Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recruiting Roundup - 3 Days til NSD

Anxious to hear how John Jenkins thinks his Florida visit went this weekend. They got the last visit, but will it be enough to turn his interest their way? I doubt it.

Speaking of Jenkins, Scout's Scott Kennedy ranked him 7th among the other JUCO prospects. I understood Coach Richt's reluctance to get into the junior college ranks. But there's no denying two things: the fact that a 20 year old is many times better able physically to play in the trenches for you...and Alabama's success with JUCO players. When Jenkins signs with the Dawgs Saturday, he stands a better chance at becoming the next Mount Cody than someone like, say...Gabe "War Damn HillBilly" Wright.

Some more on Ray Drew, by Marc Weiszer.
“I’m a player and I’m a quick learner,” said Drew, the No. 1-rated weakside defensive end by Rivals. “I don’t think it’s going to take me long to come in and learn the scheme. … I think I could come in and make an impact. From a physical standpoint, I’m 6-5, 255. I’m there physically. I’ve just got to get my mind right mentally and actually learn what I’m supposed to be doing, and I believe I can do it.”
It's going to be fun watching him play Saturdays. Anyway, here's the roundup from my angle: Isaiah Crowell and John Jenkins are as close to locks as you can get without a signed LOI. The size of this class likely means that Dexter Staley won't fit in it, but he really likes Georgia and I'd be surprised if Coach Richt doesn't continue to recruit him at Georgia Military College. Kent Turene and Jeoffrey Pagan are very strong possibilities. I think we get both of them, based mostly on gut feeling from reading about them and watching how things have played out in their recruitment. Antonio Richardson I'm about 50/50 on. I know he likes Georgia and had a good visit, but he'll be hard to pull out of Tennessee this late. The momentum we've gotten lately helps, but will it be enough?

So NSD is Wednesday. I'll be there and plan to cover as much as I can through the 3rd annual NSD Live Blog. So feel free to come here to get updates on faxes, commentary, pictures and video. I'll have my twitter/recruiting list fed into the stream so that we can all get updates on where the southeast's best recruiting gurus are and what's happening.

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AthensHomerDawg said...

Jackie Sherill's less than stellar success with JUCO talent may have soured some coaches. CMR was new at UGa while Jackie was being shown the door at Miss St. I believe the two were friends. There are reasons to use JUCO players....and we certainly have a good one. Wonder what Beanie will bring this season after rehabbing that turf toe. Be nice to have some reliable rotation in the middle when it gets hot and muggy between the hedges. I hope we can bring Richardson in. It would be nice to hear the Hillbillies squeal after the DuhRick hoe down.