Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - a Clueless Slumber

Pardon me if my words kind of jumble together today. I recently survived an attack and I'm still somewhat shaken.

They descended upon our residence on Friday, disguised as nine year old pre-teens. But by the time they had all left Saturday my wife and I had somehow endured endless screaming, running, jumping. some Taylor Swift rumor mongering and probably two full years worth of "likes". You know - Like...I mean like, she is like...SOOOO, like pretty!

Worse, I suspect it was my own daughter Conner that helped them gain entry. They ate our pizza, drank incessantly, consumed nearly an entire sheet cake and then the real chaos commenced. When I envisioned a slumber party prior to Friday evening, I saw them all cuddled up in the play room watching Disney movies until falling asleep somewhere in the neighborhood of ten o'clock. And every time I thought they were upstairs for good they'd come bounding down again screaming to decibels not meant for households in countries where muzzles on kids are frowned upon. 

I just kept looking at our chocolate lab Munson and apologizing with my eyes. By the time they finished their ice cream he stopped acknowledging me altogether. And when I fell asleep sometime very early Saturday morning Taylor Swift was still single, but the playroom smelled like finger nail lacquer and the intruders were starting another movie...refusing to give in, determined to ruin my entire weekend.

By 7am the next morning the madness ensued once again. If Ms. Swift is so Fearless, I'd like to see her host of these thigs. Perhaps by the time Conner's 10 and they all return with their sleeping bags (that are used for God knows what cuz it ain't the intended purpose for sure) and fuzzy slippers, Munson will acknowledge me again.

Today's Ingredients
  • Dawgola Tesla wrote in his preview that he thought Fox's Dawgs were up for a rebound game. And it certainly was, in more ways than one. Bizarro dogs outboarded 43-21.
  • Great story on Dustin Ware by the AJCs Steve Hummer (h/t Daugman). If you were at UGA when I was, it will bring back some meningitis memories.
  • Dawg Stephen saw a lot of progress in Saturday's hardcourt win.
  • And HoopDawg is impressed by the character of the win, following up both SEC losses with blowout wins.
  • Calipari could probably coach Auburn's defense with that kind of language. Nice Exile. Well done sir.
  • The GymDogs beat Auburn Friday night with some very young faces.
  • Yesterday the Lady Dawgs remained unbeaten by pounding MSU as well.
  • Some of you younguns, if you only know the name Pulpwood as the foul mouthed chimp that previews need to give Garbin's latest post a good read.
  • BullDawg Josh doesn't understand the ebb of hate towards Coach Richt, in the flow of love for Coach Searels.
  • Chad Simmons updates us on John Jenkins' visit ($$).
  • Two download links for you Drive By Truckers fans: 1) deluxe edition of their new release (2/15) Go-Go Boots on iTunes and 2) a special Amazon deal for their The Big To-Do album, five bucks!
  • Lastly, be sure and tune in Tuesday evening for Georgia/Florida - an indoor hardwood party. I'll be live blogging from Stegeman!
Luckily the weekend wasn't a total loss. Don't get me wrong, it was great seeing Conner laugh with her friends and act like the world was 100% carefree for several (very long) hours. But it was just as great when she got Clue as one of her gifts. 

That's right, underneath the tissue paper and finger nail polish and other pink crap was a board game full of mystery and intrigue. Some of the rules and rooms have changed (there's a Theater now...huh!), but Professor Plum is just as book smart as he ever was and Mrs. White looks as guilty as ever.

With today's pop icons safe from the falsehoods of magazine covers, we spent the rest of the weekend spreading rumors about foul play. I was sure Ms. Scarlet had used the rope in the Conservatory, but it turned out to be Mrs. White with the vile of poison.

Ah the humanity! I need a nap yet am afraid Col. Mustard might use his revolver with bad intentions. It even has a silencer now. What a novel concept...keeping something quiet so as not to disturb others within earshot. But let's hope Mustard never tries to catch a movie in the Theater with a herd of nine year old girls hopped up on cake icing and Sprite. Even with all of his military training, he wouldn't stand a chance.

Here's your fork, now go have a great Monday Reader. Don't spend the whole day clueless.



AthensHomerDawg said...

Got a chuckle from your slumber /birthday party.Good stuff. I have weathered a few Lion King parties and football team luncheons myself. Both boys in college now but when I'm woken on a Saturday by music on my sound system that I don't recognize and I find my Professional Pit Smoker hijacked with a beef brisket starting its 8 hour journey...I pack the bride up and head to the lake. Safer and with a lot more quiet. LOL!

Gov Milledge said...

Haha, great.

Bernie, what are your thoughts on locking down Fox long-term ASAP? Not that I think we need to give him a Hewitt contract, but he's definitely becoming a hot(ter) coaching prospect fast

JenniferfromLaJolla said...

Better pace yourself, you've got two girls and many, many years of slumber partying ahead!

Clue is awesome. My favorite board game was The Magnificent Race--wonder if it still exists?

Alan Ashley said...

@MT Fox is under contract through 2015 with a nice bug buyout. Also he is making 1.2 a year with some nice bonuses for team play. So I doubt he will go anywhere. Now I also expect at the end on this year fir him to get a raise and higher buyout.

AJC link about the contract -

@Bernie, I'm already planning a business trip when the twins have their duel sleep overs. If I can't escape, I'll need a lot of booze.

Bernie said...

@AthensHomer I think I like your "intruders" better. lol

@MT I think that happens, maybe later this summer. There's no question he likes it here and there's no question we love his results.

@Jen If it still exists, I bet Dastardly Dan has been replaced by someone more politically correct that drives an electric car. : )

Bernie said...

@Alan Come to my house. We'll do booziness.