Saturday, December 18, 2010

GATA Verron Haynes

I was watching a Munson DVD (as I'm apt to do when college football is in near hibernation) and nearly broke another sofa jumping up and down when P-44 Haynes stepped on their face with a hobnail boot.

My God Almighty, did you see what he did?

That's the signature play Haynes is known for of course. It was a welcome sight seeing him cradle that pass in the checkerboard endzone. But later that season he ran over Ole Miss and NATS, gaining 192 against the Rebels and 207 against the engiNerds (a single game record in the Mark Richt era).

Verron is a Damn Good Dawg. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him play and have enjoyed following him on Twitter as well. This week he even constructed  an All-Dawg defensive team, taking votes on the best players to wear the Georgia G. He may have even done the offensive players yesterday. Between work, travel and family I may have missed it. 

Haynes truly appreciates his time as a Georgia player and his fans that remember him so fondly. And the feeling will always be mutual because he knew how to GATA.

Bonus retro link - Jennifer from La Jolla's interview with Verron.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Friday Headers

Quick programming note. Heading out of town for a few days, most of which I will be operating sans WiFi'd interwebs. In short, I'll be on the 3G network solament√©. I've got some things in the can for weekend posting. I've asked Darren the Intern to construct a meatloaf for Monday, but I haven't seen him since we put up the Festivus pole last week. So we'll see. Until my return, hopefully my phone can handle any major breaking the AJC Sports staff giving Aron White a standing ovation today (for details, see Karma bullet below).

Anyway, here's some headlines.
Well, it all sounds pretty glamourous, but it's
business as usual at Kramerica.
  • More good news about this off season attitude adjustment. "It's going to weed out people that want to work from the people that are just here for the name." - Christian Robinson on the new S&C program. (h/t PWD)
  • Karma is an awkward dance partner, but right now she's swinging Coach Richt's way. Two gloryglorious headlines for his players that surely made the AJC sports staff weep uncontrollably for hours. Exile updates you on both, Out of Control and then More Out of Control.
  • Yesterday I stressed the obvious importance of signing Jenkins. Well, Kwame's up for the challenge and ready to take on all comers.
  • But it doesn't sound like ($$) Gabe Wright wants to be a part of that competition. In related news he wears flip-flops while eating waffles.
  • Low writes that history may not be on Auburn's side when they go duck hunting.
  • Hamp wants us to remember some special heroes during the holidays.
  • And just one more day to join the Festivus Bowl Pool. Come one, come all...come lose to Bernie. (password = GloryGlory)
Now back to your regularly scheduled Friday loafing. Don't strain anything.

You just can't make this (crap) up...

...but it's really no surprise when the football program is being run by an anthropology TA...a dean...someone called a chancellor.

Vandy edges closer and closer to hiring their next intramural tackle football coach. Which was news to me since I thought they already got the guy from Maryland's staff. Obviously I stopped paying attention once Malzahn said...nah, thanks though.

And last night they announced via Facebook that their announcement would come as...wait for it...wait...a status update. Yup, that's right. Social Networking meets the gridiron.

To respond to Vanderbilt's friendship request click here. As a bonus you'll also get the latest on Ron Prince's ascension into Nashvegas. Epic!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

John Jenkins is ready NOW!

If Isaiah Crowell is vital to the 2011 Dawg class because of his playbreaking ability and the fact that he is in state, John Jenkins is just as important for the other side of the ball. Grantham's defense had it's issues in its first season...and not all of them were named the wheel route.

Justin Anderson sat out the season after toe surgery. Deangelo Tyson and Kwame Geathers just never commanded enough attention up front. Tyson's a little undersized for the position and Geathers either had trouble gaining the trust of his coaches or wasn't conditioned well enough for the bulk of the snaps. Maybe both.

But Jenkins can start against Boise State Saturday September 3rd if he so chooses. He eats space, commands the offensive line's attention and then laughs as they try to block him. He's spent the last two seasons at Mississippi Gulf Coast eating biscuits and getting ready for D-1 football. And ladies and gentlemen, that day is here. 

Here...check him out.

