Saturday, January 22, 2011

Recruiting Roundup - 11 Days til NSD

The Dream team has given us what now? Well, to put it simply...we wait.

After getting commitments from Rome and Mitchell I feel that much more confident about the big uncommitted targets like Jenkins, Crowell and Drew. If I had to put a percentage on those three I would put 99% on Jenkins and Drew and about 98.5% on Crowell. But a lot can change in 11 days. Drew is set to announce his commitment on Friday; I don't expect to hear anything on Jenkins or Crowell until Signing Day.

Why so confident on them? Glad you asked.
  • John Jenkins - If he's not #1 on your board, it's just because you find Crowell's dreads so sexy. Two reasons really why I'm confident we land this guy: 1) we have a big need that he can fill both literally and figuratively. And 2) because he has placed an emphasis on family from the beginning. He said he appreciates visits to his home (all the way up in Connecticut) and Coach Richt's staff has put the rubber on the landing strips. Most notably, we're the only campus his mom will see. His entire entourage is in Athens right now. We'd have to really screw something royally to lose his fax February 2nd.
  • Ray Drew - I think he's been solid toward UGA for awhile, but carefully going through the process. He's developed a relationship with a number of UGA targets, commits, coaches and players, including Jenkins recently. Coach Richt fished with Drew back in December, the kid loves to fish even more than he loves crushing quarterbacks' dreams. If there were any doubt in my mind about his lean towards Athens it went away when the Valdosta kids put on their UGA cap. Call that blind enthusiasm if you will, but I think Drew follows suit on the 28th.
  • Isaiah Crowell - Rumors have run rampant that he's a silent verbal for Coach Richt. He's been UGAs biggest target for this class since the beginning. "Cootie" is committed and he looks to be the next Carver commit since the wall around that school came down. He's in Athens again this weekend for his official visit. I think Crowell wants to be the cherry on the top of this sweet as sugar Dream Team. And I believe that's where he sits in 11 days.
So what's left? A lot.

Kent Turene is also in town this weekend. He's a soft verbal for USC, but that's about as solid as KiffyBaby's own vocabulary. He could be swayed to stay much closer to his Fort Lauderdale home. And the doorbell at the Moultrie home of Xzavier Ward's is getting a lot of pressing. It's going to be interesting to see where he signs - MSU, Auburn and Tech are the other key figures. If Ward cools off, there are other offensive linemen we might try and steal last minute...otherwise known going forward as pulling a Kenarious GatesAnd there's a mostly confirmed rumor says offensive tackle prospect Antonio Richardson is in town for a visit. This would be huge.

It will also be interesting to see if Dickson and Bray stick with their Under Armour commitments to Alabama and Auburn respectively. With this recent momentum, as long as Coach Richt hasn't given up on them...neither should we.

Other than that we should hope we hold onto our commits. Cuz as always, none of this means anything until the Butts-Mehre fax machine eats its first doughnut.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, Whoa , Whoa......wait a minute, What the hell is a "silent verbal"?

Anonymous said...

Ask Da'Rick Rogers

Anonymous said...

I think that's like a mime or something

Anonymous said...

No, Crowell is a ventriliquist. His dummy gave the verbal.