Sunday, January 9, 2011

AJ Green, more than #8 in our hearts

Once the season ended we all wanted to just forget football. But knowing that today's announcement that AJ Green would forgo his senior season was coming eventually, I afforded myself a little time to reflect on what my favorite AJ moment was.

The task, as you probably would suspect is impossible. My first thought went to the desert back in 2008. That was AJs breakout game as a true freshman. He went for 159 yards on 8 receptions with one touchdown.

But the following year when the Sun Devils came to Athens is probably his signature game in my mind. Without him on the field after the monsoon, we don't win that game.

Without a doubt, one of Sanford's most memorable performances. Adriel Jeremiah Green, one of Georgia's all-time greatest.

Best of luck AJ. Carolina's a bunch of idiots if they don't take you #1. And if they do, please take it easy on the Falcons' secondary those two games. The rest of the time, GATA.

AJ Green - DamnGoodDawg

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