Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gameday Live Blog

Price rebounds. Robinson dishes. Leslie dunks. Bernie blogs.

Sounds like a winning combination. Unfortunately, I probably have a lot of kinks to iron out to make this successful. So this is kind of a test post to see how well I can access it on my phone this afternoon, then I can make any necessary adjustments before I leave for Athens.

I will NOT take my laptop into Stegeman!! I may embrace technology, but I'm not an engiNerd.

So you may see this post come and go (deleted) briefly as I test it out. But regardless I'll have it up and ready prior to tip off. If all goes well, well before tipoff. So come back for some fun and hopefully a win over the hated gators.

Go Dawgs!

Also, one last thing. If you're on twitter and would rather your updates stream directly to this live blog, let me know on Twitter as a mention or a DM. This should allow me to do that.

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