Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Jeckyll and Hyde of it

Good pre-game read by Weiszer today on the frustrating story that is the Hoop Dawgs' second halves, especially of late. Case in point, today we take on the same South Carolina team we held to 9 (NINE!!!) 1st half points a couple weeks ago. We then held on to win 60-56 in Columbia.

Jeckyll, meet Hyde.

The question that persists surrounds why Georgia keeps collapsing in the second half.
The latest came in a 71-62 loss to Florida on Thursday night, a game the Bulldogs led by as many as 11 points in the first half and by seven at halftime.
“I think that we’ve got to have a better mental endurance,” coach Mark Fox said Friday. “I think our ability to concentrate and be assignment-sound for 40 minutes is not where it needs to be.”
Georgia has held halftime leads in each of its past six games, but went 3-3 in that stretch with losses to Xavier, Vanderbilt and Florida.
That has kept the Bulldogs (18-9, 7-6 SEC) on unstable ground for an NCAA tournament at-large berth.’s Joe Lunardi on Friday had Georgia, now with a No. 41 RPI, as one of the last four in his projected bracket.
The Bulldogs allowed 10 offensive rebounds in the second half of games against South Carolina and Vanderbilt to allow those teams to rally.
All kidding aside, I doubt Fox is having everyone join hands and leading the team in singing Kum Bay Yah at halftime. The problem is no one stepping up. For all of Thompkins' talent, I don't see a floor leader in him. Leslie's dunks are loud, but not his voice. Vern Fleming...finished matriculating decades ago Dawg. 

We need someone to jerk a knot when necessary. Someone wearing gym shorts, not just a suit and a tie. We need someone to kill Mr. Hyde. Cuz that dude's insanity is going to get us no where near the madness we're hoping for.


AthensHomerDawg said...

We've noticed that you have released your inner creative blogger and we really enjoy the posts. My youngest son reads you too, so its fun to share a cup of coffee and talk about the posts. You always seem to post early enough for us to read and get out the door. Keep up the intensity...its been a fun ride.

Bernie said...

I do my best to get them out first thing cuz I know Damn Good Dawgs like you and your sons might be kind enough to click that AM. Don't think that goes unnoticed. It's much appreciated.