Monday, January 31, 2011

Beer Saved the Weekend

If you watched last night's How Beer Saved the World on Discovery, you get it. But if you came here expecting meatloaf today, my apologies. You can blame it on the Winter Beer Festival at The Masquerade Saturday. It was a hoppy time. Very hoppy.

But here are a couple links nonetheless:
  • Kent Turene made official what has been suspected for awhile, he's wide open ($$).
  • Great finish to a great tournament for former Dawg golfer Bubba Watson at Torrey Pines. Another DamnGoodDawg!
  • And Clarkson has a primer piece for the upcoming Diamond Dawgs season.
Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. - Thomas Jefferson Ben Franklin...maybe. (h/t Amos)

My favorites from the Masquerade all came from the top floor, which of course is aptly referred to as Heaven. In no real particular order: Southern Tier's Old Man Winter, Wild Heaven's Invocation, Southern Tier's 2xIPA and a Sweetwater Georgia Brown.

And since both Purgatory and Hell had good brews as well (not to mention better music)...I'm officially no longer afraid to pass on. Although I'm still not clear on how they keep it cold in Hell.


fourboysbrewpub said...

I thought they were kind of reaching a little last night with all the things they were trying to tie beer to. Math & Language really?

Bernie said...

I think some of it was more than a little tongue in cheek. But if I were an Egyptian helping to build the Pyramids I know what symbols and calculations I would be recording on my wall for the weekend.

Cojones said...

So who continues to save the world? Those that brew and keep the price down. They should have awards for those brewers who keep the wonderful taste in their brew. I nominate Leinenkugels for domestic and all Belgium beers for foreign. May God favor those who brew such tasty morsels. And you can take it with you fishing and golfing and......

AthensHomerDawg said...

on another note ....VolNation has Richardson as a silent commit.
For what it's worth.