Jenkins was a hard Oklahoma State commit, but has recently opened things up a bit. Now coaches are clamoring for a chat on Mama Jenkins' sofa, cuz that is the way Big John wants it. Basically, if you want my LOI, come talk to my family in Connecticut.

And that's just what Coach Richt and Coach Grantham will be doing this weekend. Garner's already visited a MGC practice, along with a host of other potential suitors. This has to end with Jenkins on campus in Athens. There are other nose guards in high school cafeterias who will be ready one day. But Big John is ready now.

Chad Gloer, UGA Letterman

Great piece by Loran Smith yesterday on Chad Gloer.  I like it for several reasons, not the least of which is that it reminds me of why I love college football.
Chad didn’t enroll in Athens to prepare for a long career in pro football. He came to earn a degree and to enjoy being a member of the Georgia team. He played because he loved the game and, not insignificantly, he loved his school.
The humility of his attitude makes one appreciate college football – the greatest of games. While I am, as a Georgia graduate, proud of those who bring great honor to the institution with their ability to excel among the NFL’s best, I will always have a warm place in my heart for the Chad Gloers, and those who walk on and play because of their affection for the game and for love of alma mater. He didn’t make All-America, but will be remembered as an all-American boy.
Thank you Chad. You're a Damn Good Dawg. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The MusChomp Mentor

I only have one thought on the new corch presser/introduction/swampbilly lap dance from last night, and it has to do with ego. This will bring back a painful memory or two for the Dawg nation, but bear with me.
January 1st Corch...then
that's it.

The relationship between Meyer and Muschamp is great right now. There's pats on the back, fist bumps, high's like two lizards just chillin' in the Florida sunshine. But I started thinking more about this relationship (thanks in part to La Jolla)...when's the last time we saw something like this?

Maybe it's the awkward Georgia-Florida ties in this one to begin with, but the first one that came to mind was when Coach Dooley was pushed aside for Damon Evans. Dooley was the living legend that was suddenly removed from that spacious power office and set up in a glorifed janitor's closet.

Next thing you know Damon and Muschamp have trimmed the fat off of the current staff and things might not be so nice and rosy muddy when the dust settles. And no, I'm not suggesting that Dooley had anything to do with those Buckhead martinis back in July. But the possibility is there for our former walk-on earned his scholly defensive back to be found tottering along a curb next to officer friendly...who is holding a pair of orange panties by the tip of his ball point pen.

It's possible...God forbid.

Are Bradley and Johnson back from their Honeymoon yet?

Just a random thought, based mostly on my contempt for the AJC and partially on that lustful essay by Bradley for Coach Pajammies after the season finale. I just simply got to wondering, what's the best wedding gift for the two of them once they return from their Vermont civil union?
  • Nerd Snuggies. Yeh, probably too obvious. Besides, they probably already have a set.
  • How about matching His and His joysticks? Simple, useful and practical.
  • Matching Smart cars...?? Really too expensive for a couple douchebags.
  • Maybe a gift isn't the way to go. Perhaps something service related. Like offering to proofread their co-authored worst-seller, How to Lose a Game Without Getting Outcoached!!!!1
  • Or maybe just some tickets to an actual D-1 football game, such as Georgia...or Georgia State.
  • Paulie....Oprah's on..

Tank Carradine Spurns the Sweater Vests

Cornelius "Tank" Carradine announces his next stop in his playing career today. He's an Ohio product and is now moving on from Butler Community College as one of the nation's top JUCOs. A couple years ago he seemed to be in Coach Tressel's back pocket and many thought he'd be easy to lure back home after a stellar junior college career. However, it's believed he's an FSU lean, with the Dawgs still in it for this behemoth...and Buckeye fans are none too pleased about this recent turn of events.
Cornelius "Tank" Carradine will be committing to Florida State on Wednesday, and he will not be missed by the Ohio State staff after the stunt he pulled this weekend.
Carradine, a Junior College recruit, was scheduled to officially visit Ohio State this weekend but did not make it to Columbus. Carradine took the flight as planned, but instead of traveling to Columbus for his official visit, he used the opportunity to go home to Cincinnati to see his mother. He essentially used Ohio State's interest in him to bum a free plane trip home.
There's no question this guy will play early wherever he decides to go. Unfortunately, we may have gotten in a little too late on this one. But it does sound like we have made serious strides towards getting another JUCO d-lineman's signature...more on John Jenkins later.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Boykin and Glenn Jumping Ship?

