Saturday, November 20, 2010

And now a word from our sponsors...

A little over a year ago I piloted the new XoS Digital SEC Video Zone widget. It's taken a while for me to renew that agreement, partly because the last one had some issues that have since been worked out...but mostly due to laziness.

Anyway, it's back up as you can probably tell. They've taken away the auto-play feature, so it should only play and interrupt your reading experience if you choose to. I've also noticed that it seems to load more quickly; last year it seemed to bog things down a bit. It requires a flash player, so I doubt it's usable on handheld devices and smart phones. Unless yours is smarter than mine.

I'll try to make an announcement via Twitter or post if they air something other than highlights, such as a Mark Fox interview after advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.

Most of all, if you have any problems with it, please don't hesitate to let me know: berniedawg (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

Secondly, not sure how much posting I'll get to this weekend. Depends how easily the kids' treehouse goes up. Smells like a bye weekend to me!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bizarro McGarity and the Boise Rumor

They can't garner much support for a #1 ranking, but give credit to Boise State for one thing - they have elevated their status to the point that they don't have to come all the way to Athens for a game of national prominence. Five years ago, that's where they were. Desperate for a run at the big boys and willing to come to Georgia to get what turned out to be nothing more than a tune up for the guys in silver britches.

I guess this will have to be an off-season trip now.
The distance from Athens to Atlanta is small, but the distance between the matchups of 2005 and 2011 will be great. BSU fans will certainly travel for this one, especially after what they did to VA Tech in DC back in August and the fact that the Dawgs will be coming off two consecutive disappointing seasons.

I shook this rumor off at first glance. But when McGarity won't comment and Coach Richt says we'll wait until Monday...something's up. And it looks like it's bye-bye Kentucky Bourbon tour in 2012 and hello Chris Peterson in the Dome next August. Unless something throws a wrench in this thing, I would expect us to lose the home game next year in favor of adding a neutral site. But as Groo points out, the end line would have it's advantages.

I just still can't wrap my brain around it though. Just when I had let go of the big non-conference games and settled into a plate of mostly regional cupcakes, we get Boise State in the Kickoff Classic. Okay. I understand the money side of it. I guess I just didn't expect to dump our new scheduling philosophy so fast, even if this is just a one-time aberration in McGarity's grand plan. Or maybe I underestimated our desperation in dumping Louisville.

From Columbus to Athens, the long way

Nice write up yesterday by Tucker on Jarvis Jones, who has gone from KiffyBaby's cold shoulder to the near end of a redshirt season at Georgia. It covers his C5 injury and really paints a picture of how much he's struggled with it; not just the injury itself but also in the trust of the people around him in what advice he was being given.

But luckily:
“I’m 100 percent healthy now,” (Jones) said. “I’ve put [the injury] behind me and all the jitterbugs that I had. I was pretty scared about how I was doing, but I’ve put that behind me. And now I’m back to having fun and playing football, something I love to do.”
And his team will be ready to have him playing football. Grantham has high expectations:
“He’s obviously a guy that’s going to help us, and I’m excited that he’s here. He’s going to be a guy who makes plays. . . . I’m looking forward to getting him out there in the spring and working with him.”
Dent and Gamble are both gone after this season. I don't feel confident Houston will be back. So, can Jones play once?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thank a Nerd, and buy a ticket

UPDATE: tickets have sold out in just a few hours. Extras came from non-football recruiting and TV. h/t Weiszer
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I would like to take this time to take back the insensitive things I have typed about the engiNerds. They are a thoughtful and thankful lot.*

The University of Georgia Athletic Office has put on sale a "limited number of available tickets" to the November 27th renewal of Clean Ol' Fashioned Hate. Even with Christmas still weeks away NATS is in the spirit of giving...that which they could not sell.

When I called Butts-Mehre this morning to ask about the free cokes and hot dogs we were unfortunately cut off. I took that as a no.

*thems just jokes

Today's dose of #NerdFail

What if? What if Thomas had caught that well-thrown Nesbitt sideline pass? He ran a great out-route, looked the ball in. It just fell inexplicably to the ground.

Based on yesterday's lesson, I guess we could say Thomas really reggie ball'd it.

The Case Against the Worse Case Scenario

AJ Green is the best receiver to ever hitch a route at Georgia. He'll be drafted within the top five, top seven for sure. There's no reason to believe he'll come back for his senior year.

Or is there...

