Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf - The Over/Under on Coaching

The game had just begun to ebb back into the faint recesses of our collective minds Saturday when Coach Fox held his post-game tweet up. He was appreciative of the late afternoon support. He sounded genuinely excited about the victory and the promise it provided for the remainder of the season.

(If you are Twitter illiterate, don't fret. Tweets
read from bottom to top.)
But he also (politely) criticized fans for chanting "Overrated" towards the end of the wild kitties' suckitude, questioning the reason behind it. And whether you just got caught up in the moment or you actually were more concerned with demeaning the opponent as opposed to pumping up the home team, it's hard to argue the logic.

The Dawgs were the underrated team that proved to make a bigger impact on the SEC standings in the opener. So glad Coach Richt, his entire staff and many players were reportedly at the game to witness a group of Dawgs fighting for every hard earned point, hustling for every loose ball, and executing a game plan masterfully designed to take down a top ranked opponent.

Because the football team has been playing games as if they were entitled to the win. They are the overrated team that has yet to realize that there is no pedestal to stand on any longer. Whatever was left of that thing was demolished in Boulder and then burnt in Memphis.

Thanks to Coach Fox and his hounds for an inspiring, much needed win. It was great to see the students come back to town early and the fans pack the Steg. You all didn't disappoint in the least. But thanks most of all for the lesson.

Today's Ingredients
  • Our all world receiver went from#8 to our hearts...and maybe even the NFL draft. So long AJ. *sniff*
  • Like Hoop Dawgs says, ESPN analysts are going to have to give Coach Fox and his players some props now.
  • And Hedges to Hardwood adds a nice pic to their write of the win over Kentucky.
  • Fletcher Page says one of Fox's recruits just happened to be in Athens ($$) for the big upset this weekend. I'm sure Shaq Goodwin liked what he saw.
  • Coach Richt gathered his 18th commitment ($$) from Ramik Wilson over the weekend. It came a day after #17, Damian Swann.
  • the Senator updates us on the final scene of the Georgia football season.
  • In this article that outlines the 25 reasons Herschel was a great football player, I failed to find - The ball wasn't heavy....??
  • And speaking of #34, Rex has confirmed that his Twitter account is actually him. So try and catch up with him.
  • As if anything could make Les Miles crazier, it could be a Domino's Pizza plane that delivers him to Ann Arbor.
  • I'm normally a sucker for a good overcoming the odds story, especially in college football. But Mr. Hancock...when sCam breaks rules to become the story of the, I don't love that comeback story. But thanks for asking
  • Can't argue with any of Barnhart's reasons why Auburn will win tonight. In the end I guess it all comes down to payroll. In Eugene they're rubbing coins together. On the plains, it's raining cash!
  • Count me in with Mike, I'm a big Duck fan tonight.
  • Rex Ryan is finding Folk's foot more and more attractive.
  • Did Eustachy have some PBR before Southern Miss tipped off against Marshall?
  • Lastly, Pete Postlethwaite passed away last week. Terrific actor. His name was Kobayashi. He worked for Keyser Soze.

I had fully intended on making this pan of meatloaf my 1000th post. But evidently my calculator malfunctioned; I hit that milestone Saturday...I think. There's a reason I majored in blogging, you don't have to use math much. It's a shame a guy can't rely on a gadget to do that work for him. Then again, maybe it was user error.

Reminds me of a joke...I don't know why I need to learn Algebra, when I never plan on going there.

Regardless of the reason though, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank everyone for the clicks. The support, suggestions, feedback,'s all very much appreciated. And together, we can get through this difficult time. A terrific basketball season would certainly help. 

Just repeat after me:

We're a basketball school, with a football problem. 

It's awkward, sure. But how must the engiNerds feel...with neither. Here's your snow shovel Reader. Get that driveway clear before lunch.



AthensHomerDawg said...

Congrats! Always enjoy the posts. I do have that snow shovel by the way. Post last year's snow... and loss of power for 2 days here in the Classic City, I nearly bought a generator to go with it. (sighs). Must be global warming. Dad reminded me that in the 70's Popular Science had a big article on..... "The Coming Ice Age". Go figure.

namaman said...

Great work as always my friend. The girls were looking at the pics from when we came up your way (pretty sure it was last year) and oohed in the snow with your fam. Got enough food for a week long tailgate, so come on down if u feel froggy!

And I still gotta go the other way (if u know what I mean...) War Eagle!

namaman said...

That would be played, not oohed... Freaking auto-not-correct!