Saturday, October 30, 2010

GameDay Blog - WLOCP

Nice night on St. Simons, as usual. Even though we nearly had to mediate an argument between a spoiled frat kid and a waitress at Bubba Garcia's. Luckily she eventually told the kid to just "go to f@$!ing Taco Bell.

Yup, good night. Now it's time for business.

- I've chosen to go back to the red gameday shirt, even though the black one seems to have helped pull us out of the rocky mtn lows.
- Cuz today isn't about gimmicks, superstitions or fake juice. It's about reclaiming what is ours - Jacksonville. The rest of the state of Florida can slip away into the Atlantic for all I care.

Leaving St.Simons

- It's a little weird, the feeling for this game. I'm trying to remember the last time we came into this game favored and with the momentum. Who was favored in 2004?
- Nama wants me to pass along his "Nugget of the Night" courtesy of Bubba's. Since he's driving this morning I'll oblige.

Natural Light with lime...hard to believe it's not Corona

- Life changing, I know.
- Back to the feeling going in, I'm anxious to see how we respond. The opening drives are big in this game.
- We score first, easier to settle in. We force a three and out, hold them on third and long...that's big.
- On the Twitter? Follow ugakerri and use the #FUF hashtag.

- Don't stretch the leash too far too soon #Dawgs. We need everyone's best bark today. Focus. Determined to win. #FUF #WLOCP #gatorhater
- Great story on GameDay about Rodney Scott and Zac Ethridge. Remarkable. College football, I love it.
- Pollack picks Dawgs and Corso picks go gaytuhs. Sounds about right.

Go Dawgs!!

- Just walked in from tailgate. It's so easy to distinguish between Georgia and Florida fans. They so Fugly.
- it's hot!
- Ahmad Black vs AJ Green...or Orson.
- Not a surprise, Dawg fans here early and ready to bark!
- Pardon me while I put a gator back in his place.

- Sorry, I just didn't hate them enough. That and we got really (darn) careless with the football.
- On a positive note...I made it out of Jax without being arrested....and the beer is still cold.

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One of few recent fond memories in Jacksonville. Hoping the Dawgs create another good one today.

Go Dawgs!

Friday, October 29, 2010

BDB Programming Note

I'm heading down to St. Simons today, the game tomorrow and back home Sunday in time for trick-or-treating. It's hard being a Full-Time Dad and Full-Time Dawg at the same time. I'm sure a lot of you can commiserate.

But given the constraints of 24 hours in the day, I'm not sure how much Thoughts I'll have for Sunday. I mean, I'll have plenty of thoughts, just probably not enough time to post them. We'll see.

I do plan on doing some live blogging from the tailgates adjacent to AllTel Saturday...and maybe even during the game if cell towers (and phone batteries) cooperate. I'll also have the meatloaf up sometime Monday. It might not be as plentiful as usual, but it'll be there for or lose.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend wherever you happen to be. And Go Dawgs!!

What's Special in Jax

Other than the cocktail party...

Caleb Sturgis is out tomorrow after reaggravating his back injury. Since the Florida kicker went down, freshman Brad Phillips has handled most of the load. With him the Gators lose an average of two yards per kick and he has yet to get a touchback. I'm sure Boykin is aware of this.

Chas Henry is having another stellar year punting the ball in Gainesville. He's averaging over 49 yards and opponents have only been able to return 5 of his 22 punts. Georgia on the other hand has its full complement of punt returners back for this game. And between Gray, Smith and Green we're averaging about 10 yards a return.

Between having two scholarship placekickers (you think Corch would love to have the little used Bogatay about now?) and a solid KO/Punt coverage team, you have to give the edge in special teams easily to Georgia. The names Boykin Blair & Butler should be enough to make Gator fans cringe.

Getting Defensive in Jax

This is Grantham's greatest test. And it's one he's been preparing for since he arrived in Athens evidently.

I think we can pressure Brantley. I think we can contain their running game. Perhaps most importantly, I think we can create turnovers.

  • Can we cover receivers (plural, as in more than one)? If so, things are only gonna get harder for Brantley. If not, we're going to need Florida to be just as generous as Kentucky with the ball and the field position.
  • Can we get some push up the middle? Geathers can eat space. And Tyson had a big hit on Hartline last week, one that I think took a half sack away from Houston on a fumble. If Robinson and Dowtin can roam unimpeded, the more havoc we can wreak on Adazzio's offense.
  • Will we fall flat on third down? The last couple games we've been aggressive, but some of that has been lost on third down. Tackling also isn't as good on third. That needs to change against an athletic offense looking for anything positive to hang its hat on.
Wildcard question...after getting his first start (on offense) last week in Lexington, is this the week Alec Ogletree breaks out?

