avenue started googling the term red panties to try and figure out exactly what had been found in Evans' lap. We got our guy...and he's not some no name who's just gonna sit on Prez Adams' knee and do his puppet thang.

And he's also not a guy who's gonna cost us over $4 million and charge the Athletic Department to fly all over the world. No, McGarity's not from the Lew Perkins mold and he's not into Buckhead martinis. He's from the Coach Magill mold. Bleeds red and black and knows a thing or two about building winners while keeping the ledger tilted in the right direction. He has an app for that.

And that sounds perfect to me. Grab your fork Reader and dig in. Not much is worse than cold meatloaf.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saunders and the Suite Life

You remember last September when South Carolina's Weslye Saunders nearly single-handedly beat the Dawgs? It was such an incredible performance, he evidently decided he deserved some perks.
Tight end Weslye Saunders, who has been the focus of the NCAA’s investigation of USC, is one of at least three players with rooms at the Whitney... 
What's the Whitney you ask?
According to the hotel website, nightly rates range from $93 to $154 for a two-bedroom suite. A hotel employee said extended-stay rates are available, including a $57-a-night rate for one- or two-bedroom reservations of three months or longer. The $57 rate would equate to a monthly bill of about $1,710, or $855 if split between two people.
Now, South Crackalacky has a $500/month stipend for players who live off campus. So as long as Saunders could foot the remaining $355...he could sit in the lap of luxury. Chicken ranchers just better hope he kept the receipts (h/t Matt Hinton). Saunders is a huge part of the lamecocks' offense. But I wonder how thrilled the ol' Ball Coach would be at risking playing a potentially ineligible player if the investigation lingers...