Saturday, December 11, 2010

BIG Recruiting Weekend

If Coach Richt wants to assemble a 2011 Georgia dream team in recruiting, this weekend is the beginning of the REM cycle. Eighteen recruits total are expected over the weekend, which is highlighted by the annual Gala tonight. Some of the top uncommitted in the state are in Athens:
  • Zzavier Dickson - superb athlete that is versatile enough for either DE or OLB
  • Ray Drew - DE, also a great athlete that eats up quarterbacks and makes plays all over the field
  • Damian Swann - future playmaker at DB, SEC speed
  • Jay Rome - all around talent at TE; great size and speed; ranked #1 at his position
  • Malcolm Mitchell - fluid, exceptional speed; should play early at DB
Throw in the likes of Quan Bray and Jeoffrey Pagan from outside of Georgia as well as a host of committed players and it is quite the parade of all-stars in Athens. Let's hope guys like LeMay, Marshall and Herrera have a chance to bend a few ears ($$).

Friday, December 10, 2010

Team Mentality

It's a team game. You don't have to have been in the arena to get that. At the Liberty media primer yesterday, Coach Richt made reference to a level of play becoming more Georgia-esque in the last seven games.
Richt pointed out that Georgia’s 5-2 finish included an overtime loss to Florida and a loss to an Auburn team that’s pretty good.
“We have in the last seven ball games played Georgia football the way it’s supposed to be played,” said Richt, who again talked about the tougher practices as the key.
Added O’Leary: “What Mark said is right. They’re playing Georgia football now.”
Well, not quite.
“We’re still not playing championship level defense right now,” Richt said.
I try not to read too much into quotes, and I've been critical of the defense as well despite some statistical gains. But the truth of the matter is we're no closer to Georgia football than we were a year ago. That's a mindset that the entire team has, an attitude that allows our silver britches to be more proactive and less reactive. We set the tone, you try and keep up...we dare you.

Tougher practices are a step towards something good. But Richt's clarifier at the end there begs the assumption that things are fixed in the rest of the phases of the game. But until we can smash opponents in the mouth with our run game and our defense, I'll still be waiting.

the Longshots Impossibilities

Last week I promised an individual post for each of my bullet points in Richt's To-Do List. When I made that promise I didn't realize exactly how much reading I would need to do to be able to type intelligently on the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement. And I intended to do these in the order in which they were presented. All that to say two things really: I'm sorry it's taken this long for the first installment and I'm still no expert in lawyerese.

I get the feeling that many fans across the country believe the potential work stoppage in the pros may affect rising seniors and red-shirt juniors' decisions significantly. The fact of the matter is that this likely isn't true at all. Namely for these reasons:
  • I don't believe there will be a work stoppage. It doesn't appear owners or players are in any position financially to afford it. Owners have been hit by the recession pretty hard and players tend to spend as fast as they run. Couple that with the fact that there's been few (if any) hard lines when it comes to negotiating so far and it seems less and less likely the NFLPA and the NFL owners will allow a work stoppage.
  • And even if negotiations eventually do fall through, it would likely come well after January 15th which is the deadline for underclassmen to declare. 
In the words of Montgomery Gentry...Gone!
So I expect current underclassmen like AJ and Justin to monitor the NFL headlines, but it shouldn't prove much of a factor. Any college player with remaining eligibility that declares on the 15th of January will already be cozy with an agent shortly thereafter. Meaning, they're gone. Done with classes and dorm life forever.

Other factors that will come into play with AJ, Justin Houston and any others:
  • Family. Do they feel a pressing need to support their loved ones monetarily? How big of an emphasis is placed on education?
  • Education. How close are they to graduation? And closer doesn't always necessarily help the player lean towards staying. If they are a semester or two away in a major that can be found online, it becomes that much easier to finish in the comfort of their own new home with a brand new laptop.
  • Maturity. Sometimes you see kids jump too soon before they are ready athletically or emotionally. Sometimes you see grown men wait despite the fact that they are ready athletically, simply because they are not yet ready to leave what has become their second home.
But you and I both know the greatest (and usually only) factor is money. I also did a lot of searching in terms of draft status for AJ and Justin. I didn't see AJ below a 5th pick overall and saw Justin as high as late round 1 (keep in mind this is early for even speculative mock drafts, given that the teams' positions on the board plays a big role. Especially for a player like Houston that may not fit every defensive scheme).

