Friday, January 14, 2011

Recruiting Roundup - 19 Days til NSD

Still perplexed by the lack of announcement by Justin Houston. Thought he was a slam dunk to leave. But the fact that we still haven't heard one way or the other tells me he's really considering staying. And that tells me Richt/Grantham have really gotten in his ear. Tomorrow's the deadline, so maybe we hear something later today.

But suppose he does leave (surely he will, right?)...

This Deion Barnes kid would help fill the void, especially with Dickson apparently Bama bound. Barnes is a lot closer to his other top school, Penn State. The Philadelphia native is a relentless pursuer of the football who just needs ready access to a meal hall and a weight room. He's in Athens this weekend. Y'all make sure he doesn't slip on any ice while he's there and think to himself, I can get this s*** back a lot closer to home.

The most intriguing news yesterday came from Columbus, where Carver safety Quintavious Harrow says he has a UGA offer all of a sudden. Hey, if signing Lonnie Outlaw helps us get Nick Marshall...why not, right?

Yes, Harrow is a good friend of Crowell. Since they also just happen to be visiting Athens at the same time next weekend, let's hope they spend a lot of time on the drive back talking about how awesome Athens is. 


Anonymous said...

I believe Crowell and Harrow are cousins. Harrow has just now qualified and that is why he is now getting offers.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Or ..maybe we are using the same tactic CDD used in luring DuhRick to Tennessee. One way of countering over signing is the "Twofer" scholly approach. We aren't using all the available scholarships available anyway. Let's hope he makes a good "special teams" player and the rest is gravy.