  • the chances of a lockout are great and that would play a large role in his decision
  • he's never played a full season, between a hamstring, a shoulder and a jersey
  • he's just 20 hours short of his degree, on track to graduate next December
Don't discount the last bullet. To quote #8 himself:
“That’s going to be big. I was to get that (degree) because my family is really big on that, especially my mom. She really wants me to get that. Whatever she wants, then hey, I’ve got to do what she wants and make her happy. So if she tells me to stay, I’m going to stay.”
Go Mama Green! 

AJ put in a lot of work this off season with the goal of playing the full 2010 slate. Ultimately, when the season does end he's going to feel like he still has something to prove. But will it be enough to have him turn down a top pick in the NFL draft and millions of guaranteed dollars?

Stay greedy you NFL bastards. Stay very, very greedy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nerdabulary 101

What? The entire state, or just us
cuz we run it?
We might get into some more advanced nerdisms next week when Clean Old-Fashioned Hate Week really revs up. But for now, let's cover the basics of some North Avenue lingo that may come in handy.
  • Joke by the Coke -(n) casual reference to the nerds' location when they pursue advance degrees in Ignoring Basic Personal Hygiene, Level 46 Wizardry and How to Dance to Kernkraft 400. Usage - Oh, are you a rent-a-cheerleader for the Duke game? Yes, just go to the Joke by the Coke, turn right and look for the guys wearing robes and carrying swords.
  • Ball'd - or more formally, Reggie Ball'd (v) to make an inexplicable mistake in an ordinarily routine task. Usage - Damn, I really reggie ball'd that expense report. What comes after three again?
  • Braine Power - (n) the use of one's faculties that seemingly causes inordinately more harm than good. Usage - Gan Chailey tried to use his braine power to cash his check at the bank, but really ball'd it up.
  • Historic Mark Richt Field - (n) "athletic" field on the trade school's campus that sells out once every other year. Usage - Dude, we're going to Historic Mark Richt Field! It's a WHITE OUT!!!!1
  • King/Ealey Connector - (n) a stretch of turf off of North Avenue in downtown Alanner 339 yards long that connects Dawgs with yet another victory at Historic Mark Richt Field. Usage - I'm still amazed at how the King/Ealey Connector was so well paved. (h/t Ollllddude)
That's a decent start. Please feel free to add your own entries below.

Fox's Dawgs now 2-0

Gerald Robinson Jr. led Georgia in scoring with 21 points as Coach Fox's Dawgs downed Colorado last night 83-74. I didn't get to see the game due to a late night at work, but was able to hear the last 7 minutes or so on the way home.

Leslie added 19 and Price had 17. Fox is still without Trey Thompkins who's still recovering from a high ankle sprain. In fact, it doesn't sound hopeful he'll be able to play Saturday night on the road against the Saint Louis Billikens.

Mumme Poll- week eleven

My week eleven ballot:

Boise State
Ohio State

  • no changes from last week, since everyone won. However, the top four cinched together a little closer. I still think Oregon runs over anyone in the nation, but they had a very close game against Cal and TCU had to hold on against SDSU. Meanwhile Boise State easily dispatched Idaho in a basketball gymnasium.
  • Some questions entering the home stretch:
  1. Can Arkansas beat LSU? I'm sold on LSU in my top ten based mostly on the Bama win. But the annual clash between the Tigers and Hogs pits the SECs most complete offense and the league's best defense.
  2. With games remaining against Fresno St, #15 Nevada and Utah State, can Boise make up any ground on TCU who only has one game left (11/27 against New Mexico)?
  3. Can Arizona rebound after a two game slide to take down the Ducks on 11/26?
  • Teams just off the porch: Michigan State and Oklahoma State......and Arkansas.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Boulder Coach Richt? Please!

The media and many Dawg fans have long complained about Coach Richt being too soft-spoken, too reserved, too Christian. The literal translation is, he's not Saban or Meyer. But you've got blinders on if you actually believe he'd turn tail and run for the hills.

Now, the head guy and I have never shared a beer on my back porch and he wasn't in my wedding...but I think I know him well enough to type that he ain't leaving Georgia until Georgia is done with him. And folks, Georgia ain't done with him. Stir that into your coffee, tweet it, Like it, or print it out and stuff it under your pillow. Whatever you have to do to let it sink in. Because I think I know him well enough to know  that he wants to win in Athens.