Next - what's special

    Taking Offense to Jax

    As usual, AJ Green doesn't have to have a huge game for us to win tomorrow. But he has to have the same impact he's had on our recent three game winning streak. Create coverage problems...demand safety up the middle of the field for the run game and the intermediary routes.

    Murray's got the game to do what we need. He'll also have a full compliment of weapons at his disposal, not to mention a line that is hitting it's stride in protection and lane making.

    I think these guys will come out ready to make a statement. As long as Coach Bobo has the same attitude we should get off to a good start, which is imperative.

    Wildcard question...can we finally utilize our TEs efficiently? 

    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    Hate ain't a strong enough word

    One rival believes the birth of college football began when Stephen Orr Spurrier slithered south about 550 miles and nested in Gainesville back in the late 1980s. The other prefers Robotics Club over gridiron greatness.

    Which do you think is our biggest rival?

    I'll begin by typing that I don't think it's at all necessary that the entire Dawg Nation agree that Florida or GA Tech is our biggest rival. Afterall, America is made up of Democrats and Republicans...(Ahem!...unfortunately).

    Anyway, from my experience the older Dawg is staunchly in the corner of the North Avenue pimple poppers being our biggest rival. They're in-state, they're the last game of the season and our workplaces, streets and neighborhoods are littered with them. Yet, they're mostly pathetic in the series (which Georgia owns 60-37-5) and take any occasion to point out problems (scooter mishaps and speeding tickets) in Georgia's athletic program while using their revisionist history wand of power on their own misdeeds (read: Reuben "Ganja Felon" Houston and Joe "Doobie Haze" Hamilton).

    But the biggest argument against the engiNerds is that the road to the SEC Championship doesn't traverse down North Avenue. It goes along the St. Johns River.

    So enter the Gayturds. If my level of hate for Yech registers a seemingly perfect 10, my animosity towards floriDuh is additionally sprinkled with a hint of proximity and jealousy (read: MNCs, recent SECCGs...not fashion sense, hair styles or lightning quick, angst ridden, text-typing thumbs). UGA and NATS may only be separated by 60 miles, but Slurban's minions are altogether much closer, divisionally speaking.

    Of course in the history of college football, the FU Gaytors are merely recent contributors to the sport. But Bobby Dodd and John Heisman still don't stokes the fires of disgust and revulsion like Steve Damn Spurrier and Urban Crier. No there's not one thing clean or old-fashioned about this rivlary we have with the go gaytuhs!

    Hate just ain't a strong enough word. 

    But by Thanksgiving, I'm sure it will be once again.

    Some Links to Stir into Your Large Cocktails

    As we draw closer and closer to the WLOCP, here are some things I've found enlightening, thought provoking and down right funny.

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    Some Recruiting Nuggets

    Some bits and pieces gathered from here, there and yon.

    • Kelin Johnson says Saban has offered Zach Mettenberger. Here's his tweet and here's the main story on his website. Remember that Johnson has spoken to Mett several times since he left in the spring. Also reported first I believe on Mett going to Butler CC.
    • While he's updating us on the progress to Stegeman, PWD summarizes hoops recruiting after Nick Jacobs chose Bama yesterday.
    • And Chad Simmons interviews and updates us on Damian Swann ($$).
    • Speaking of Swann, he told his teammate Marcus Caffey "I'll go to Georgia if you do". Caffey, a 6' 190 lb running back, is still waiting on a call from Coach Richt.

    Even More Red & Black Douchebaggery

    Fact: Caleb King was cleared of any wrong doing by UGA and the NCAA in terms of a loan he received from a friend.

    You won't see that on many big Dawg beat pages today because it truly has always been a non-story. A non-story for everyone except the campus newspaper's Zach Dillard. He's the only one who should spend some print on it, because he's the one who's been beating the drum on this "story".

    In fact, UGA Greg McGarity cleared Caleb before he even sat out the first game for his suspension related to the failure to appear. Yet Dillard has seen a chance to to kick dirt on a fellow student and just couldn't resist.

    Fact: Dillard writes today that King has been cleared. BUT passes on the chance for contrition.

    I didn't major in journalism, but it doesn't take a Peabody to realize that Dillard's use of quotations around the word friend is classless and not at all good practice.

    I hope your investigative journalism got you a free beer among your buddies Mr. Dillard. Because the truth is it should get you kicked out of 540 Baxter Street.

