Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jenkins quotes

(Again) With all due respect to Isaiah Crowell, John Jenkins is the top of this class. Like I said earlier, if you put the Carver running back on the pedestal overlooking this class I certainly understand, but you probably think his dreads are sexy. It's Jenkins that heads this class base merely on the fact that he plugs a hole on defense that desperately needed it. 


And how can you not love this guy?
  • “Coach Richt is a genuine guy,” he said. "He and I just had a special bond. He came out and we talked, but we just vibed with each other. We played pool and had a competition going on. There was just something about our vibe. I hear from other people that he is a competitor. It was a special bond.”
  • “Georgia was the best fit for me playing-wise and the scheme,” Jenkins said. “Georgia will be the best place for me. My family and I both agreed on that.”
  • “It was more of just the way I felt and how I felt I could adjust,” he said. “I asked myself, ‘If things didn’t work with football, could I still see myself going to that school and living in that town?’ ”
  • As for Jenkins wearing No. 6, Grantham said, “I think he’ll stretch it pretty good.”
  • Jenkins will have three years to play two seasons at Georgia. For now, he says he’s “at peace and happy” with his decision to become a Bulldog.
  • “It’s overwhelming, but the experience has been fun,” [Jenkins] said. “You can’t really share this experience. You can’t really expect people to understand what you’re doing. It’s something you have to do for yourself.”

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