But since Mr. SEC took the time to list some reasons why CMR should head to Boulder (noticeably absent I might add is to get another shot at KiffyBaby), I thought I would list some reasons why it won't happen.
  1. Most notably, money. Pennington says it would take a paycut of about $800K. Well, that won't even get him at the table where you could begin to discuss the payout. Please...Oprah can't write a check this big. Well, she probably could but Obama's next contribution might be a little lighter. You get my point.
  2. Travel. Sure his divisional foes take a step back in the Pac-Ten (??) compared to UF, UT and SC. But they also distance themselves from the practice field considerably. He didn't like flying to Tempe, he doesn't like the occasional trip to Fayetteville. Surf's down dude.
  3. Family. They're all around him in Athens. To move everyone (again) would be terribly inconvenient and costly. And as pointed out in item 1, there'll be less benjamins to hand out.
  4. Truth. There are a number of issues I might have with things in the Georgia football program, but Coach Richt is a man of his word. Whether he's handing out scholarship offers or telling us he's a Georgia man, you can take it to the bank (which is where he'll be spending less time if he were to go to Colorado...sorry, couldn't resist one more chance to point that out).
Maybe I'm just missing something...I didn't see an indoor practice facility in Boulder...??

The Weight of an Issue

You don't have to have been in the arena weight room to know whether you are in shape or not. And you don't have to watch the full 2010 season for the Georgia Bulldogs to realize the Dawgs aren't finishing games. We're wearing down, falling short of the finish line. 

You finish a season 10-2 and in the Sugar Bowl, it can mask a loosely hidden problem during the off-season. But 11 losses later...the hardly silent grumblings have been amplified into pretty loud barks.
(Jim_from_Duluth) suggested Richt add the late hits on Murray to the missed tackles against the SC RB for a S&C motivational video, then asked what we can do to turn things around, so we’re not just lasting 3 good quarters in big games, but finishing the drill, winning these games like in CMR’s early years and getting back to the championship game next year?
CMR – that’s the difference. We haven’t finished. We haven’t intensified our efforts as the clock went on. Could it be conditioning? CMR doesn’t think so but will look at it. Are we not mature enough? Are we not calling the right plays or defenses at certain times? CMR doesn’t want to talk much about the future since the future is Tech. But we’ve got to train this offseason with that in mind. You can tell guys that all you want. But living through this season, no one needs to be told. There is a room full of guys who will be willing to pay the extra price this offseason so they don’t have to go through that again. There’s a room full of guys who want to finish strong against Tech for the seniors. CMR wants to thank the fans in advance 
We’re going to show everyone in the country that we’re a team to be reckoned with .. not only that Saturday but in the future.
Then later, Mike in Peachtree City also asked about the strength and conditioning program, specifically pertaining to mat drills.
There are lots of people who understand the technical part of lifting weights. But there’s also a certain mentality that comes with it. That’s what we’re going to be pushing for, not only these next couple of weeks but going into next year.
In 2002, Coach Richt helped knock the lid off the program that had been confining it for decades. It's gonna take some heavy lifting to get back to where we once were.

Monday, November 15, 2010

ESPN, Dark-thirty and PJs!!!

The season's first (and only) night game under Sanford's lights is set for the annual clash between Georgia and the North Avenue engiNerds. Per Weiszer:
Kickoff is set for 7:45 p.m, according to an announcement today. The game will be shown nationally on ESPN.
Get your slippers on straight boy!!!

Monday's Meatloaf - Hello Good Bye Week

My Dawg gears are stuck. It's like my internal transmission can't find the D to help me move forward. Pretty common after a game that contained so much emotion.

Sure the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry has had moments of foul temperaments. The Game 'Tween the Hoses, Robert Baker's gonadular appetizer...third an Willie. But the 114th meeting was different. We've got bitter Dawg fans still upset at Nick Fairley. We've got toilet paper burning in Toomer's trees. And we've got AwwBarn fans desperately trying to figure out how to act now that they've finally purchased won their way back into the Georgia Dome.

What's worse is that both teams are being met with a bye this week, which means this hatchet ain't close to being removed from Aaron Murray's back. But we will move forward, I'm certain of it. If there's anything that can pull Georgia fans out of a Fairley funk it's the thought of engiNerds 'tween the hedges on Black Saturday.

And if there's anything that can pull Barners out of their overly defensive, toilet paper'd winning's an early visit to St. Nick's lap.

