Friday, January 21, 2011

Recruiting Roundup - 12 Days til NSD

UPDATE: click here for a great analysis of Rome and Mitchell from a guy who's seen them play a LOT more than any other expert, MikeInValdosta.

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Nice to get some good news...especially in a double dose. And thanks to the guys at HedgestoHardwood for Live Blogging the day's events.

Jay Rome AND Malcolm Mitchell chose the Dawgs and will remain teammates for at least another three years. Rome even was kind enough to do so on national television where he outlined his decision:
“I think I’m going to stay in state and go to Georgia,” said Rome, who said he made the decision about a week ago. “Georgia’s a great school, has a great football history. People call it `Tight End U.’ Just at the end of the day, it just felt like I wanted to stay home, stay in state and get all the in-state love.”
As for Mitchell, we're getting yet another exceptional athlete. He may eventually end up in the defensive backfield, but he's likely too good to not throw a ball or two in his general direction. In fact, Jamie Newberg rates him as the best uncommitted WR available:
You won't find many athletes in this class rangier and faster than Mitchell, a legit two-way prospect who will have offensive and defensive coordinators fighting over his services at the next level. His blend of speed, ball skills and athleticism are off the charts. He is explosive off the line and can quickly get defensive backs on their heels. Shows he can quickly stretch a defense and get behind coverage. 
Well, mark that kid committed as well. I don't know about you, but yesterday's news made me pretty excited about NSD. There's a long way to go before ink is spilled, but kudos to CMR and staff for helping this Dawg dream a little.

Tomorrow, we'll evaluate where we go from here now that the Valdosta duo is officially committed.

Sidenote: I'm considering a couple different options for my third annual NSD journal. My first year of coverage I just typed out my journal when I got back home. Last year I kicked it up a notch and added a running post for the day with pics and videos. This year I'm thinking about making it a live blogging event. I think with the app I have for the phone I can add pics and videos with that as well. But with this you all could comment too. I would just probably need to give it a test run before the big day.

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments if you have a preference. Or maybe I'll get a poll up and make it fully democratic...sort of.


5thYearSoph said...

The live blog is intriguing. Last year was good too, but I don't usually mind kicking it up a notch.

Thanks for the coverage.

Anonymous said...

Whatever brings Crowell to Athens!

Anonymous said...

Live updates would be great! Love the site!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your time and input.Some of us need individuals such as yourself to keep up with the pulse of the program..
Keep up the great work!


Bernie said...

No problem y'all. Thanks for the input.

Go Dawgs!