Sunday, January 9, 2011

Coaching Rumor Mill Lolz!!!!1

Lesticles (h/t Exile) and Meechegan are currently sliding into second base with their hands up each others' shirts. So let the pseudo-psycho dominos fall where they may.

The natural follow up is, well who are the early names at Nebraska and FSU? I mean, if we're gonna speculate...let's make it speculatacular!!

Of course, this is the site that brought this groundbreaking tweet...brace yourself...itttt'sss a biiiigggggeee....

There's a pretty good chance that marriage could work. You know, since the guy is like 61-5 while already in Boise. But I'm also hearing Bear Bryant may be out in Tuscaloosa while there may be trouble for George O'Leary at Notre Dame.

So stay tuned.

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