Monday, January 24, 2011

Recruiting Roundup - 9 Days til NSD

Some of you people need to sit down front here and repeat after me: I will NOT stalk 17 year olds' facebook posts.

Ray Drew announces his decision on Friday. Some grown men who follow recruiting in the southeast may not make it 'til then. And those who do still have another 5 days until whatever he decides becomes official. My best guesstimate is on record, I think he's a Dawg. But it's not something I'm going to sweat over.

In today's world, recruiting is a roller coaster. Has been building toward that ever since Coach Cavan camped out at Herschel's mailbox with nothing more than a tent and a winter's ration of hardtack. The word commitment is not a bond in many cases so much as it's a tool used to solidify a spot, get a better offer or just slow things down some until a kid can actually wrap his brain around everything that is going on. Do I like that? No. But that's the way it is. And to take it a step further, it's really their prerogative if they want to handle it that way.

But it's my prerogative how much I buy in. So in short, I don't mind a trip around the track. I just choose to step off periodically so as my head doesn't spin too much.

Another issue that's hard to wrap your head around is available spots in this year's class. This isn't something to worry too much about either I don't think. But it will certainly come into play here more as we head down the stretch. And I thought ecdawg did a good job (LINK FIXED, sorry) explaining things.

The main thing right now is that we have room for the targets that are still on the board - Jenkins, Crowell and Drew - and a couple more who wanna join us late. If Drew takes the 22nd spot Friday and then a couple more fill up by close of business Wednesday February 2nd, we just gotta make sure there's still room for John Jenkins when he officially signs with a school a couple days later.

Which brings me to my last point. Part of the fun in this is trying to read coaches and how they are reacting to what we are reading on message boreds, twitter and what we're hearing from our brother's neighbor's girlfriend who dated that coach back in high school. It's amusing to us, but it's ultimately the life of a young man and his decision. Let's not get overly caught up in it.


Dawgfan17 said...

I could be wrong but I think that LeMay and Conley count towards last year since they enrolled mid-year and last year we didn't use our full 25. That would allow us to sign 2 extra. Which Xavier Ward just committed today pushes us to 22 already. Drew would make 23 and we would still have room for 4 more. Jenkins, Crowell and whoever else decides to come along!

Bernie said...

You're right. And the rules are about as firm as a bowl of soup. It'd be nice to get some surprises at the end, positive ones that is.