I don't have as good a read on Justin, but I'm sure AJ would love to stay another season. But when you're the best prospect at wide receiver and can only help your stock through a proves to be nearly impossible to turn down the money. So I expect both numbers 8 and 42 to be available. We'll see if there are any surprises in the coming weeks.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SEC FOY Honors

Congrats to Aaron Murray, Kwame Geathers and Alec Ogletree for being named SEC Freshmen of the Year. They join Georgia's other All-SEC award winners: Clint Boling, Blair Walsh and Justin Houston (first team) as well as AJ Green, Orson Charles and Drew Butler (second team).

Foley...gone corching

By 3pm yesterday conspiracy theorists had Slurban whistling John Denver melodies and Dan Mullen digging the SPF 50 out from the old suitcase. All that aside, I think Year2 has the most complete list of candidates and non-candidates. Our friend Exile has a short list as well and did a lot of impressive background checking ('s actually jimmycrackedcorndawg's list). And Kit looks at the pros and cons of Meyer suddenly realizing he has a family.

I paid em all! All of em!
And since everyone is compiling lists, I thought I'd add my own...with a twist. As a Dawg fan, here are the guys I would most want to see corching the scripted helmets (in no particular order):
  • Lou Holtz, ESPN - just so he'll stop spitting all over my TV screen.
  • A Meyer Daughter, NATS or Fort Meyers - what better way for a girl to get back at an absentee father than to take his old gig. Then they can give him a taste of his own cold shoulder.
  • Dave Wannstache, some bar - pretty sure he could bring Ditka with him...SEC Media Days just went off the charts!
  • June Jones, SMU - he can bring back at least 90% of his Hawaii wardrobe (sans the grass skirts in favor of jorts).
  • Charley Pell's Ghost, purgatory - old $chool, reptile $tyle!
  • Chan Gailey, Braine's Basement Buffalo - all the cold blood as an FU alum, without the sharp teeth of an actual coach.
  • Jeremy Fowler, Orlando Sentinel - Corch dressed him down, now it's the beat guy's turn to give the beatdown.
Your welcome Foley. And if none of those are available, I hear Joe Paterno is still in the game. You can even scout him New Year's Day for free.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stop Me if You've Heard This One...

...Corch is stepping down...

If true, I guess St. Tebow has called him home.

If this is a sequel of last year and you are a recent commit of Corch's, please stand by. Your nightmare will be over in approximately two weeks.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

UPDATE: more and more signs pointing toward a more truthful rumor this time. 

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Bowl Season - another Festivus Miracle!


I love bowl season. I'm the guy that doesn't get all pissy about there being more bowls than there are eligible teams. The more the merrier.

And I also embrace my heritage...Festivus! 

So if you have some grievances to air, or think you can best me in the feats of strength...SIGN UP. We're donating all proceeds to The Human Fund.

Group: Festivus4theDawgNus
password: GloryGlory

The Cammy Sham Shame: Heisman Trophy Edition

So some writers left Cameron Newton off their Heisman ballot. The Orlando Sun Sentinel's Mike Bianchi was evidently the loudest.
If Newton wins the Heisman, the trophy should be recast in honor of Cam’s dad. The guy on top of trophy shouldn’t have his arm out; he should have his hand out.

But the college game's best player is from Auburn this year. And he was cleared by his own university, then by the game's governing body. One day when...if...when Cam's name is finally sullied by his own actions, that will be the time to potentially deny him what he has earned.

Ok, I understand the feeling of disdain. Most...not all, but most college football fans hate seeing the sport corrupted. And I no more believe Cam was outside of his dad's greed loop than I do Catherine Zeta-Jones is one day going to return my phone calls.

And I don't get the Integrity Card being played so much, based on the laptop and alleged academic improprieties at Florida. Has every Heisman winner been held to such scrutiny? Just in the last couple decades we have at least one admitted self-medicator and a host of winners from Coral Gables who were there about the same time as the focus of the recent 30 for 30 documentary "The U".

I heard Buck Belue lamenting his own ballot Monday to open up his radio show. He hinted at some serious stuff to come out in the future while citing his relationship with John Bond, a key figure in all this MSU mess that seems to have started the investigation. Belue gave no specifics (and I don't know what was said later in the show), but whatever it is isn't relevant in early December 2010.

