Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Clean Up

Some odds and ends I'd like to scrub free from the week that was...

  • No, I don't EVER feel 100% on a 17 year old decision until I see the name on the Butts-Mehre LCDs. Doughnuts optional...
  • a 9 year old slumber party is a life changing event...more later.
  • My man crush on Thomas Brown has grown, significantly.Not ashamed. It's one thing to throw weight around, it's another to handle the media as effortlessly and gracefully as he did.
  • Both basketball teams are much more than worthy of a tune in. Most of you reading this can easily tune in on your actual television.
  • Coach Fox is readying his team for stardom, it's just a matter of how closely they listen.
  • And Coach Landers is ready to make a serious run. It's just a matter of execution.
  • I've always been a Coach Landers homer for personal reasons. But consider this fair warning: my mancrush on Coach Fox could soon reach Thomas Brown levels.
  • Have talked some to my dad (aka...closest IPTAYer). Don't think Pagan is a done deal to Clempson. Not saying he's ours ripe for the picking. But he's one to watch closely. I really think his commitment was out of geography. Maybe he'd rather play in front of  a few more thousands.
  • Definitely going to do a live blog at signing day from Butts-Mehre. But I will need a primer to ready myself with the iPhone app. I can't think of a better way than to attend Tuesday's game against floriDuh. Keep your fingers crossed the "boss" approves.
Get some rest Reader. We're gonna need it.


Stephen said...

If what I was told by a High School coach this week is true, then you can add praise for a HUGE HUGE recruiting class... the news I heard kept me up an extra 2 hours friday night..(its that good)

namaman said...

Man... I remember heading up to A-town for the Gatuh games back when jean-short wearin' cousin Bill lived in town! I would like to join ya, but my team has a game Tuesday as well and I probably wouldn't get free until close to 7... Is there another weekend game you might think about going to in the near future?

Have fun recovering from the sleepover too...

Ollllddude said...

I have had a man crush (it's just an expression, right?) on Fox since the hire, and it keeps getting better. I was happy as could be just because he wears red and black on the sidelines. Competing and then winning takes it over the top.

I have said before I am not much into recruiting, mainly because it is too soon to celebrate. A coach has to have players to win, but getting players does not guarantee wins. The flip flopping players do is a little bit like the streaker at the Braves game: gimmee that 15 minutes of fame. I can't get too excited about it.

That said, I am going to pay attention to Tuesday's blog (how can she say no?) and on signing day as well just because I enjoy your work.

Anonymous said...

Coach Fox is clearly a diamond in the rough and Georgia needs to lock him down for years and give him a hefty buyout. Coach Landers is a legend and the Lady Dawgs are playing under the radar. Going to be a fun March in Athens this year.

Thomas Brown is forever a DGD and I am excited that he is back with the program. I have this funny feeling that he is going to quickly move up the coaching ranks.

Anonymous said...

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