Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today's Trifecta

First, we have to defeat General Akbar on the road. No easy task for Georgia's basketball program historically. But son, this ain't your daddy's Hoop Dawgs. Let GRjr drive and dish and the rebel alliance will crumble...

Next, the Packers bring their cheesey goodness to the ATL. Step back, they're pretty wound up!

h/t comcredo

But Falcons fans are ready to Rise UP!! Project 115 is in full force TODAY!! Send the cheeseheads packing for their Wisconsin hibernation.

And lastly, every trifecta needs something to make the bet really pay off. A real longshot. Ladies and gents...Justin Bad MoFo Houston...

h/t magicbOy

Is that his last play at Sanford? That night it sure felt like it. Truthfully, it still feels like it. His paperwork would need to be in by today. It's there...right?

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