If it comes to light next month, next year or when Cam sits down with Barbara Walters decades from be it. I don't have a Heisman ballot, which should certainly come as no shock. But if I did Auburn's Cameron Newton would be at its top. I wouldn't feel any shame in that. It's what the NCAA has set in motion, I would just be a cog in its distorted wheel.

The real shame would be that whoever finishes second Saturday, truly will never had the taste of being first.

They Walk This State

Dawgs 73
Nerds 72

It wasn't pretty, especially in the first half. But a win on the road is a welcome sign. And one over the Trade School is always welcome.

Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt has some words for Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets guard Jason Morris (14) in the second half of the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech NCAA men's basketball game at Alexander Memorial Coliseum in Atlanta on Tuesday Dec. 7, 2010. Georgia won, 73-72.   (David Tulis/Staff/
Which one is our basket kid? They look the same.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ray Drew Interview

For you recruitniks out there, hope you had a chance to catch this interview with Thomas County Central DE Ray Drew. FoxSports and's Laura McKeeman gives us a look at the personal side of the Thomasville preacher.

Kid would look awfully good in red and black. Drew's deciding between Georgia, Florida, LSU, Clemson, Auburn and Tennessee.

And in case you haven't seen him in action, this video courtesy of 247Sports.

Another Coach T Endorsement

Yesterday I told you I wasn't sweating this S & C hire, so you probably figured I was done typing about it. So did I. But last night I realized I had missed another former player's endorsement of Joe Tereshinski. If you read Rex's applause, Ben Dukes mixes in some hopes and serious questions as the football program makes this transition.

This part is particularly on point:
I'm hoping Joe T can diagnose the problem and turn it around. I'm hoping his presence will be a solid motivational factor...because I think it's THERE where our team may have been lacking. Kids who are motivated don't skip reps. Kids who are motivated don't loaf. Kids who are motivated finish every drill, they finish every play, they finish every game. This is what we're looking for out of Georgia in 2011. 
Since I've gone on record and admitted what knowledge I have of a D-1 strength and conditioning program is just slightly more than what I know about air traffic controllers keeping everyday from being the Fourth of July, I put a lot of weight in what former players are saying and tweeting. I've never believed we were decades behind the Bamas and the Floridas. But the rumors of lacking accountability coupled with visual evidence of this last season in particular have brought this festering to the top. 

They have great facilities, as do we. They recruit superior athletes, as do we. What's been missing has been what Dukes describes passionately as an unwillingness to accept anything but greatness. And that motivation comes from the one coach who can truly influence these guys for the entire calendar year.

And from what I'm hearing, Coach T has enough GATAttitude to spread all 365...and then some. As Dukes says, it's either what you're doing or how you're doing it. Somewhere along the line Coach T convinced the head guy he could get better results.

I'm ready for them.

Mumme Poll - final ballot

Ohio State
Michigan State

Final thoughts:

  • no changes this week. I guess the gap I have in my brain between Oregon and Auburn closed some.
  • Good season I think for the Mumme Poll. It may not have been as dramatic as others in terms of various teams having arguments/claims to #1. But the process of voting and providing accountability is even better. So if next season returns to the pool of chaos that only the BCS can provide, I think the Mumme Poll voters will be ready.
  • If you weren't a voter this season, I really hope you'll join us should those guys continue to do the awesome job that they are doing there.
  • as Porky Pig said....That's all folks!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Zach is Back

In the least surprising news since Auburn staked its BCS claim Saturday night, Zach Mettenberger made official his intentions to wreak havoc on the SEC by committing to LSU. He has three years to try and match the wits of his hat coach.
Mettenberger plans to move to Baton Rouge in the coming week, begin classes during spring semester and participate in LSU’s spring practices. He will have three years of eligibility remaining for the Tigers.
The 6-foot-5, 247-pound Mettenberger was a highly touted prospect when he enrolled early out of high school as a part of UGA’s 2009 signing class. After redshirting the 2009 season, he competed this past spring for the quarterback job, actually throwing for more yards than Aaron Murray and Logan Gray in the G-Day Game.
He held scholarship offers from a number of schools, including Alabama, Louisville and Texas A&M.

Monday's Meatloaf - This is the Sound a Fan Makes When He Vomits

On the 8th day, God created Cammy Cam... - Cecil Newton, Holy Zion Center of Revulsion

And it was a little too sweet. - Tracy Wolfson

When it's not my team out there I always at least attempt to view the events on the field through my what if it was my team that sold its soul for this championship glasses. Maybe you have a pair as well. And luckily Saturday night we had a little shin-dig that kept me otherwise occupied for most of the SECCG. But as the game wore on and the adoration for all things Cameron reached St. Tebow proportions, I tried to put myself in the shoes of the CBS producer who had to teeter between a game that was eternally boring and the circus that was the Abuurn sideline.