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    Locker Notes - bites of gator cuz gators bite

    As per tradition, some more last minute costume ideas: a Houstonated Brantley, Rainey's cell phone, Trinton Sturdivant's money maker, a gradulated go gaytuh!, Slurban's Sabbatical...and for something that'll really scare the kids, a Brandon Spikes Eye Gouger (although you'll have to sit out the first half of Trick or Treating).

    And now for some Hate Week locker notes:
    • Washaun Ealey - You saved room for gator didn't you? Tastes like chicken.
    • Caleb King - Now that you're back, I can think of no one better to make our campus newspaper eat their own print with a big performance in Jax.
    • Bacarri Rambo - Please help Rainey understand how we feel about terroristic texts to young ladies.
    • Blair Walsh - Your misses are quickly overshadowed by your determined, positive attitude. Have a great game.
    • Coach Richt - As much as I want this game, you have to want it ten times more. No gimmicks, plenty of attitude and absolute focus. GATA!
    • Brandon Boykin - I took the liberty of checking, and Slurban's teams especial have yet to give up a kickoff return for TD. That's a thing that makes me go Hmm... 
    • Coach Grantham - This being your first trip down there, we don't really care if you grab it by the tail or start with the head...just kick that gator's ass!
    Unless you wear jorts, you should be able to construct one of these yourself. Or feel free to add your own last minute costume idea. 

    Large Outdoor Cocktails Make Video Fun

    Let's start with one that was an instant classic. h/t johnnypm427

    In case you've run out of reasons why floriDuh sucks, MrBigDawg54 has you covered.

    And here's how things stand in Gayturdsville today. h/t JenX

    Hopefully we can manage to continue their misery. Cuz that should be their lot in life.

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    Branden Smith...can you spare a nickel?

    Branden Smith's "likely" return to action Saturday against the FU Gators is welcome news. Very much welcome, for these specific order.
    1. Nickel situations. Cuff is still struggling, the change in scheme hasn't helped. By the time things stabilized for the Wildcats Saturday and they stopped hemorrhaging turnovers, they were finally able to pick on #25, consistently. Smith adds much needed depth that will come in handy in Jax against a team that we'll use extra d-backs to defend.
    2. Punt return. I was excited about AJ returning punts up until he laid on the turf of Sanford after a brutal hit against Tennessee. No, it wasn't on a punt return. But the flashbacks to the first four games without him were intense. Logan Gray is my preference, then Branden. 
    3. Need for speed. I don't know how much we'd use him on offense, but he's the gamechanger we need on the field whenever possible.
    This play in itself is enough to put Slurban back into sabbatical mode. He ran a 4.1 that time Mike...

    Mumme Poll - week eight

    My ballot for this week:
    1. Oregon
    2. Auburn
    3. TCU
    4. Boise State
    5. Alabama
    6. Missouri
    7. Wisconsin
    8. Oklahoma
    9. Michigan State
    10. Stanford
    • Shuffling the top teams after the Oklahoma loss wasn't too hard, but deciding who was in what position 6-10 took a little brain stretching.
    • As promised, I brought Wisconsin in this week after they held on against Iowa on the road. In short, Bielema had me at fake punt.
    • I actually got to watch some of the Michigan State game. They didn't look like a top team for most of the way, but rallied and held on by a thread to my ballot. 
    • Stanford is another team I'm not sold on as yet. Wash St scored 28 on them, but 21 of those were in garbage time. I don't see another hurdle on the Cardinal's schedule other than 'Zona. Maybe another team will step and prove themselves more worthy. A team like say..... 
    • ...LSU. They were beaten by a sexy and awesome Auburn team, so maybe they have an argument to stay in. But that is just one awful offense. I know they say defense wins championships, but you gotta score at some point, right?
    • I moved Boise up. I hate doing that, even though it was just one spot. Deep down I don't think I actually believe that they are better than Alabama. And if Saban's minions go to the bayou and put up a big number on the Hat...the Tide will jump at least one undefeated team.

      Monday, October 25, 2010

      More SEC Honors

      What does...

         2.5 sacks
         3.5 TFLs
         1 Fumble Rec
         1 Forced Fumble
      + 1 PBU               

      If your addition is right, it equals SEC Defensive Player of the Week for Georgia's Justin Houston. Well deserved for what was probably his best game as a Dawg.

      Monday's Meatloaf - I'll Take Renewed Hope for 500 Alex

      So here we are, just where we thought we'd be...right? One-half game out of first place in the SEC East. Does this roller coaster 2010 ride have another radical dip before we reach the pimply kids in the matching theme park suits at the end of the track? 

