Saturday, December 4, 2010

In the case of Cocks v Cam....

South Cracky vs AwwBarn

I hope the powerade is spiked with Miralax and all of the refs are either Clempson or Alabama graduates...if there is such a thing.

It's rainy and cold in the ATL. Enjoy your stay, then get the hell out.

Saturdays are for football golf

Something to set the mood for the off-season.

h/t me own dad

Tee em high and let em fly!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum!

It's go time!

Sorry...couldn't resist. In all seriousness, if Jules wasn't available to take over for Van Halanger I truly had no thoughts as to a specific replacement. I certainly wasn't expecting Tereshinki and Kasay, but felt better after reading some of David Pollack's tweets yesterday.

To be perfectly truthful, I don't pretend to know enough about the strength and conditioning program at a D-1 football program to have a definitive judgment. I just thought it was clear we needed some real juice in this area. If Joe Sr. carries Jules' wallet, fine. If he's actually the Wolf...even better. 


Get it straight Buster...let's fix this problem.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Richt's Dawggy-Do List

If my wife can give me a honey-do without the possibility of reciprocation, I figure I can do the same for our head tackle football coach.

I've tried numerous ways to address this post. I think I've written it 3 different times plus 4 more times in my head. There's just a lot rattling around in my blogger's brain, built up and huddled in the corner from a long season. I think the best and most prudent way to proceed is as such:

The following is a list of things I think Coach Richt must address this bowl and subsequent off-season. I'll address each separately in subsequent posts. 
You, flock of seagulls, you know why we're here? That's lift some mother effin' weights.
  1. Recruit both AJ Green and Justin Houston as if Uga's bark depended on it. Both are certain longshots impossibilities to stay another season. But they are true difference makers that don't come around often. So make a pitch and make it hard. I agree with helping them through the process, seeing both sides. But make sure the last point you make is barked loud enough.
  2. Address the Georgia Bulldogs' lagging strength and conditioning program. No one's going to get fired this off-season. It remains to be seen if anyone steps away. But Coach Van's program has proven insufficient in August as much as November, in the first half as much as the fourth quarter. We were manhandled Saturday night in the trenches. The new director of S&C needs to own Jules Winnfield's wallet. Not a replica. The actual one that says...well, you know what it says. (Maybe Samuel L. visiting Saturday was a sign...a prophecy of some sort.) UPDATE: looks like CVH is indeed leaving.
  3. Sign Isaiah Crowell. He's a difference maker and he cannot cross the border.
  4. Find the dude that eats space on the defensive front as if they were biscuits on the breakfast table. He's out there somewhere. I don't care if he's in a high school cafeteria or a second rate diner outside of some junior college in Podunk USA. Get both of em and ask them what number they want to wear 'tween the hedges. It's worth saying again...we were manhandled Saturday night in the trenches.
  5. Answer this inexcusably hard question: the offensive line underperformed this season because ______. These guys were the lone luxury item on a team of restocked shelves back in August. By and large they stayed healthy...and that's the lone positive really. Again, we were manhandled Saturday night in the trenches!! Is it personnel? Is it strength, conditioning? Is it Searels?
  6. Answer this inexcusably hard question: the RBs underperformed this season because ______. King/Ealey were also supposed to help prop this offense up while we waited on Murray to blossom. They were supposed to keep the engine running while we waited on AJ to get back from JerseyGate. Washaun and Caleb should be a great tandem at tailback, but never hit their stride. Was it arrests and suspensions? Was it bad rotations? Is it McLendon?
  7. Transfuse some Belin blood into his defensive counterparts. The development of the defense has been slow negligible. We improved statistically, but failed to stop some teams that others were able to shut down (read: Florida, Tech). But Belin has done wonders in a short amount of time. Robinson, Dent, Gamble, Dowtin and of course Houston all had good to great seasons, were alert to passing lanes and tackled with controlled abandon. Perhaps Belin's mojo can be a contagion in Grantham's meeting room. (Correction: Grantham gets some props here for the OLBs. My depression has affected my ability to give accolades. h/t Senator
  8. Convince Bobo he's old enough to ride without training wheels. As sexy as some stats were this season, he calls plays at times with compassion...instead of a determination to batter defenses into oblivion. Again, I'll post more on this later. But as much as we want to blame Bobo for inconsistent play calling, it's back in our face when our strengths offensively become weaknesses. So he can't shoulder the blame entirely. Still, I feel he sometimes acts as if he's the new kid in school when the playground can be his own personal battlefield.
  9. This one's easy. As soon as the last ticks drain from the Liberty Bowl's clock and the off-season begins officially, hand the keys, the whistle and the responsibility over to Aaron Murray. He'll be starting his third season in the program and he's earned it. The team needs a leader. Dude has got the goods.
  10. This one may be the hardest: Howz Richt get his Groove back? He used to be a proactive coach, now he just reacts; he coaches not to lose in a league where you have to coach to win. I'm sick of the Evil Richt talk, and I'm tired of hearing about the coach who's too Christian to win. Both discussions are a load of bullsh*t. I'm also tired of Finish the Drill and arena talk. The team needs its swagger, that comes from the top. Climb up there coach and get after it.
That stands to be an incomplete list, and it certainly is not entirely up to Coach Mark Richt. I want him to be our coach for a long time, I truly do. But more than anything...I want a coach on our side with a taste for blood. These things would be a start to getting thirsty again.

