Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coach Searels, Planes and Mack Brown...

Coach Searels and his wife have left the state. They are expected to land in Austin, where one report has the UGA offensive line coach and running game coordinator being named to the Texas Longhorn staff as their offensive line coach.

Weiszer, who was one of a small gathering of reporters who met Searels at Ben Epps, said the coach was polite but had no comment.
“No comment,” Searels said when asked if he had accepted a job on Mack Brown’s Longhorns’ staff.
Searels was accompanied by his wife Patricia as he spoke outside Athens-Ben Epps airport this afternoon., the Texas affiliate, reported that Searels would fill the vacancy left on Texas’ staff when Mac McWhorter retired.
“You all always believe that?” Searels asked the three reporters who met him at the airport.
It seems like both the right and the wrong time to move to Austin Texas. Football coaching positions are tenuous at best in Athens right now. They aren't much better on the Longhorns' staff.

But regardless of how this plays out, I appreciate Coach Searels. He's a good man with a great family. I don't think he got the most out of his players this past season especially. But I always appreciate hard work, and I'm sure he put plenty of that in. 

Sometimes it's just the right time for a change.


AthensHomerDawg said...

Sorry Bernie... not directed at you personally and I read you every day but........ "If CMR is under scrutiny( a good man with a great family who didn't get the most from all his coaching staff) for his lack of HC direction then Searels is certainly to be held accountable for the lack of any production from what was considered to be our strongest suit prior to the 2010 season and certainly contributed to our miserable ground game and miserable season.The O line was our strong point and it got it's butt pushed all over the field. If the S&C ain't where it's suppose to be and it's not your fault man up raise hell and make someone responsible.
Always enjoy your blog I don't mean to sound too negative. Thanx.

Bernie said...

No, appreciate the comment as always. Maybe it didn't come across, but I was making CSS directly responsible when I said he didn't get the most from his line this season. The lack of running game and the poorly inconsistent play of the line was his responsibility. I don't agree that it was solely his fault, just as the "glorious" offensive production wasn't solely Bobo's doing.

But when a man is leaving town (as it appears Searels is) I try to go against the swell of criticism that I read about from fans and show some appreciation for the work that he did here. I even managed something similar when Martinez, Jancek and Fabris were let go.