      From ESPNs Chris Low:
      After Georgia beat up on Tennessee and Vanderbilt the way the Bulldogs did, it was only natural to say, “It was just Tennessee and Vanderbilt.” But the Bulldogs went on the road Saturday and won comfortably over a Kentucky team that had just beaten South Carolina the week before. That’s three wins in a row now for Mark Richt’s club, and there’s no question the Bulldogs are playing their best football of the season. Richt deserves a ton of credit for keeping this team together during the four-game losing streak. The Bulldogs made some adjustments, tweaked their personnel and got their best player (A.J. Green) back. Now, they’re right there in the middle of the East race again. The complexion of their season could change entirely next weekend in Jacksonville if they can beat Florida. The Bulldogs have scored 40 or more points in their last three games. They’re running the ball better. Their offensive line is playing now like everyone expected when the season began, and this is a team that has a chance to make something of a season that looked like it was in the tank to start this month.
      I'm sorry, you were looking
      for "What is an afro?"
      On the flight back from Boulder I remember clinging to the hope that maybe we could go from last this year to first next season. Could it possibly happen in the same  season? Surely not. Surely the lowlier reptiles will rain on this parade that's been building. Surely Cam Newton will have traded in his former mugshot pose for a Heisman one by the time we reach the Plains. The lamecocks can't be that lame can they?

      Of course the real luxury is just being back in the running for a bowl. After enduring a 4 game period of pissiness, I'm just thrilled we made it to Final Jeopardy without a negative balance. We're a longshot, but at least we have an investment in the final month of the season. At least these kids still have much to play for.

      So wipe that smug smile of that Canadian mug of yours Trebek. We're all in and got our answers in the form of questions.

      Today's Ingredients
      This is Floridian sign language for "My shorts are
      too long, do you have any scissors?"
      • Over at Dawg Food, Danny recaps the night in Lexington. And Kit  weighs in with some pros and cons as well.
      • Randy looks at some of the heroes from Saturday night.
      • Dawgola runs down the SEC East race and scenarios.
      • 15 turnovers for 52 points on the season. A year ago I couldn't even see this tunnel, much less the light at the end of it.
      • On the other hand, Quinton points out that we're a ways away from using the term Third and Grantham in a positive way.
      • vineyarddawg puts us all on notice, IT'S HATE WEEK!!!
      • Streit looks at the Mississippi State Factor in terms of the Georgia-Florida game's recent history. 
      • Weiszer points out that floriDuh is attempting to rebound this week and that history is on their side.
      • Estes writes that Slurban has used the bye week to determine the way to improve is through scheme and personnel. And I thought it was just better text proofing by grad assistants...
      • Bradley looks like he's officially off the Gator Bandwagon.
      • Looks like trouble continues to find Quincy's doorstep.
      • Spencer Hall takes a honest and rather humorous look at Gene Chizik's rise to SEC stardom.
      • Lastly, I must've missed a dawg blogging memo. Exile's gone cruisin' and Mackie's in Aruba. More importantly, how does this gig pay so much more for them?

      But don't worry Dawg fans. I'm here this week. For this begins a week of memories in Jax, some good...many bad. Like this one...

      I hate Florida. I loathe them in the manner in which I loathe communism, pedophiles and warm beer. The world would be a better place without them. I just don't understand what's taking the rest of the Earth's denizens so long to catch up to our way of thinking.

      But let's not let all that get our week off to a poor start. It's gonna be a good one. Let's make the most of it. Let's do the world a favor and smack a gator 'cross the head.

      But first, you better eat something. So grab that fork Reader, before a gayturd calls a TO. 


      Sunday, October 24, 2010

      Sunday Thoughts on the Blue Grass

      Only have time for a couple notes. Then it's time to start packing for a cocktail party.

      • Washaun Ealey - whatever confidence he lacked a couple weeks ago has been restored tenfold.
      • Sanders Commings - dude is like a turnover magnet in silver britches. And that interception the endzone was a thing of beauty. It's so refreshing to see our DBs turn and play the ball. At least most of them...
      • Justin Houston is relentless. He can't be blocked. And if Commings is a turnover magnet, Akeem Dent attracts tackles just as much.
      • It won't look pretty in the boxscore, but the defense played very well early and then it was prevention time.
      • Not sure what's wrong with Blair Walsh. It may be the same confidence bug that Ealey was suffering from a couple weeks ago. 
      • As much as we all wanted to see Aaron Murray torch the UK defense, I just kept thinking of all those FU gators at home watching the game. They got to see so very little of what this offense can do.
      That's all I got for now. Talk amongst yourselves.