    NCAA makes it's own bed of nails

    There may come a day when a wave just big enough crashes and this Cam Newton/Auburn/MSU/SEC mess is washed away like a dead fish laying on the beach. After yesterday's news, Auburn fans (now emboldened by Slive and the NCAA) are still insisting they smell nothing and are ready to dive into championship surf. The rest of the college football world fears this stench is only starting to fester.
    I got LASICS now y'all!

    First off, I think cocknfire's summation more than suffices:
    So what it appears to me that the NCAA is saying is this: Auburn ruled Cam Newton ineligible for whatever it found that caused all this activity this week. (My bet is that they nailed down the fact that Cecil Newton asked for money.) Auburn then appealed for reinstatement under NCAA bylaws, as they are allowed to do. Because Newton was ruled ineligible this week and the reinstatement was made this week, Newton has not participated while ineligible. In other words, he has not participated while ineligible because he was reinstated before Auburn played any games -- not because the NCAA is finding that he can't be ruled retroactively ineligible based on what they already know.
    It may be easy to ridicule and poke fun at Auburn fans, and some of them actually deserve it. But honestly, if Cam's cleats were on Dawg feet I would be sick to my stomach. Desperate to play out the season and claim the 2010 spoils, but fearful that the victory stage is actually a precipice to certain disaster. Sure, it may be convenient to believe Auburn's clean but I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. So be careful Tiger fans, as you sow so shall you reap.

    In the end I think the real loser will be the NCAA. In fact, they already are. There's no way they can recover any lasting respectability they owned, albeit minute. This ruling smells worse than the investigation and allegations themselves. Cam's ineligible on a Tuesday, but cleared on Wednesday...? Ok. And a dad can ask for money during recruitment without the son being burdened with the fear of losing eligibility? 

    Merry Christmas all you blue chipper daddys!

    Cecil Newton and his band of wealthy men did anything but avoid the appearance of impropriety. Now it seems like instead of handling the case carefully, the NCAA has taken a page from the elder Newton's dirty play book. And now they have to retain a room full of Ken Nugents to close that car wreck loophole.

    Your bed is made college football. Enjoy the siesta muchachos!

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    John Isner, an exceptional Dawg

    Samuel L. Jackson wasn't the only celebrity in the sidelines Saturday night. When we recognized John Isner I couldn't help but implore those around me to rise to their feet. I was largely unsuccessful, but at least everyone clapped.

    Here's two great videos of the NCAA Champion. In the first one he really shows his Dawg colors in a rather cheeky interview.

