Tuesday, February 8, 2011

At least we're still ahead of Vandy...

According to Vegas odds at Bodog we're at 50-1 to win the BCS next season. Chris Low breaks down the conference as a whole:

  • Alabama 15-2
  • LSU 12-1
  • Florida 15-1
  • Arkansas 30-1
  • Georgia 50-1
  • Mississippi State 50-1
  • Ole Miss 50-1
  • South Carolina 50-1
  • Auburn 70-1
  • Tennessee 125-1
Logjam there in the middle. Hard to believe at this point we're anywhere close to this discussion, but recent history has proven that there's a safer bet in there at the top than anywhere else in the nation. Can Coach Richt clean up the DawgHouse enough to break tweak the SEC MNC trend?

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