Monday, January 10, 2011

Tonight's Official Quacks Like a Duck Drinking Game

An ongoing list of rules for tonight's drinking and viewing enjoyment. Hit me up on the Twitter with an addition or leave it in the comments. Email is also acceptable. Moreso than being a WarDamnTiglesman.

Go Ducks!
  • every mention of Cam declaring for the NFL (h/t Shannon)
  • Every mention of Cam's dad in attendance (h/t Shannon)
  • if Fairley gets leg whipped...drink entire beer. (h/t Brian)
  • Everytime you hear: "Cam Newton is really difficult to defend." (h/t Kerri)
  • Everytime sCam is caught on camera smiling, drink. If he makes out with Trooper Taylor finish what's left.  
  • every time they talk about Fairley's questionable play this year. (h/t Craig)
  • Every time they mention 6'6" and 250 lbs......shotgun! (Brian)
  • When the camera spots a person wearing a Bama t-shirt, finish the drink on the coaster next to yours.
  • When Kirk comments on Musberger's attire (defined casually as coat, tie or shirt), mute television, run around the table screaming "MITCH DAVIS WITH THE SACK!!" then chug what remains in your glass.
  • If Erin Andrews flips her hair left instead of right, drink your drink through a peephole.
  • Nick Fairley with a clean hit on the QB, DRINK! 
  • Duck pushups...drink! h/t @dawgsonline
  • "unstoppable force" + Tim Tebow = chug entire beer (Kerri)

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AthensHomerDawg said...

Number 32 for Auburn must be a member of UFC. Wonder why he wasn't ejected for that.