Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mumme Poll - final 2010 ballot

The party's over..plop plop fizz fizz...
Ohio State

Final Thoughts:
  • First and foremost, thank God it's over.
  • I had figured Auburn would win Monday night, and I really thought I would be able to move TCU ahead of Oregon. But alas I did not. Oregon really showed me a lot against the nation's best team. So I kept them just ahead of TCU.
  • That being said, would love to see an Auburn/TCU matchup...
  • Just outside the bracket: Boise State. They're the only other team I really considered keeping in. But they weren't in my last poll. And I'm just not sure they could beat any of those inside. In other words, Utah...meh.
The only other things I would add are: many thanks to the Senator and the guys at 3rd Saturday for putting this together another season. And why?...Why dear Reader aren't you also voting? Make sure you sign up next season if we're so lucky to have them do it again.

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