Friday, February 4, 2011

Coaching Carousel, getting dizzy in Athens

Searels' leaving wasn't so much expected as understood. Not to mention probably the best case scenario for all parties involved. Belin's departure hit me from left field. I'm glad for him, yet deeply saddened for us.

So, who's coming? If getting a 17 year old to give a 6-7 team a look is hard, you'd think an established coach with a family and a good job would be next to impossible. But there's plenty of good coaches out there.

Sounds like the OL hire will come very soon. I'd be surprised if we make it to Monday without hearing something. Low's list looks to be the most reasonable and complete that I've seen (h/t Senator). Personally I'd love to lure Hugh Nall back to coaching and to Athens, but beyond that I'd take Greg Adkins in a heartbeat. He's tough, knows the SEC landscape and can recruit with the big boys.

As for Belin's successor, this gets interesting if Grantham doesn't already have someone in mind to fill the spot (which I would assume he does). If he aims at the NFL like most think he will, he might have to go deeper on his list but is likely getting a good coach that can pick up right where Belin left off. If he goes too deep with the names I wonder if he might be forced to restructure some. Hope it doesn't come to that though, some continuity would be nice.

Both hires are extremely important obviously. Our offensive line never found any consistency last season, but returns everyone except for Boling and Strickland. Meanwhile our linebackers are talented but young. Hope the right calls are made and two good coaches answer them.

UPDATE - UGAsports' Radi Nabulsi seems to think the Will Friend rumor has more than traction...if you can read through his cryptic updates.

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