    And this one has some good footage of John and Coach Diaz talking about his days on campus.

    h/t HallPassTV

    GATA John!

    Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    Demarcus Dobbs ok for bowl, and birthday candles

    According to Weiszer, Dobbs will be ok to play after injuring his elbow against Tech Saturday night.

    Marc Weiszer
     says DE Demarcus Dobbs is expected to be available for bowl game after injuring his right elbow against Georgia Tech

    And it's also his birthday, Happy Birthday Demarcus!

    Which comes first? Development or the stunted growth?

    I understand Grantham is glad we're not going to see Tech again for another year. Believe me I do. Over 400 yards rushing worth. But this quote by the Georgia DC...
    "I’m glad we can go back and now play against a normal offense, just because you don’t ever see that offense," Grantham said. "It really kind of stunts your development in the 3-4 because you really have to change how you play everything. By going to a bowl game, it’s going to give us extra practice to get back to doing the things that we’re going to see for the next 11, 12, 13 games next year. I’m excited about that."
     ...begs the question of how much development there's been. Personally, I think we're still stunted in the transition. And although all of that's not Grantham's doing (we desperately need that monster DT position locked down), he had two weeks to prepare for a team he knew was going to run up the middle, misdirect and pitch it out wide.

    In my post Sunday MT pointed out that the defense did better in the first half and may have been gassed later in the game after playing so many downs (92 total plays, and not a lot of subbing especially after Dobbs went down). And that may explain the second time we gave up a 14 point lead. 

    After looking at the game a second time, we were tackling well, creating turnovers and showing least until they almost tied it at 35. At some point the development rests on one man's shoulders...the developer...Coach Todd GrAnThAm.

    Let's do it!

    What's Saban got against Dusty Springfield?

    Part-timer at Bammer canned for playing music that was entirely inappropriate for the occasion.
    The staffer was part-time, according to UA Public Relations Director Debbie Lane, but has not been named by the university. Two of the pre-game song choices were "Take the Money and Run," by The Steve Miller Band, and "Son of Preacher Man", recorded by Dusty Springfield in 1968 and later by recording legend Aretha Franklin.
    The song choices were apparently directed at Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, whose father is a reverend and is embroiled in a recruiting scandal amid reports that he sought payment during his son's recruitment in violation of NCAA rules.
    I guess it's a little too late for that fictional account disclaimer: All characters represented in this pre-recorded musical set are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or professional tackle football players warming up on this playing field is purely coincidental.

    Monday, November 29, 2010

    'Tis the Season

    Sorry, no meatloaf today. More than a little under the weather. Getting old is great, but sometimes the fringe benefits bite.

    December's not just a month for the hustle and the bustle of Holiday shopping, Christmas lights and parties. It's also time for coaching rumors and bowls. 2010 is no different.

    I've said all along Mark Richt will be our coach in 2011, hopefully well beyond. And although I didn't expect his name to be linked to two job openings, the Colorado and Miami firings have only helped solidify the fact that he's our coach.

    I think most people fall into two categories here. Those like me who take him at his word:

    Questions about Richt’s own job security swirled earlier this season, but for the second time this month his name was linked Sunday in reports for another head coaching opening – this at his alma mater, Miami, where he played quarterback.
    Richt, who also was connected in a report to the Colorado job, said Miami had not approached him about the position.
    "I’ve got the same answer for that as I had for the other one," Richt said Sunday evening. "Georgia’s my home and it’s where I want to finish my career."
    ...and those who need the bottomline:
    Richt makes approximately $2.8 annually on a contract that has three years remaining. Shannon was making approximately $1.5 million a year, according to the Post. 
    And Miami's no closer to the hefty buyout it would take to get everyone at the table than Colorado is. But that's really a moot point since CMR is obviously not interested in any other job. Just remember back to when he first arrived. He could've taken a couple different jobs back when he was the OC for a dominant FSU program. He waited...and waited...for the right one to come. And when Dooley offered him an office in Butts-Mehre, he didn't just jump at the chance. In fact, he almost let it slip by before waking Dooley up in the middle of the night. My point is the man is cautious, careful. He wants to be in Athens for a myriad of personal and professional reasons, not the least of which is to win.

