Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recruiting Roundup - 13 Days til NSD

First of all, doesn't appear Coach Searels' departure will have any affect on this year's recruiting class. Watts Dantzler even tweeted as much - 

I've found no reason to suspect any of the others feel any differently.

Of course the big news of the day centered on Carver HS as Quintavious "Cootie" Harrow committed to Coach Richt just a couple days before his official visit. The significance of this is multi-faceted. Right now, everyone wants to see how much influence Harrow can have on his close friend and the nation's top RB Isaiah Crowell. But the bottomline is that our 19th commitment is a good player that can't wait to play in Athens.
"I plan to go up to Georgia and play safety and do whatever I can to help them on special teams," Harrow said. "I just love Georgia, so I will do whatever the coaches ask me to."
The coaches from Georgia were happy this afternoon when they received the call from Harrow.
"I called Coach [Mark] Richt and told him I was ready to commit. He said, great and welcome to the family. It was exciting."
And the big news of today is the announcements of two BIG targets, Malcolm Mitchell and Jay Rome. I have it on good authority from Mike that Rome is all Dawg. Mitchell's a bigger gamble. Especially when Saban treats schollies like Christmas cards.

If you're planning on following the announcements live, Mitchell has declined tv and will only be on local radio at 7pm. Rome will be in Tallahassee on ESPNU around 5:30. I would imagine both can be followed pretty closely on DawgPost and especially The Porch

Lastly, what the hell is up with Stephon Tuitt? 


Dawgfan17 said...

Mitchell and Rome both headed to Athens. Now if Crowell, Jenkins and Drew will just follow them this class will have top end talent as well as depth and fills needs, short term and long term. Go Dawgs!

Bernie said...

It was a GREAT day to be Dawg!