Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sweating Through the Opposite Day Presser

Despite my best wishes, Coach Richt did very little to do away with appearances yesterday. And since I tried to get in a late word just before his 2010 craptacular wrap-up presser, I thought I'd also lend a few quick after words

The fact is, we are not even remotely close. We're very, very far away. The point is to be close in August, which in turn can keep us very close in September and through November. I didn't at any point think he'd go and throw a stick of dynamite onto Woodruff Practice Field. That's not his style. I get that. I think we all get that.

One of the few positives I thought was the not so subtle tone being set by AD McGarity with his attendance as well as others. To be clear, this is the type of thing that is usually done in the comfort of CMRs office as a teleconference. The new AD wanted to make his coach sweat a little. Kind of his version of stadium steps for a 6-7 season if you will.

I may get reamed for typing this (and I never thought I would), but perhaps those martinis and red panties back in July were a blessing. Damon would never have stepped out of Richt's shadow. They were comfortable. Casual. I want all of Georgia’s coaches and McGarity to always be on the same page. But I’m ok if things aren’t always peaches and cream. It’s okay with me if Richt sweats a little when he walks through the Butts-Mehre doors.

It would have been nice to see more accountability from the guy behind the microphone. Yes, he's changed tweaked the Strength and Conditioning program. But I would fall well short of saying Bobo and Searels were great. And you know what? I doubt they would say they were great either. Our running game was abysmal and despite all the points scored, our offense lacked consistency. That's not great. To be quite honest and fair, that's merely being good...some of the time.

Richt spent years defending his defense at the expense of the offense, now he's flipped his teleprompter over. 

Please. Give. Me. A. Break.

But in the end I think we got what we expected. Little more, nothing less. And as long as the head guy walks into Butts-Mehre this winter wishing he'd worn a little more anti-persiprant...then I guess it'll be as we can get.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I think Bobo believes he did a great job. I think it was Pepper Rogers who once said, "I coached well but they played poorly." I think he was also quoted as saying something like the following: "Coaching is the only profession where your job is dependent on an 18 year catching a pass."

Ally said...

Richt's "I'm gonna be freed up to STUDY more football" was probably the most embarrassed I've ever been of him. Good grief.

It reminds me of when Tommy Bowden called Saban to get advice on how to Coach better. I believe that was the year before Clemson finally grew a pair & fired him.

The similarities shouldn't be lost on anyone at this point.

Fratt Stinchcomb said...

I think youre 100% right about the fact that Damon Evans was gone. McGarity has already come in and realized that our program was pretty much in a terrible state as can be seen from his numerous changes already. I think he is a giant piece of the puzzle to getting the Ga program back on top. In terms of what Richt said about having more time to research the game of football, I think thats actually great. The game of football is changing and the old line it up and run straight at them no longer works. If this extra time really does lead to that then I will be extremly excited. I have been seeing a need to change coming for about the last 3 years. Everyone else is changing, if you dont, you get left in the dust. Looking forward to more improvement over the offseason.