Today's Ingredients
  • Exile has his good, bad and ugly thoughts on the game.
  • Of the fisticuffs, Chizik took a position of shock and awe: That's not who we are. 
  • However, he is a coach willing to let his headhunters starters play while up 18 points with Georgia trying to run out the clock. Kudos to Coach Richt for taking the knee before another player was forced to sacrifice one.
  • Lucid Idiocy pretty much sums it all up when he proposes that the Auburn coach is either blind or a liar. However, I think the possibility of both is still in play.
  • Dr. StrangeDawg has taken the time to develop a list of things actually dirtier than Nick Fairley. No easy task I'm sure.
  • On Fairley and the game's overall ugliness, AU and UGA fans are diametrically opposed. However, much of the unbiased media and blogosphere are just as disgusted as Dawg fans over his actions. The Wiz of Odds I think spells it out the best.
  • Big Muddy takes Gary Danielson on the carpet with a big thank you.
  • Meanwhile, Kit does the same for the WarTiglemenz.
  • Scott sees this as the end to what was once a friendly rivalry and expertly points out some vast differences between the fanbases.
  • Noops puts the blame for the loss at the foot of Coach Richt.
  • I still believe in Santa Claus, but I don't believe Martin Van Dawgin is him.
  • Wesizer has this week's practice/recruiting schedule from CMRs teleconference notes.
  • The Lady Dawgs opened their season yesterday. Danny has the update.
  • Lastly, tired of the media attention in the Cam Newton saga? Ready for some real breaking news involving the Goonies and the AwwBarn star's lost treasure? Tower of Bammer has ya covered.

I'm always happy for the team and especially the coaches when the bye week pays a visit. They need a little time off, a break from the grind. But personally, I usually hate to see it come. I'm an addict after all. Bye weeks are like methadone clinics with short supplies. The dealer's left town and the wife has her pen and paper out...

This year's a little different. I'm giving this bye week a great big hug and not letting go until some of this hurt has subsided. The trials of watching the season tilt on the brink of disaster game after game have taken its toil. The two cupcakes and blowout wins over the state of Tennessee have done little to ease the dull ache.

This week is a time to recharge the battery, lick the Fairley wounds and make a little fun of Coach PaJammies' squad of merry men. So, altogether now...deep breath... and exhale....

Nope, still can't find D. Maybe Cecil Newton can buy me a new car. Here's your napkin Reader. You got a little on your cheek, other side. There you go. Have a great Monday. And good luck avoiding the honey-do list this weekend!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday's Thoughts on being a bitch ass

And by bitch ass, I mean Nick Fairley. So I'll go ahead and warn you, I'm very much still bitter. I expected to lose to a team of cheaters, but...

  • I didn't expect their cowardice to be on such a grand display. 
  • In fact, in an effort to leave it all behind me I'll simply say: shame on the officials for letting the WWE cagematch go so far before harmlessly kicking two players off the field when the frustration had reached the point where Murray's teammates felt as if they had to take matters into their own hands. (fwiw, Aaron tweeted that he's alright a few hours after the game)
  • I didn't feel as if the last hit on Murray was cheap. But if those two jabrones deserved to be ejected at the end of the game, Fairley should've been shown the shower door in the first quarter, twice. (UPDATE: I watched MTs video evidence and yes, it was actually Fairley's second cheapest shot of the night.)
  • All that being said, at the end of the first quarter when we had reeled off 21 unanswered I didn't think we'd lose. Much less lose by 18.
  • But you can't give up 10-14 third downs and only score 10 points in the final 45 minutes on the road and expect to win.
  • Can't believe we won the TO battle and lost by 18....I hate the 2010 season.
  • I certainly understand going for the field goal at the end of the third quarter, but you have to wonder what if? Getting three points there felt like an immediate defeat. We convert that 4th down and we stand a more than decent chance at showing Cam Newton what a $200k frown feels like.
  • Newton can't buy his own Charmin on Toomers this weekend. But wonder how those Barners will feel once everything comes out? In short, how confidently did Auburn roll the dice yesterday?
  • Perhaps Murray didn't stand head and shoulders above DamnCam, but he also wasn't pimped out by his own father.
  • And to add insult to injury, South Cracky wins the 2010 meteor bowl. Congrats on overcoming your own ineptitude in time to take advantage of Uf, Ut and UGAs down year.
Generally, the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry often determines SEC championships. But here's the basic difference between UGA and Chickziks' cheaters: we win on a 70X Takeoff play where a great pass is made to a little known receiver who had a career game; the WarTigers win using a player crotch deep in FBI questions and a cheapshot artist deadset on ending the season/career of the opposing quarterback.

Stay classy AwwBarn. See you 'tween the hedges.