Friday, January 14, 2011

Congrats, Yata

You gotta give him credit, Sundiata Gaines is relentless, a worker...tireless player. Yet Dawg fans have know this for quite some time.

So congrats to Gaines on signing another 10 day contract with the Raptors. I know very, very little about NBA basketball. But I do know this: He survived Felton. He survived a tornado. Surely he can survive Toronto.


ucheedawg said...

That SEC Championship tourney a couple years back when he took the team on his shoulders was one of my most enjoyable basketball experiences ever. What a great competitor. I wish we had gotten a better draw in the Big Dance that year, but it was an awesome run regardless.

Ollllddude said...

Yata has been successful before in the NBA. It seems like he is the Crash Davis of pro basketball - a guy that gets hired to fill in for suddenly missing players, and I think he is making a name for himself among General Managers in need of short term and quick help.

I know that if he had his druthers, he'd rather have a full time contract. But this doesn't suck, either, and he continues to live up to his name which I think translates a "Warrior". I am proud he was a Dawg.