Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All Dawg, or All Slive

First this...I'm actively rooting for Arkansas tonight. More on that in a sec.

But that begs the question...why would I root for any team in the SEC other than my own? I ask that because I see this issue come up a lot during bowl season on the Twitter and message boards. I didn't root for the FU fight'n gators in the recent MNC games, didn't root for LSU...or Bama last year. I've never cheered for South Cracky in any of their numerous bowls throughout the history of the game....(Ahem!)

It evidently says so
on his birth certificate
I guess I can surmise a situation where I would be compelled to root for a geographical rival, if it somehow helped my Dawgs in the fangled BCS rankings. However, I would only do so with my internal Mute button on and would never, EVER admit to it.

I just don't feel the pride in a conference that would require me to root for the 11 other members. Others do. They feel like any SEC win is a feather in their own cap. They get into this conference bowl championship crap when really, the Big Ten (or whatever) does a fine job screwing up on their own without anyone else's help.

So why? Why would I want to pull for Tennessee to beat the Tarheels? I hate that song. And does it help me if Auburn wins Monday? Does it help our coaches in recruiting? Does it help educators across America in the fight against illiteracy?

The answer's no. But yes...I'm making an exception tonight with Petrino's Piggies. An Arkansas win celebrates so many things: even more #NCAAfail, yet another #Buckeyefail and more reason the divorce between BMFP (h/t Heath) and the Atlanta Falcons was one of the ugliest, yet most satisfying in all of sports.

HogPigSouie! (or whatever...)

and Go Falcons!!