If AJ and Houston are near certain locks for an early departure, it would seem that Boykin and Cordy Glenn are on the next tier - about 50/50. Both were in that meeting with Falcons' exec Rich McKay last week. And even though both have had less than stellar 2010 seasons, they may end up opting to leave Athens altogether. Glenn has been projected highly on underclassmen draft boards and is rumored to be considering the option of leaving seriously. Boykin's status sounds like it depends mostly on the feedback he gets from the NFL.

But all in all, Georgia's electrifying kick returner sounds like he's taking the decision in stride:
“I think I played pretty well, but I’ve got a lot of things I need to improve on,” Boykin said. “Going back and looking at the film from the last couple of games, there were a lot of plays that I left on the field. But overall, I feel pretty good.”
I think both realize they can only improve their stock with a solid senior season. We'll just have to see how satisfied they are with where they stand now.

Things I can't quite understand

Beer without calories...caring about NBA basketball...the allure of shopping malls...

Could floriDuh go "all Dawg"?
Yesterday I added two more things to the list: Gus Malzahn turning down $3 million to win 5-7 games for Vanderbilt each season...and Kirby Smart contemplating a lateral move to floriDuh.

First, Malzahn. I know, I's Vandy. Five wins in a season is a tremendous success. And unless the Auburn OC went there and made them bowl eligible within the first two seasons he'd be considered a flash in the pan. But three MILLION! A few years ago this guy was helping line a high school field on Thursday nights and trying to get meals comp'd at the local pig shack. He has to be tremendously confident that either a) something better is coming soon or b) Auburn's offense is going to be just as glamorous next season.

I mean, did I miss something? Is sCam coming back?

Next...and this one cuts deep...Kirby "twisted dagger" Smart. Nearly a year ago he was choosing not to make a (lucrative) lateral move to come home to Athens. I completely understood when he decided not to. Momma Bama ponied up and Uncle Nicky provides stability beyond measure.

And yes, Will Muschamp may prove to be a great hire. I'd be surprised if two years from now the college football world isn't looking back at that as a good move by Foley. Of course, to please the vertical clappers (h/t Kit) he'll need to be well north of great after this run they've had recently.

But back to present day, this is a reach hire. Muschamp's never been a head coach. And now Smart is thinking about taking a step off of the Queen Mary onto a pontoon that may or may not spring a leak...and has scripted GAYTORS lettering...??


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

UPDATE: looks like he may stay...maybe...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Champion Inception

Okay...bear with me here. Together, let's take a leap of faith. I've found a way to reconnect Georgia football with prosperity once again...


I just watched it for the second time the other night and it came to me, like a dream. For those who haven't seen this incredible movie, I promise not to spoil it for you. Here's a trailer that can bring you up to speed for the moment. Then go and watch it as soon as possible.

Before we break for lunch, let's play with a couple quotes, alter them and use that to our advantage:
  • If we're going to perform Inception at the GA Dome in December then we need imagination to beat floriDuh.
  • A single idea from the human mind can build cities championship football programs.
  • You create the world of the dream. You bring the subject into that dream...and they fill it with their secrets championship trophies.