    As for bowlin', the Dawgs look to be locks for Memphis in the Liberty Bowl. They'll play the CUSA Champ, and are assured of seeing a familiar face along the opposing sideline: either June Jones' SMU Mustangs or George O'Leary's CFU Black Knights. Here's the official Liberty Bowl site. Looks like the O'Jays are performing at halftime.

    I've heard a lot of talk about just not wanting to go to a bowl. Either they're embarrassed that it's not a sexy destination or they still haven't come to grips with the fact that this season has been well under expectations. I might still have a foot in the latter of those two categories, but I'm more than happy to accept a bowl bid for any of these reasons: that makes 14 consecutive (currently 4th in the nation), extra reps and practice especially for a defense that needs it and it gives the players a trip that they deserve.

    And if none of those are good enough for you, it also gives Aaron Murray a chance to surpass 3000 yards passing on the season as well as Matt Stafford's single season TD pass record of 25.  I think we can all agree the kid has earned that chance.

    Mumme Poll - week thirteen

    Just one shopping week left:

    Ohio State
    Michigan State

    Some conference championship week questions/thoughts:

    • teams that almost made the cut: Nevada, Boise State, Oklahoma and Alabama
    • Oregon won't lose to Oregon State, but it's conceivable that Auburn could lose. If that happens I don't see anyone jumping TCU for me. Most everyone is idle anyway. 
    • And all that being said, Auburn will cruise in the GA Dome.
    • Have the Ducks and the Tigers separated themselves enough from everyone else to quash any deliberating should they both win Saturday? I think so.
    • The Big Ten may be a mess, but at least they're not the Big East.

    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    Sunday's Thoughts on the near Meltdown

    First off... for those few tech fans within a twenty foot radius..."what's the good word?"...

    Still not sure we deserved that win. But here's some (very) early thoughts as I'm being driven home.

    - when we fumbled that 4th and 1 snap...I'll be honest. I thought we'd lost. I didn't expect our defense to stand up like that. Well done.
    - offensive play calling got way too conservative in the second half. Maybe for the entire game, I'd have to see the replay.
    - we didn't stop the dive play nearly as well as I thought we would.
    - freaking turnovers. Dear God! And it started with the first freaking play.
    - Overall, I think I'm disappointed in both Grantham and Bobo. This game should not have been this close.
    - keep hearing rumors of staff changes, mostly Coach Van. First of all, I hope his health is well. Second of all, I hope we get much, much stronger in the trenches.
    - most of all, I want us to start wanting it more than other teams. When our band wants it more than the other band...and when our tailgaters want it more than other fans...but the opposing team wants it more, something is wrong.
    - I hope Coach Richt can change that. If not, I hope McGarity can institute it sooner, rather than later.

    I realize this is probably too negative for a post-win post. But that's how I feel right now. Thank you seniors. Thank you Dawgs, for another win over the engiNerds. Overall, it's another day that's great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

    UPDATE: Some clarification, namely on the assistant coaching points. 
    • First Grantham, he may be working with guys recruited for a different scheme but he had an extra week to prepare. I'm thrilled we've made so much progress in creating and covering up turnovers. I just expected to see more development by this point. Now that we'reassured of having the extra practices maybe that will come...soon.
    • Second...Bobo. The offense essentially only scored 4 touchdowns (taking away the Houston fumble return and the Coach Johnson gift wrapped one) against a defense that has struggled mightily, but we were efficient in moving the ball. The play call on the first touchdown to Durham was brilliant and unlike earlier in the season we utilized multiple sets well. I just didn't see that creativity later in the game. But to be honest, I'm not sure where that blame lies. I just know Coach Richt needs to fix it.

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