I paid that kid how much for this?
I love college football, but thank goodness for remote controls and satellite signals. I mean, I thought having to choose a side between the cheatin' barners and the lousy lamecocks was going to be the hard part to stomach. But Wolfson swallowing Cam's concoction while he jumped up and down and made out with Trooper was the icing on the crapcake.

I just hope Slive got everything he bargained for.

Today's Ingredients
  • The Senator thinks Wolfson missed an opportunity to audition for a cameo role on CSI: Plainsmen.
  • Of course, it's official now...we're Liberty Bowl bound! Memphis, Beale Street...George O'Leary's typerwriter.
  • Big Muddy is ready to turn Memphis into a football town. If you want to join him, here's the official bowl website and here's the UGA ticket home page.
  • If you're having trouble getting excited about Memphis, or Central Florida...Lugnut runs down the matchup and the bowl with an early preview.
  • And Coach Magill remembers the previous visits to the Liberty Bowl.
  • Chris Low has the SEC Bowl schedule
  • Meanwhile some of the bowl names have Dawgola Tesla a little sick to his stomach.
  • Congrats to Abuurn! They are not only heading to the BCS Wonderland, they also catapulted the nearly idle Ducks in the poll. 
  • In related news, The Anti-Orange Page has a Holy Zion Center of Deliverance update (link corrected).
  • And Lucid Idiocy is just confused by more War Tiglesmen antics.
  • But if nothing else, Awwbarn's greatest contribution to college football this season will always be allowing us to see the Visor opt for a field goal attempt when down by 35. Awesome!
  • Colorado's new coach is John Embree, Redskins' TE coach.
  • There's a reason tailgaters aren't starting quarterbacks. Leave it to a bunch of Pac-Ten puppies to bring a pigskin to a knife fight.
  • DaugMan has an update on former Dawg hoopster Troy Brewer.
  • And a big shout-out to my 6 year old, who got up Saturday and adorned herself in red and black then found me to ask: Daddy...what time does Georgia play today?
Normally, my heart would've sunk to a new low. But this season was so exasperating, I could only look at her and thankfully tell her that it would be a few weeks. 

While some of the surprise has faded from the Joe Tereshinki appointment, Rex weighs in on the decision with a first hand endorsement. I'll admit to being more than a little shocked to hear of the S & C change. But I'm certainly not fretting over it like many others are. From reading Coach T's comments to the media I think we're going to get accountability and responsibility in the weight room.
“The whole culture that we’re going with is we’re going to prepare this team for the fourth quarter. Georgia used to be known that in the fourth quarter they won. That’s what’s going to be the culture. We’re going to press and challenge these kids every day to overcome.”
And that's been the greatest eyesore from my seat this season. So many games were lost in the final 15 minutes when we couldn't seem to muster the energy to play half of it. I'm sure we'll hear lots of positives of about the changes in the off-season. We always do. But we'll know in the Dome against Boise if the change is gonna provide results.

I expect it to. Just as I expect this Monday to cower in my supremacy's shadow. Here's your fork Reader. You have a good one too.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random Hoop Thoughts: Bees and McThree

Reading Exile's Hate Week - Basketball Edition and subsequently Hoop Dawgs' recap of the win over UAB, got me a little anxious about the upcoming matchup with the bees Tuesday night. I hope we win...BIG.

Was talking to a Tech buddy last night, and he' hearing Paul Hewitt is safely entrenched on their bench at least until their new arena opens up in 2012. I find this as good news as Mark Fox can coach circles around Hewitt. But a big beatdown might just slow down some of the jacket coach's recruiting in the state.

I haven't seen every game this season, but from what I have seen we look to be a dangerous team. I work with a guy who knows the Robinson family pretty well, and he'd been warning me about Gerald Jr. I haven't been disappointed at all. He could have the type of season on the hardwood that we just witnessed 'tween the hedges with Aaron Murray. And with a deeper bench, Leslie's weekly Sportscenter countdown donations, and Thompkins and Price...good things are ahead.

Hopefully Tuesday night is another miserable night to be a helluva engiNerd. I just wish we had Ricky McPhee back to break opponents out of their zone...