Thursday, February 10, 2011

Barking Shaking up the family tree

A second early passing of the University of Georgia's beloved bulldog is leading us all to a dangerous path that will be filled with even more divisiveness and ridicule than anything previously witnessed.

I typically really enjoy Bill King's Junkyard Blawg, one of the few mostly redeeming sections of the AJCs sports (quote) journalism (unquote) department. And given the untimely passing of Uga VIII Friday it's hard to claim King's post yesterday was unnecessary. But it still strikes me as irresponsible to claim to be in a position to advise someone on how to handle their own family's business.

My wife and I attended our kids' parent teacher conferences last week. Since my kids are so freakin' awesome they of course had really good reports. But if instead the teachers had spent the time suggesting we change their diets...or use a firmer hand when disciplining...or perhaps use Colgate instead of AquaFresh for their dental hygiene...well, we'd have a serious boundary issue.

King's correct, UGA can choose a different breeder for Uga IX. He's also correct that the University will not venture down that road. The Seilers are the Duke and Duchess of all things UGA Athletics. They don't have supreme power by any means, but have earned a right to be treated with respect.

I've had to take a family pet to be euthanized recently. I'm sure many of you have as well. It's no easy thing. My kids adored our black lab and my wife and I had raised him since he was old enough to barely peek over his water bowl. So regardless of where you stand on this divisive issue you certainly have a right to your opinion. I just think having to read or hear about them publicly can only do more harm than good.

So write your letters to AD McGarity if you feel the need. Hell, go visit him in Athens as he seems more than eager to hear opinions and perspectives from the fans firsthand. But other than that, let the process run its course.


Sports Dawg said...

Bernie, I don't know anything about in-breedeing; we would all have to go one state over to write a dissertation on that. But you're right, the Seilers are as Red & Black as they come. They didn't just fall off a turnip truck, and they have the best vet school in the entire country at their beck and call. They'll get it right. I'm sure they have perks being Uga's caretakers, but they've also given Georgia one heck of a lot of their time and money in carrying out that responsibility. Everyone needs to get off everybody's back regarding Georgia. I realize we were a terrible 6-7 last year, but there's too much negative vibes regarding almost everything among the Bulldawg Nation. Selah...

Bernie said...

Yes. It's a difficult off season, as expected I guess. Thankfully, the 2011 recruiting class gave us something positive to think, read and blog about.

As for the Seilers, I would assume they are doing everything possible to choose an Uga that does the name, family and institution proud. It's natural to assume that, I mean why wouldn't they? I guess if I were a knowledgeable bulldog breeder that had a suggestion I would take the time to provide it - privately, in an effort of helping.

But I'm outside that arena as well. ;)

Cojones said...

If you read the posts to Bradley'S story of Uga, you will use his column and the good replies as your reference . I posted to it around page 10 and it involved dog breeding and a stuff to the negative idiots that come out of the woods. They ain't Dawgs, so why waste the time on Bill's poor idea of what he should post out of ignorance? I've questioned most of his articles for not being in the best interest of UGA,Uga and Dawgs.

greywolf1 said...

Thanks for the comment. Agree with you 100%. The Bradley story of UGA was someone's opinion that I don't think should've aired. There are no finer Dawg folks than the Seilers.