Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recruiting Roundup - 21 days til NSD

I can almost smell the doughnuts and coffee.

John Jenkins - The big NG is officially not going to Oklahoma State, as has been suspected for quite some time. His final four are Florida (1/28 visit), Auburn (already visited), Georgia (1/21) and Miami (1/14). Although there are no clear leaders for Jenkins, I like our chances best. He seemed genuinely excited after Coach Richt's visit, we have a 3-4 defense that is made for his talent and body and he is bringing his entire family down to Athens for his visit there. Coach Richt has always seemed to have trouble closing strong on signing day, but he does well with family.

Jenkins will announce ($$) sometime around signing day. After watching the impact of a Nick Fairley in the NCG the other night, I'm becoming more and more convinced this guy is our biggest (literally an figuratively) recruit on the board. Got. To. Get. Him.

Damian Swann - committed Saturday at the US Army All-American game. Here's my original spotlight on Swann. If Boykin does indeed go pro (which I'm hearing could happen very soon), this pickup becomes even bigger in two weeks. Swann can play just as soon as Branden Smith did in '09.

I have a feeling recruiting news is going to get very hot around Athens in the coming weeks. I'm still anxious to see how well this staff closes the deal in the final hour. But 2011 has the potential to be very, very special. One thing's for sure, CMR and staff have been working hard, very hard. Hopefully it pays off two weeks from today.

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I have said from the get-go that John Jenkins is the most important recruit of the class!