Today's Ingredients
  • Tons of coaching news over the weekend, the biggest of which may be Piggy Petrino's buyout. Whoa Nellie!!
  • But most of the ink has been spilled on floriDuh's new corch. Like Pl0we, I never thought I'd see the day either. But the older I get, the less there is that surprises me.
  • CFN has five viewpoints on the Muschamp hire. I can't agree with all of Mitchell's points, but it's the speed at which a decision was made that is the most curious. Like he says, it's not like the Texas DC was going anywhere.
  • It's still a little unclear if Malzahn has taken the Vandy job (I think the W-Post just eff'd up the headline), or is still mulling it over. UPDATE: he decides to stay on the plains.
  • But Kevin at College Football Zealots thinks it would be a smart move for the Auburn OC. At least $3 million times over I would say. And regardless of how it plays out, the Senator $ee$ a $eriou$ precedent being $et.
  • The era of the Golden Hurricanes begins in Coral Gables. *yawn*
  • Big Muddy draws on another movie's parallel to come to peace with the Muschomp hire.
  • And Northern Illinois is set to name their new head coach today...*chirp, chirp*...okay then, onto some recruiting news...
  • Justin Scott-Wesley had wavered a bit in his commitment to CMR. But sounds like he was reassured this weekend that the coaching staff he committed to will be Athens a while.
  • Meanwhile over at DawgPostFletcher writes ($$) that Jay Rome may have left Athens even closer to a decision and Simmons says Damian Swann is ever closer to his big announcement ($$).
  • AJ Green is close to a decision on the NFL, but doesn't see the potential lockout as much of a factor.
  • Still some room around the Festivus pole if you want to enter in my bowl pool (password = GloryGlory). Remember, all proceeds go to The Human Fund.
  • And Drew at Saturday Down South contrasts the last two Heisman acceptance speeches. I'll just say that I'm truly sorry the elder Newton couldn't be in NYC for the ceremony. It woulda saved Chizik some postage expense with the next payment.

So back to the task at hand, the possibilities are endless as long as the top stops spinning. I say we start with these:

  • Coach Richt - Two-a-days are God's way of toughening the football soul...then...Jacksonville is a comfortable place for a fall Saturday.
  • Coach Bobo - Aaron Murray is the key to your future. Muschamp can't stop him. Only you can.
Then we can move on to some recruits:
  • Isaiah Crowell - You need Athens as much as Athens needs you.
  • Gabe Wright - Orange is a bad color for someone your size.
  • John Jenkins - Stillwater is a cesspool. Silver Britches can make you famous.
If this goes well I think we should then consider moving on to our true enemies. I just wish I had thought of this in time to plant an idea or two in Jeremy Foley's mind - Chan Gailey is the ol' ball coach of the modern era. Leave some suggestions below if you have any. Otherwise, here's your fork. Go have a Monday! 


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas comes early for Florida...and Texas

Will Muschamp is the new corch in waiting at Gayturdsville U. Jeremy Foley easily has a top five program in college football, yet decided to pull a page out of Mike Hamilton's AD play book and hire someone to spite UGA. It may take me some time to decide which is more awkward for me as a Georgia fan, a Dooley on a Tennessee sideline or a former Dawg letterman in the swamp.

"Now you wait right here son, 'til I'm done..."
In all seriousness, it would seem to me that there were a few people at least that didn't want to try and fill Corch's shoes. I can't blame them really. Muschamp may be the only guy that was offered the job, but there's no way he was at the top of list A.

Some sidenotes rattling around in my brain:
  • I'll reserve judgment until we see his staff. He's young and has a good resume. But Muschamp left the Texas sideline in a state of disrepair. If he can pull some SEC and NFL ties, this hire will feel a lot less like a reach.
  • However, Dan Mullen had to be the top choice. How deep is he in this Cam mess? Or did he just not want to follow in his former head coach's footsteps?
  • Was Muschamp actively looking to get out of Austin? Or did he make a pitch to stay and get promoted to Head Coach? (Things are upside down right now at UT)
  • Lots of Dawg fans upset at Muschamp. But I can't blame a guy for wanting a head gig; Will is obviously desperate to knock the lid off his coaching potential. If I recall correctly, Muschamp never beat Florida...and now FU fans have to accept him as their own. Would you ever want Reggie Ball as Aaron Murray's QB coach?
  • That being said, he's dead to me. *spits on laptop*
  • Also a lot of people made mention of Florida announcing during the Heisman ceremony. What about the murmurs that had to be going on at the Gala in Athens last night.
Thanks Foley.

Recruiting Spotlight: Quan Bray

When I went back and read yesterday's post, felt like I slighted Quan a bit. So here's a rundown and a video of the player that is like a symmetrical opposite to Branden Smith in my mind: he can play both sides of the ball, but probably concentrates on offense.

Quan Bray
measureables: 5'11" 175lbs
speed: 4.46/40
high school: Troup Co.
position(s): RB, WR, QB, DB