Friday, January 14, 2011

A few simple words...

A couple people have asked, so here's a few thoughts on the headlines from this week:

  • Dowtin - the bottomline is this is what is best for the football team and Marcus himself. He may not have been let go simply because of what happened in Maryland last May, but it was the icing on a pretty distasteful cake. Dowtin will regroup and take his talents elsewhere for a fresh start, he'll do well. And our locker room will benefit just as much.
  • S&C - the addition of Tony Gilbert, Thomas Brown and Kendrell Bell coupled with the beginning of off season workouts has brought some more criticism and discussion among fans. And while the whole direction we've taken is pretty probably makes more sense to evaluate this thing in depth once all of the hires are public. And save a thorough critique until after the South Carolina game.
  • Fran Tarkenton - I didn't really find his comments all that surprising. I've read and heard him say similar things before. The only thing that's really newsworthy here is the timing of it. Coach Richt has made himself an easy target now. Which means radio stations are more likely to give guys like Tarkenton 13 minutes to make sound bytes. The more intriguing question to me is - a year from now, will 680theFan give Fran the airtime to apologize...or say he told us so?
That's two pennies, from me to you.


AthensHomerDawg said...

Scrambling Frans exploits in the business community as the front man for start ups is well documented. I am unconvinced of his business acumen but he has marketed himself well. Coach Butts tolerated actions from Francis that Coach Bobo would have benched him for. I’m curious as to why anyone should care what Fran thinks about Brett Farve, Jay Cutler or Mark Richt. I just don’t find him relevant today. 680The Fan has whored out commentators before and has been very critical of Georgia football. I remember Coach Dooley having to respond to 680 on the air during the demise of Coach Goff. I hope we don’t get caught up in that rabid witch hunt again. Perhaps it would be more appropriate for a former Georgia grid iron star to follow Rex Robinson’s meme. There’s enough negativity in the Dog-o-sphere. We don’t need anymore piling on! Especially now, during this the last push in a seriously important recruiting period, from a major Atlanta sports radio outlet, that just happens to feature another Georgia football hero. Just sayin’!

Freight Train Jones said...

I will say that the S&C Program is definitely going in the right direction. In addition to the former Dawgs who can relate to the players more and enforce accountability in the weight room, we're going to be working with CES guys for speed training during the off-season and we've added another nutritionist to the staff (to help Rex Bradberry, her name is Cheryl Zonkowski, she used to work at Florida is one of the best in the business). Most of these changes wouldn't have been possiblie under Damon Evans. McGarity, Grantham, and Belin are three hires that are going to do dividends for the team and program in the next few years.

SSB Charley said...

I have no idea whether they will lead to any improvement w/r/t S & C, but when I saw Gilbert's and Bell's names as new staffers, it caused a Chris Matthews-like shiver to go up my leg, followed by maniacal giggling. Pathetic, I know. Nonetheless, those two (as well as Brown) are some of my favorite Dawgs. Glad to see them back and helping with the program.

Bernie said...

@AthensHomer - yeh, I don't necessarily disagree with much of what Tark said, but it comes across as low and uncalled for. Rex has a pretty good gait to follow, agreed.

@Freight and @SSB Charley Thrilled with the addition of Brown and wish we could add Gilbert and Bell sooner. I think I read where they are joining on in May.