Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday's Meatloaf, sans the taters

I stand corrected. I guess sometimes you just have to kick a FG from the 2 yard line. I had almost completely finished today's regular feature post, worked it almost all the way to the goal line to click Publish. But there's some issue that's preventing a full meal this morning. So the taters and green beans will be scraped from the the buffet line. I hope that 3 points the main dish is enough.

Today's Ingredients
  • hoopdawg rounds out the win Saturday at the Tommy bowl, first time in a decade.
  • Accoring to RealTimeRPI, Georgia's up to 38th with a SOS of 30.
  • Speaking of RPI, Corbindawg got a chuckle at "coach" Hewitt's location on Sportscenter this weekend.
  • If you're still one of those SEC dweebs that pulls for the conference whenever in whatever, read carefully the Senator's point about conference allegiance in how Boise State is using their frequent flyer miles this off season.
  • Weiszer updates us on the progress on Christian LeMay.
  • Bill King is ready to revise the book on Georgia's all time greatest receiver, post AJ.
  • Thousands of Auburn fans turned out for the rally at Toomer's Corner Saturday and one fan has lost all sense of perspective in the wake of one Bama fan's insanity. (h/t ecdawg)
  • Luckily for us, we have Exile to refocus the lens.
  • I had forgotten about Bob Nelson's football standup routine until I saw it posted yesterday at Dawgs and B Street. Funny stuff indeed. A classic.

I guess I could've just made it an unprecedented Tuesday edition of meatloaf. But a good cook always uses fresh ingredients.

So here's a napkin Reader. Have a good President's Day.


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