Friday, February 18, 2011

Did Vandy kill Fox's Twitter

Coach's last tweet (as of this post) was pre-game Wednesday. Once again he was asking for seats to be filled with paying customers (this time with a nearly half price ticket). From the looks of things, his request fell on deaf timelines. Yet I digress.

The loss to the 'Dores was exceptionally tough. I don't think we came into it facing a must-win. But with 10 minutes left, and up by 14 points it certainly had transformed into that. The game went from one we'd like to steal against a ranked team at home to a devastating, inexplicable loss.

Late last Spring Coach Fox banned his players from Twitter. This is a move I applauded then, and continue to implore Coach Richt to follow suit. I think I follow most of our student athletes and they are heads and shoulders above what I hear and see from others. But it's a ticking time bomb if you ask me. But I've digressed again.

A post-game tweet, even after a loss, is a common occurrence with Fox. He's also one of my favorite people to follow. But it's beginning to look like he has put his money where his team rule is. If so, I'll miss him. But at this point in the season, re-evaluation is at a premium.

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  • Also, Dawgola Tesla examines whether or not we're any better than last year. Good analysis.


Anonymous said...

Are you this much of a drama queen that you'll be upset he stops tweeting LMFAO maybe you should question yourself

Bernie said...

Really Anon? The whole post is set up to make the point that "I think it's a good thing we haven't seen him in our timeline".

But maybe you're that much of a sad sack that you'll make unnecessary comments on blogs in the middle of the night under a guise of anonymity.

Anonymous said...

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